September 5, 2008

stitch markers and fun personal news…

recycled paperclip stitch markers

a couple things… i am now making my recycled paperclip beaded stitch markers in 2 sizes: for size US17 and smaller needles, and size US10 and smaller. and, i have these photos with labels on each marker, so you can order a specific stitch marker!

recycled paperclip stitch markers recycled paperclip stitch markers

so if you want a specific marker, just order from my yarn page, then send me a quick email (leethalkoala at yahoo dot com) letting me know the number on the picture. and i am definitely taking custom orders for no additional charge – just tell me what color(s) and/or specific beads you’d like, needle size, etc, and allow a couple extra days for me to make it/them. also, if anyone wants a bunch of markers (like, 4 or more), i’m willing to drop the price to $3 each. just let me know and i’ll send a priced invoice.

ok enough leethal shop stuff. moving on… in case you haven’t seen on my twitter/flickr/facebook already, pete and i are engaged! it doesn’t seem like a huge deal, since we’ve been together over 3.5 years now, and we’re not planning on actually getting married for quite awhile, and i’ve basically planned to spend my whole life with him since our 1 month anniversary, pretty much… but it still feels like kind of a big deal…

hey look!

the proposal itself was a bit silly, fitting for us, and he used a temporary super blingy fake diamond ring so i could pick out my own ring. since i might be wearing it for a couple years before switching to the wedding ring, i wanted to pick a good one. which meant: comfy (i’m not used to rings since i haven’t worn any regularly since high school), unique, not too big and not too small, not too much color since i am always covered in colors… i spent hours looking at rings on etsy, considering many, like this and this and this and this and this and all of these(!)… but the main problem with anything online was i wanted to try it on, make sure it fit well and was comfy for me. so i ended up finding this perfect ring at a jewelry shop off hawthorne (by buffalo exchange), which i assume is by a local portland artist (although i forgot to ask!) and fits great and is the perfect size and i looove it!!

both rings my ring

oh and by the way, the whole ring thing in general is pretty silly… pete joked about getting me a ring that said “support the patriarchy.” i always thought i didn’t care about all the standard social procedures, figured we’d just kinda say, hey let’s get married sometime, ok, and not bother with an engagement ring at all. but, once he actually did propose in a semi-official way, i realized all this stuff is kinda fun and i did want a ring. so, eh, i won’t over-analyze it, i’m not doing it to show that he owns me, i’m doing it because i love him and jewelry is fun, so there patriarchy. hehe…

and definitely don’t expect wedding photos anytime soon. i want to wait to start the married part of my life until my whole career situation is a little less scary, until things are further off the ground, and until we can see buying a house in the visible future, hopefully…. hey if you want to help, check out my shop! ok that was shameless, i admit it…

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