September 2, 2009

thrifty finds: End Table!

new (used) end table

Took a trip to the Goodwill Bins today and scored this awesome Mid-Century Modern style end table!  It’s not high quality – faux bois laminate type surface, a bit wobbly – but it was $3!!  Three dollars!!

Pretty beat up, but I’m hoping this will be my before post and in a few weeks I’ll be showing you after photos!  Not quite sure what I’ll be doing to it yet, maybe spray painting it either orange or green… I’m not at all experienced with furniture recon projects, so I’d love any ideas or advice anyone might have!

new (used) end table

The Stats

  • Where: The Bins
  • What: 50’s modern style end table
  • Total Damage: $3

Want to see some other furniture scores from the Bins since we’ve been living here?  The best is my sewing table, for $10:


And both the shelving units on my desk are from there (probably around $3-5 each):


Our old loveseat was a Bins find for $15, and now lives at David‘s apt.  I also got a drafting table top for $8; sadly, the great adjustable legs wouldn’t fit in my car and I had to leave them behind – I use the table top on a keyboard stand for craft shows.  Yay the Bins!

On a side note, the reason I was looking at furniture today was that Pete will be moving most of his side of our shared studio to his new studio space next week, which will give me way more space!!  This is super awesome because while my half-room was fine when we first moved in, I’ve accumulated sooo much more stuff since then (thanks to said Bins!) and it’s impossible to keep it organized!  So I’m planning out some new shelving and drawers and I’m going to get it all super duper organized – I can’t wait!!

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