October 1, 2008

sheep and goats and a kitten, of course!

hey there! it’s been a busy few days! i’ve been completely one-track-minded about a deadline i had today, and before that i went to the oregon flock and fiber festival on saturday, so i wanted to show you some photos from there!  cute cute fiber-filled animals!!


offf02.jpg  offf13.jpg


offf18.jpg  offf15.jpg


offf14.jpg  offf01.jpg

ok that was a lot, it was hard to narrow it down – there are a ton more over here in my fiber festivals flickr set. we had fun, i bought a huge bag of “craft batt” fiber, lots of fun colors, can’t wait to spin them up!

the other day i made a photo light box from some packaging materials i had in the closet, and it totally works!  it’s based on this tutorial, but mine is more messy, using tissue paper with clear packing tape covering it completely so it won’t rip.  I was worried the tape would cause weird reflective things to happen, but it seems to work fine, so keep that in mind if you want to make one with tissue paper!  i have no photos of the box itself, but here are some photos i took of things in the box – well, one crafted thing, and garbanzo…..

necktie wallet


banzolightbox5.jpg  banzolightbox6.jpg

banzolightbox3.jpg  banzolightbox7.jpg

that last photo is a second before she clawed a hole in the side!  it was totally a mistake to let her in, i’m dumb.  (i patched the hole, it’s fine now)

hmm i know there were other things i wanted to say…. i have a couple cool crafty announcement type things coming up soon, but not yet… one’s coming in a few days….   i’m excited that the bagdad theater is screening the vp debate on the big screen tomorrow, and thursdays happen to be pete’s day off so we can go, should be fun, and maybe a little terrifying… we’ll see.  oh we saw wall-e today, and really liked it!!  hooray for disney not pounding consumerist values into kids’ heads!!  and it was totally adorable and sweet, so yeah, i recommend it!
oh yeah, ravelry has a new “marketplace” and i joined in on the beta testing!  seems pretty cooltastic.  i also have my first notebook ad this month, so if i’m getting any new blog readers as a result of ravelry, hi!!

ooh ooh and i contributed to the portland city sampler!  yay portland!!  recycled map buttons!

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