August 23, 2008

portland 1 year anniversary and zine symposium!

oh man, sorry the blog has been slow going, i’ve had my third skirt tutorial almost-ready for days now, but haven’t had time to finish and post. hey guess what, today was our 1yr in portland anniversary day, yeah! but before i get to that, i have something important to tell all my portland readers:

i’m going to be selling leethal goodies at the portland zine symposium this weekend!! i’m totally nervous because i’ve never even been to the zine symposium before, but i’ve heard lots about it and wanted to go so badly last year but it was happening about a week earlier so i wasn’t quite up here yet. so i don’t really have any idea what it’s gonna be like. there were so many people wanting a table that i got cut to a half-table, so i’ll be sharing with a mystery person, and pete’s working, so i’ll be alone with my social awkwardness. and i don’t know what kinds of things people want to buy, so in addition to zines of course, i’m bringing almost all my leethal inventory except for (full-size) yarn (i am bringing bracelet kits).

ok jumping around a little more… last week i sent off my samples for the september sampler, which consisted of: bracelet kits, stitch markers, coffee/tea/beer patches, and button duos. and also ten media samples, which were “leethal goodie bags” stuffed with: a bracelet kit, “i’m a baller” patch, “shoot!” patch, and a leethal button. sooo, when i was making all the samples i made lots of extras of everything, which will be with me at the zine symposium and then up in my shop next week.

so check it out, new stuff! and new versions of old stuff! new bracelet kits with merino yarn – from a brown sweater overdyed dark red, and overdyed with bits of green and blue. and i changed the way i do my bracelet kit packaging! i discovered an amazing, life-changing tool called a dental floss threader which makes it super quick+easy to thread yarn through buttons, so now i’m putting the buttons on the outsides of the kits instead of hiding them under the yarn. (unfortunately, i’ve just used up the last of the cardboard letters and scrap has no more, so more package redesigning will be happening with the bracelet kits…)
bracelet kits

i also changed my patch “packaging” – i’m now paperclipping the patches to my little patch paper, with one bead on each paperclip to dress them up!

patches for samples

and my brand new patches, shoot!

shoot patch

new button sets!!

needles/yarn button duos

and a new collection of recycled portland map buttons! (more details about the new buttons when i get them up in the shop…)

recycled portland map buttons

so if you get a chance to come by the symposium, be sure to say hi! and now onto some portland 1 year reflections…. the year went by so crazy fast, i really cannot believe it’s been a year, but then in other ways, i’ve accomplished a lot and feel totally at home here. some things i/we planned to do super soon after moving that didn’t exactly happen as planned…

we thought we’d get a cat right away up here, and we’re still catless. but… i have “kitty day” on my ical for sept 17th and we are definitely getting one, it’s a set plan now instead of just “we want a cat someday…”

we were supposed to have a road trip up to seattle from california in february ’07 that ended up in a scary snowed-in adventure, so we planned to make it up there asap once we moved, and i’ve still never been! but… we have a definite plan and place to sleep (thanks amber!!) and everything for this coming wednesday-thursday!

lots of other places i’ve wanted to check out for the last year, like astoria and olympia (but we’ll go there on wednesday) and canada! pete still needs a passport for that one, but hopefully we’ll get to astoria super soon…

our place is still far from being as organized as i’ve wanted it to be, but that is a problem that will be resolved before kitty day comes, since i can’t have yarny stuff etc out everywhere anymore. that’s something i should have dealt with way before our 1 year point though, like getting art up on the walls, but that’s just how i roll.

umm we both still have california driver’s licenses, that’s pretty lame. i hate being carded. that will be a pretty easy fix once i just get my butt to the dmv.

issue #2 of do stuff! i really thought i’d have at least one more issue, if not several more, released by now, but no. i really do plan to release another. really, i promise! also zine related, i had planned to join the iprc right away, and i just joined on monday!

ok enough of that list. a list of what i have done would be much much longer, so i won’t really attempt that one, but the major things include: quit the day job and am self-employed!! woooo!!!! registered leethal so it’s an official business in oregon (did that pretty soon after moving), joined trillium artisans (still plan on a whole post about that, soon!), made a bunch of superawesome crafty fabulous friends and have a bit of a social life (which i didn’t have in long beach during my time between college and portland), became a spinner, became a published knit designer…. lots of other crafty things, i’ll stop the list now. in conclusion, yay portland! we love you!!!!

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