September 11, 2013

Some events and news and stuff!

I have a few announcement kinds of things for you – first, for Portlanders, I’m having a trunk show this weekend!  At Sellwood’s brand new excellent shop, Yarntastic, on Saturday (Sept 14th) 2-5pm.  My stuff will stay on display throughout the week, so if you can’t make the official event on Saturday, you can still stop by and see the samples and stuff.  (But try to make it to the event, and say hi!)

adventure knit items!

The show will kind of focus on Adventure Knitting, and all eight of my sample knits will be there, but there will also be other designs, an assortment of favorites (my newest, Lemmy, will be there for sure), to get you excited about the start of cool weather knitting season!  Check out the Yarntastic group on ravelry to learn more about the shop.

Knit Fit!

For the broader Pacific Northwest area, a reminder, because I only mentioned it very briefly before, that I’ll be teaching Recycled Yarn Making, and hosting a superfun Game Knitting night, at the awesome Knit Fit! in Seattle November 2-3.

Knit Fit!

(That photo is of the Game Knitting night last year, which I realized I never blogged about!  So I will be doing that soon, showing you all the fun we had last year.  This year we’ll be game knitting to Seattle classic, Singles!)

start of a new project start of a new project

And now, something for anyone anywhere… I wrote a guest post for the Fresh Stitches blog that went up yesterday, and it includes a discount code for Adventure Knitting!  Good through Sept 15th, so go check it out, for the code and also to read me talk about my love of options in knitting patterns, and to see a crazy flow chart thing I made about Adventure Knitting choices.

A review of Adventure Knitting also happened over on the Knit Picks blog, so that’s supercool.

And, just moments ago, another Adventure Knitting write-up went up over on Alex’s Dull Roar blog – she made a crazy water bottle sleeve, with two different section 2 patterns for extra adventure!  (She also just released an ebook about becoming a designer, so check that out while you’re over there.)

And that’s all the news I can think of… I’m spending most of my time working on the big project I can’t talk about; those photos above are the start of another sample knit for that, which I am loving!  I’m doing a photo-a-day thing on instagram, so there are lots of random photos being posted for that, like many of my cat, and assorted daily stuff and things.  So that’s that, happy knitting!

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