April 10, 2008

short-rows wavy hat update!

remember the short-rows wavy hat pattern i posted here back in october? well i have some news about it, and some other news, and a bunch of different versions to show you!


first: i’ve made it into a pdf, which you can download through ravelry and add to your library, or if you’re not on ravelry (oh but you should be!) you can download it right here!! it’s basically the same as what’s posted in the blog, but less bloggy. enjoy!!

2015 update: The pdf is no longer available for download, because it was never converted to a newer pattern pdf format and was a terrible representation of my pattern quality – I plan to make a new pdf at some point, but that probably won’t happen for awhile. ¬†For now, the pattern is still in its original free blog format on the old post here (just don’t use it to judge my pattern quality!).


and second: i will be teaching a class on how to make this hat at twisted! one two-session class in may (4th + 11th) and another in july (12th + 19th). check out twisted’s site for all the class info and to download the current schedule. twisted is the best!

so you’ve seen my new variations above, which i made as samples for twisted, one with noro silk garden and the other with two colors of malabrigo…. and now i’m so happy to share a bunch of other people’s versions of the design! hooray for ravelry, allowing me to keep track of everyone using my patterns!

those are by mariamaria and mbwakahawa. good examples of how different the design looks in variegated yarn vs. self-striping. great colors in both hats! you can see lots more here on ravelry, including a bunch more variegated examples.

oh oh and it’s so exciting, there is a hat knitalong going on in norway that’s doing this pattern for their april hat!! i’ve seen it on 6 different blog posts so far: here and here and here and here and here and here. they are all so gorgeous!! most of those are also on ravelry, but it’s so cool to see them in norwegian blog context!

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