August 10, 2009

Sock Summit Weekend!

masked me wih monkey rav party woo fun times

Yeah it was a fun weekend!  I didn’t take tons of photos, but those are a couple highlights… Walking around the luminary panel room before it started, I was stopped by the friends of that sock monkey and asked to pose for a picture for something ravelry-related.  It just so happened that I had my mask in my bag (because I’d forgotten to bring it to the ravelry party the night before as planned), so since that’s my ravatar, I went for it and slipped it on!  I’ve now learned the the monkey was traveling from Northern Ireland!

And then the other shot is of Star at the rav party demonstrating our awesome new dance move we invented!

star with socks convention center flowers

Ok so moving back to the beginning of my Sock Summit adventures… As I mentioned in my last post, I went over on Friday for the book signing – got books signed by Barbara Walker, Judith MacKenzie McCuin, Clara Parkes, and Cookie A.  They were all super nice and friendly (though I couldn’t say anything more than “Hi… Thank you.” to Barbara Walker).

I hadn’t even been planning on going over on Friday, but I was following the #socksummit tweets all day Thursday and wanted to be a part of it all!  So glad I did!  Besides the authors who signed my books, I also got to sort of be part of a conversation with Meg Swansen (Elizabeth Zimmermann‘s daughter) – she is SO friendly and nice and cool!  And I met Amy Singer who recognized and hugged me!  Knitters are so awesomely friendly, yeah!

Then I started wandering around the marketplace, and Star found me and told me all kinds of crazy stories from the teacher dinner and other festivities – famous knit designers are full of silliness!!  So rad that Star got to be a part of that!  And she scored a pair of socks knit (and worn) by Barbara Walker (pictured above) – insanity!  That other photo above is just somewhere inside the convention center that reminded me of the Bellagio in Vegas – not Sock Summit related, but I only took the one Star sock photo that day.

rav party yum

So then on Saturday I headed back over to the marketplace and hung out and saw some people, then we hopped on the MAX which took us straight to the ravelry party! (Such great planning to find a fabulous venue that happened to be a perfect MAX ride away from Sock Summit.)  The rav party was so great!!  As you can see above, delicious (free) food – all vegetarian, 4 different dips/spreads, plus yumm cookies – and (much cheaper than expected) Deschutes including Green Lakes Organic!

I was so happy to get to meet Jess and Casey and tell them in person how much ravelry means to me and my design career – hope I didn’t come off gushy, but I really don’t think I could be anywhere near where I am if it weren’t for their awesomeness!  And by the way, they are all (MH too) super awesome in real life!

We had a fantastically silly time, staying all the way to the end to help clean up a bit.  We really wanted it to turn into a dance party towards the end, so we just did, even though it wasn’t really spreading beyond our little group.  Didn’t take tons of photos like I’d planned to because I was having too much fun, but Star laughing below and that dance move at the top pretty much sum up the night!  Those ravelry folks sure know how to throw a party!  Thanks rav team!!

rav party laughing rav party blurrred star

After that, then the after party too, it was tough to get my tired self back to the convention center for the luminary panel yesterday, but I managed to get there early enough to buy one souvenir (wanted much more, but could only allow myself one thing) before the marketplace closed.  Got stuck over with a bad view of the panel, but besides that, it was amazing!  Lucy Neatby, Cat Bordhi, Deborah Robson, Anna Zilboorg, Priscilla Gibson-Roberts, Meg Swansen, Barbara Walker, Judith MacKenzie-McCuin, and Nancy Bush, addressing topics like the changing knitting business, self-publishing, copyright/respecting intellectual property, and Elizabeth ZImmerman.

luminary panel: my view

I thought it was really interesting hearing about how the business of knitting has evolved from being about the finished product to now being about the process, with value on the designs/ideas and intellectual property rather than finished items.  This is all obvious when you think about the knitting world, but it’s a conversation I’d never really heard before.

I (so stupidly) didn’t think to bring knitting with me (I know, what the hell?) so to occupy my hands I took note of quotes I liked.  I saw today that Blue Garter did the same, so I’m actually combining what she wrote down and what I wrote down for the first one (read the other good ones on her post)…

Just as the bird’s wing evolved to fly, the human hand evolved to manipulate.  An idle hand is not a happy hand.  We really need to use our hands; they’re not happy if they’re not doing something. -Barbara Walker

If knitting were widespread, we probably wouldn’t have wars. -Cat Bordhi

In the context of starting an independent business: All you have to know is the one next step. -Deborah Robson

Responding to the question “How did you end up in this business?”  I was brainwashed. -Meg Swansen

I had no income, which is kind of liberating, because if you haven’t got anything, then you’ve got nothing to lose. -Lucy Neatby

When asked what was the most important knitting thing she learned from Elizabeth Zimmerman: You are in charge of your own knitting. -Meg Swansen

and my favorite… Question: Do you think that was easier or harder because you’re a woman? Answer: I don’t know. I’ve never been a man. -Meg Swansen

Such amazing women!  I feel SO lucky to have been there – even if there is another Sock Summit, I’m sure that panel will never exist again.  Oh, and it happened to be the 99th anniversary of Elizabeth Zimmerman’s birth, so the event ended with all 1000ish people singing happy birthday and eating cake and tarts!  Sock Summit = amazingness to the max!

Anyone wondering how my socks are coming along?  Well I’m just about to the toe:

my sock my first sock

You may have seen that first shot (taken on Thursday) in my Threadbanger Sock Knitting roundup – I love how the green lightening bolts look on the heel!  Well I’m so close on this first sock, but I’m having to break it up with work knitting, so I don’t know when the second one will happen…  If only I was like Barbara Walker and was fine with only 3-4 hours of sleep each night, I could get so much more done!!

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