May 30, 2007

random facts + super happy creative day!

i got tagged! by elizabeth of the crafts of destiny. so the thing is: list 7 random things about yourself and then tag 7 more people to do the same… here i go!

1. i grew up thinking tofu was super gross because of clarissa explains it all, and now it’s a staple of my diet and one of my favorite things.

2. in the 9 years since i turned 16 and got my first regular job (paycheck, non-babysitting), i’ve had 11 jobs, counting every one with a normal paycheck (so this does include operations manager at my college radio station where i got paid $35/week, but it does not include teaching photography at an after-school program for several months because i just got one check at the end). i’ve never been fired, i have been laid off once, and many of those jobs overlapped.

3. i’m terrible at keeping my computer cleaned up and organized – right now i have 27 firefox tabs open (all sites i plan to use and/or check out soon!), and 164 unread emails in my yahoo account (all just comment notifications and stuff, no personal emails).

4. when i was little i hated the color orange – it was by far my least favorite color – and now it’s my favorite, funny how those things work…

5. after a weekend trip to scotland during my summer spent studying abroad in england, glasgow became my favorite place in the whole wide world and i wanted to live there someday (but only temporarily because of the weather), so a couple weeks ago while exploring or one of those sites, i was so happy to learn that my great great great grandfather (or maybe one more great…) was from scotland!

6. i love film, and hate that it’s getter harder to buy, and wish more people would shoot it, buut i’m totally embarrassed to admit that since i got my digital slr in january i haven’t shot one full roll of film. boo me!

7. in college i went to tons of little indie shows – after i turned 21 my average was probably 3-4 a week – but my first concert ever was the kroq weenie roast when i was 17, where i saw lovely bands like blink 182 and sugar ray! hah!

ok and now for the tagging: i choose amber, jessica, diane, christine renee, kristin, susan, and pete. not a big deal, do it if you want to.

yesterday i had a super extra creative day off, i’m so happy with what i made, so i want to share it all with you! i tried freezer paper stencils for the first time. i’d been wanting to try them since i first read about the process in my favorite magazine, craft. here are my first and second batches (my kitty and my guy), done on fabric scraps because i didn’t want to risk ruining a favorite clothing item, but i’ll cut them into patches and sew them on stuff:

bobby stencils pete stencils

if you want to try it, here is a great online tutorial with a rad squid stencil, and this guy used bleach instead of fabric paint, which i plan to try next time (he inspired me to make a stencil of pete’s face).

and, i spun yarn for the second time, my first time using roving that i dyed (with food coloring and kool-aid), so i feel like it’s really my yarn, because i designed it and made it happen. so exciting! one strand is orange + yellow, the other light blue + dark blue with some purple, spun kind of randomly back and forth, and plied together.
dyed roving my yarn!

and here are the 2 single balls before plying (there are more shots in my flickr, i take a lot when i’m excited)
yarn- orange ball yarn- blue ball

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