May 9, 2008

threadbanger goodness



so last week i had a post up with a bunch of different diy shoes, all unintentionally for girls. it got a great response (reblogged on craft, yay!), but i wanted to even it out, so i did a part 2 post this week on guys’ shoes.


today’s post is the first of my new regular fridays blog series: weekly diy roundup! every friday i’ll be posting a list of my favorites in an item/category/material/whatever. sometimes they’ll be based on a project in the threadbanger podcast, sometimes based on projects going on around the blogiverse (haha that word is silly!) and sometimes it’ll just be something i think is cool, and hopefully you will to! so be sure to add the threadbanger blog to your rss reader if you use one, or just remember to check in on fridays! yay!

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