October 16, 2007

quicky knitty podcasty thingy

since i’m on the subject of knitting with my blog here, i’ll mention this promo for vickie howell‘s podcast.  i’m a huge podcast fan in general, in the car, walking, in the craft studio… so i’ll definitely be checking this one out.  i heard vickie howell being interviewed on a craft podcast (i don’t remember which one!) awhile back and she was fun to listen to.  and i’ve been watching knitty gritty whenever i find it on since i first discovered it about a year ago – that was a happy day!  cosy wrote a little mini-review of the show on her blog, i pretty much agree with everything she said, including skipping the episode with the dog sweaters.  (except i think i know less about knitting than her, so i learn even more each time i watch the show!)

ok i do have plans to write about crafty wonderland (it went well!!) and i had been planning to write something for blog action day, which happened yesterday, but there was no time dammit!  so it would be stupid of me not to write what i was going to write just because i missed the day, so that will come soon.  and there is more on my blogging plate, but just so little time, if only i could blog at work!!  life would just be so much better… for now, i am already running late for that dreaded day job, so off i go.

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