July 23, 2013

The Adventure Knit-a-long continues: Onward we go!

The second section of adventure knitting along is now in progress!  The new part went out to adventurers last Thursday night and lots of knitters are well on their ways through these new explorations, so check out the spoilers forum if you want to see their beautiful work!

camping drawing

This section of adventure knitting lets you choose between having fun at camp, playing in a river, swinging from vines, or trying out a footpath.  It’s all worked in the round so the construction is very straight-forward; some options are best for a single solid color, while others are meant for 2 or more colors.  This section adds one more booklet to the adventure book – the four pattern options here are the same regardless of what path you’re on (so it doesn’t matter if you’re making the neck accessory, head accessory, etc).

Adventure knit drawing

This blog post is short and basic since I don’t want to give out spoilers here yet, but you can check out my ravelry projects to see all my samples up through this section, or you can scroll through my adventure knits flickr set to see all my sample spoiler photos in one place!  Next week, when the KAL is over and the complete collection is released, I’ll blog about all my samples.

Adventure knit drawing

I do have one for-a-limited-time-only announcement right now!  For any of you who have been following along, hesitant to join while things were still so mysterious, but maybe now you’ve seen enough spoilers and information that you want to have some adventures… I’ve made a coupon code, valid just now through Thursday at midnight when the final section is released, to knock the price back down to the original pre-order price of $8!

Enter coupon code JoinTheAdventure (either in your ravelry cart or on my website) to take $3 off the current price.

If you have adventurous knitting buddies who might be interested, spread the word!  Now’s the time to join in and catch up with the KAL while you still can!  The accessories can be pretty darn quick knits, so you can join today and be caught up for the final section by this weekend to adventure along with us!

Adventure knit drawing

I’ve been perfecting a couple different options for binding all the booklets together to make a complete adventure knitting book, once all the parts are out.  I’m pretty happy with how the binding is looking – I’ll be making a how-to video to go up on Friday when the final section is out, so you can bind up all your booklets!  Here is a peak at a bound book, with the cover page of this current section showing:

adventure book

Also, just so you know, I’ll be doing some adventure KAL participant giveaways next week – drawings for everyone with photos up in their ravelry project pages, and maybe some other prizes, we’ll see.  So be sure to check in with the forums to stay up to date with the KAL fun, and to show off your adventure knits in the spoilers thread and all that good stuff!  Yay!

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