May 22, 2009

ten 10 yard cuffs, part 1: mini-ebook

ten 10 yard cuffs! ten 10 yard cuffs!

it’s done! well, the first part is done.  but now i can tell you everything.  the cuff pattern set is ten designs, each using 10 yards of yarn, and 2 buttons.  the pdf is for sale now and is 10 pages long, with 3 pages of technique how-tos, etc.  the set is meant not just to be a fun way to use up leftover yarn scraps for any knitter, but also to be a learning tool for beginners.  so there are explanations of each abbreviation, some info about things like eyelet holes, short rows, and slip-stitches in case you’ve never done them, so you don’t just know how to do each thing, but you understand what you’re doing.  in creating this set, i tried to make it useful as a kind of a design tool for the inexperienced – learn a bunch of new things that you can then take into other projects and play with in bigger designs.  but it’s also great for playing around with small amounts of yarn and making fun little accessories, for knitters new and old!

cuff10b06 cuff6b02

and now about the second part…. to be released by monday (maybe sooner) the ten 10 yard cuffs will also be available in kit form!  a kit will include a 10 yard mini-skein of leethal recycled hand-dyed yarn (which is what all these were knit with), a pair of matching vintage/recycled buttons, and your choice of a printed pattern book or the pdf.  i’ll also give the option of purchasing a kit minus the pattern set, in case you’ve already gotten the pdf.

update 5/25/09: kits are now up in the shop! blog post with details here.

cuff2b02 cuff4b02

now onto the fun stuff, the cuffs!  all ten of them!  i’ve knit 2 samples of each one, to show how they can look with different yarn textures/colorways/buttons/etc.  so check out my cuffs flickr set or ravelry to see all 20 of them, and more as i knit and add more, which i’m sure i will because i’m anxious to try playing around with different yarn/color ideas now that the samples are done!

textured zig zag:


twisted stockinette rib:


wavy garter:


diagonal ridges:


lacy chevron:


lace chain:


wraparound linen:


squishy triangle:


rectangular double strap:


rounded four strap:


the ebook is $4.50 – for sale through ravelry, or on my patterns page, or just click here to buy it now.  in fitting with the theme, a ten 10 yard cuff knit kit will be $10, which includes shipping costs (and if you’ve already bought the pdf, the kit without patterns will be $5.50).  i’ll also be putting up some special kit options – a 3 cuff kit, with 3 mini-skeins and button pairs, and a special gift packaged 10 cuff kit, with 10 different skeins/buttons for all 10 designs!  i’ll be blogging the kits once they’re available, but i just want you to know what your options will be in case you’re wondering…

Update: in 2011, the pdf layout was updated and the price was raised to $6.

cuff9b05 cuff5b04

ooh and something you can look forward to… in designing the ten cuffs, there were several design fails that didn’t make it in – some of them are designs i really like, but they need more than 10 yards to work well.  so, i plan to post a few of these as free blog patterns!  the first will probably go up next week.

cuff7a02 cuff8a02

i’m so happy to finally have this out in the world!  i can’t wait to start seeing cuff knitters’ creations!

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