February 10, 2008

presenting “She’s A Baller” by Avant-Garde Ice Cream!

avant-garde ice cream

so ever since pete and i first started dating (which was exactly 3 years ago yesterday, by the way) we’ve talked about making songs together under the name Avant-Garde Ice Cream. don’t ask where the name came from, pete doesn’t even like ice cream, it’s just one of those things… anyway, the years went by and we talked about song ideas but never actually wrote/recorded any. oh, i should mention here, i am not a musician – in this project idea, i write the lyrics (or we write them together) and i do some/most of the vocals, and he does everything else (music writing, composition, playing, recording, producing, all that stuff i know nothing about).

then about a month ago, bored working the day job, i had some sudden inspiration, and i wrote words for a knitting rap. last week, while i was out of town and pete was trying to occupy his alone time productively, he made my lyrics into our first ever AGIC song!! he did an amazing job, considering this is not his genre of expertise (just about the opposite), according to me anyway. the point is to be funny, not brilliant musically, of course. and he did all the vocals for this particular song, because it makes more sense, but in future songs i’ll help with that part.

so here it is, for a limited time only, free for download. i plan to leave it up here for a week, so through next weekend (2/17 to be exact), then probably make it for sale through itunes. so grab it while you can!!

i am thinking about making a “radio edit” (which would mean bleeping out bitches, hos, and shit, i think that’s all) so that yarn stores could play it and not offend any customers. think there might be any interest?

so let me know what you think! hope it makes you laugh lots!!

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