March 16, 2010

Some website updatey stuff!

argus stitching

Ok, first of all, my new Cameras stitch set is available, and to celebrate, here is an extra camera design that didn’t make it into the set!  Click the image below to download the full size version, print it out (100% size is 4×6 inches), and find out what camera it is!  (Ok, it’s not that much of a mystery, but it’s fun still!)

Camera Connect-The-Dots

I’ve been all motivated the last few days with website updating! I’ve been into reading all the comments that came in from my survey a little while ago, and I made a couple of changes based on people’s suggestions…

Someone had this idea – “it would be cool if your front page was more like a shop window, in that the displays changed often (maybe by season, or bi-monthly)…” – and I started thinking about that a bit and really liked it!  I already had the 6 featured things that I changed seasonally-ish, but I wanted to make it pop more and also make it easier to to change often…

new homepage

So now there’s this big photo at the top, which I plan to change about once a week (or 2), to whatever i’ve most recently made/released/been working on or just a photo-of-the-day that I really like, or whatever seems to fit… And then below that are 4 square photos of “featured stuff” which I’ll also change, but not as often.  Instead of those being set categories like before (they used to be “featured shop item, featured pattern,” etc), they are just photos with no text so I can change them to anything I feel like featuring.  Of course, all the photos link to whatever is shown for easy navigation.

leethal home page

And then I got a few comments about my shop being confusing (like I find the shop side of the site hard to navigate. There’s too much information on a page and it’s hard to see and sometimes find again what’s there.), which made me realize that having the shop home page featuring items from every category the way it used to probably made things too busy and I needed to simplify that.  So I changed the shop home to match the patterns and yarn home pages, with just square photos for each category, for hopefully easier navigation.

new shop homepage

If other things about the shop are confusing, I would love more feedback to make it easier!  (Or, about anything at all in the site that’s confusing.)  I’m planning on further simplifying in the future – I’m thinking about phasing out some things (hats, accessories, prints…) so I might be taking things out of the shop soon (and/or having sales!) and cutting back the shop pages.  (Side note, if there’s something you want, it might be a good idea to grab it – the whole house buying thing is motivating me to get organized, clear out some stuff, and I might be taking things out of the shop if they don’t sell by the time we move…)

about leethal page

I also did a bunch more updating this morning, and my about section is now up to date (that was on the to-do list for months!), and some other random things here and there that needed to be done.  I’m going to try to be more on top of updating, really I am!  Still need to get to the yarn section, and get the March club photos and info up… Oh yeah and I also got the new dyeing tutorial up on the tutorials page...

tutorials page

One of the reasons I’m showing you all these updates is another bit of feedback I got – Since I pick you up on the feeder I don’t notice changes to the website.  Maybe an occasional “Here’s what’s new on the site” or a featured area of/button on the blog would make me think about clicking though. I figure this is probably the case for lots of you, hence the site-update filled blog post!

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