July 15, 2008

skirt from recycled shirt sleeves!

sleevesskirt1.jpg sleevesskirt2.jpg

i have been super crafty the last few days! i made this skirt this morning (i actually started it months ago and put it on hold until last night when i found it while cleaning up the studio) and then i started to finish a second skirt that had been set aside, and i got crazy frustrated with my sewing machine after it jammed up on me three times for no reason and had to walk away before i ended up hurting myself. anyone relate? anyway, this skirt is totally weird but i like it! (oops i just realized the one photo was taken in the mirror and i forgot the reverse it, oh well…)


i got the idea from here, but i just used the shirt sleeves concept and improvised, not being much of a tutorial-follower. what i didn’t think of though, was that using the two sleeves of two shirts wouldn’t work how i imagined it would, since the buttons on right and left sleeves are on opposite sides. so, the buttons would only close on two of the four seams on my skirt. since the skirt ended up being a bit smaller than i’d prefer – sitting on my natural waistline instead of more down on my hips – just the two buttons wouldn’t allow me to get the skirt on, so i added the extra button band up the one seam.

i left the bottom just as the sleeve shapes were, adding a single straight stitch around the edge to prevent fraying. i might have chopped the whole thing to give it a straight-across bottom, but the highest point is higher than i’d want it. i’ll probably make another one in the future, using 4 different shirt sleeves, from longer/larger shirts, and cut the bottom straight across.

in other news, i’ve been working hard on two new knitting patterns. no clues, except that one is a hat and one is not! and speaking of knit designing, i am on serious pins and needles waiting to hear if i’m in the fall knitty! i know that at least one designer was notified that she’s in so i figure i could be hearing any minute now (or possibly not for another month) so it’s hard not to be thinking about it constantly!

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