October 15, 2008

recycled t-shirt photo album on craftstylish!

music photo album big bear photo album close-up

my next craftstylish holiday gift project post is up!  tutorial for making a custom photo album with a recycled t-shirt cover and filling it with photos and stuff.  i really love this project!  i hope you do too!!

big bear photo album photo album inside

i think it’s funny that i have always been against holiday season stuff starting too early – in stores, malls, etc – and now i’m doing this holiday gift series that started at the beginning of october.  but, ya know, the thing is, if you’re gonna make great handmade gifts for all your loved ones, you really do need to start this early to get it all done in time.  not that i’m doing so (too busy!), but if you want to really put the effort in, i think getting started now will be worth it.  but, for the record, i’m still anti stores getting in the spirit this early – no good reason there!

applique photo album back applique photo album

i’m trying to be better about posting things as they happen and not letting them pile up into one long post, let’s see how long this lasts…

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