January 31, 2013

Pattern sale, tumblr, and studio organization!

Hey guess what!  February is my birthday month, so I’m inviting you to celebrate with me by offering a 31% off coupon code!


Enter the code leethals31 (that’s “leethal’s 31” without punctuation) into the coupon box in your shopping cart, on ravelry or leethalknits.com, and get as many patterns/ebooks as you want for almost a third off!  This code will be valid at the start of February 1st, through my birthday on the 11th.

Flying V's

Moving on… I made a couple of proclamations over on my tumblr at the beginning of the year, and I wanted to address them both here.  First, I claimed that for 2013 I’ll be posting a tumbl-a-day.  I have stuck to it for most of this month, but not completely… as the days went by, I found that some days I had something personal to post about, or something knittingrelated, and those were all good, but other days I didn’t have anything to post, so I’d just waste a bunch of time looking for something to reblog.  This ends up being a bad thing for multiple reasons – the time wasted, and the littering of my tumblr with reblogs, which I want to mostly avoid doing.  So, no more strict post-a-day plan, I’ll just try to post things over there when I have something worth posting.


I do like using tumblr, as a kind of halfway between a tweet and a full on blog post over here, and I think I’ll continue with the posting of pattern sneak peeks (like I posted last night!), so if you want to see those you might want to follow me over there.  And, I do plan on doing some monthly tumblr based projects, like I mentioned in that first tumbl-a-day proclamation post… I’m going to try listening to and posting a record a day in February, so we’ll see how that goes.


If you want to help give me things to post about over there, you can ask me a question.  Also, if you know of any of those photo-a-day projects for an upcoming month (in which you’re told what to photograph each day), let me know – I did one of those for a month last year and it was fun!

my studio in its current state

So then, the other thing I announced at the beginning of the year was that January would be the month that I finally get my studio in actual proper, functioning, usable order.  I have made some progress, but damn, it’s been a busy month.  I actually have a chunk of time set aside for this afternoon/evening to get it as far along as possible before the month is over, but it’s far from finished.

my studio in its current state

These photos were taken 20 minutes ago.  In my defense, I have done a lot of more internal organizational work, like figuring out where certain things can live, projects which aren’t really visible behind all the clutter.  A couple months ago, there wasn’t close to enough room for all my yarn, but then I got some new yarn organizing systems set up and now all my yarn has a place to live!  Even all the small leftover balls.  Organization feels so good!

my studio in its current state

I’ve lived in this house, with that room as my studio space, for over 2.5 years now, so it’s embarrassing that it’s always been used as basically a storage space, with rarely a surface clear enough to work on.  The thing is, the room is significantly smaller than my studio room in our old apartment, and I’ve accumulated a ton more crap stuff over the last 3 years or so… Doing my old quick knits mail-out club encouraged me to buy lots of random crafty stuff, and then doing Remixed encouraged me to buy lots of sweaters to unravel, and this and that, and excuses excuses… basically, I am cursed with hoarding tendencies and I just have too much stuff to easily organize it in that one small room.  But I’m doing my best, really.

my studio in its current state

My old studio space was never really organized either, always a work-in-progress, just like this one… until we bought a house and moved.  About a month before we bought our house, I was told the Oregonian wanted to include me in a story about studio spaces, which would mean them sending a photographer into my space.  I used it as a motivator to get my room in order for the first time ever, succeeded, was featured in the paper, then immediately packed everything up to move!

Oregonian article!

During all the house buying and moving chaos back then, I managed to take photos of the studio before packing, but I never got around to editing and posting the photos… until last night!  I got them all sorted, edited, and up on flickr;  so here and now, I’m showing you these photos of my old space, because I always meant to, and so that they might motivate me to get my current space as functional!

my old studio!

Got pretty good light in that room!

my old studio!

(Coffee can cubbies tutorial is here.)

my old studio!

Gotta have a record player in any decent studio space ;)

my old studio!

Some areas looked messy, but they were actually in order.

my old studio!

Thrifted wine rack (I think?) as yarn storage/display.

my old studio! my old studio!

Reclaimed CD cases (from my old photo lab day job – I didn’t go through all those discs myself!) as yarn storage.  And Ikea plastic bag storage units as yarn storage.

my old studio! my old studio!

I’ve been sewing at the kitchen table for the last couple years… I can’t wait till I have space to actually craft in my craft studio!

my old studio!

Yeah, I like Ikea.  I’ll leave it at that… there are more shots on flickr if you want to see more.  I do have more to post about, but it can be for a later day… For now, you can be expecting the new stripy pattern release next week!  I’m aiming for Wednesday morning… it’s a fun pattern, I’m excited about it!  Yay!

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  • April Klich

    I love the idea of using old CD cases for yarn storage. Might have a few I could repurpose.

  • Here’s one photo a day prompt: http://fatmumslim.com.au/category/photo-a-day-2/

  • Organization is super tough for me – kudos for getting the ball rolling. I have to know, if you remember – WHAT kind of yarn is in those enormous balls sitting on top of the coffee cans in the coffee can storage picture? Almost made me drool.

  • Lee

    Those were all balls of my own hand-dyed and handspun yarns :)

  • i’d love to see more photos of how you’re storing your remnant balls of yarn, the little bits that get saved for striping and such! right now mine are in the XL Ziploc bags (the ones that are bigger than the gallon size) to keep them away from my cats, but i’d like something a little … prettier? … long-term!

  • Frocktopus

    Amazing work space, so happy to see one that’s not minimal, love it.x

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