June 7, 2009

thrifty finds: stripey sweater and cupcakes book!

a couple weeks ago i decided to take a saturday afternoon walk, and found a garage sale on craigslist to head towards, in search of buttons or sweaters to unravel.  didn’t find either of those, but i did score vegan cupcakes take over the world for a dollar!

vegan cupcakes book free sweater

then on the walk back home, i happened upon a free stuff box containing this stripe-tastic sweater!!  the colors called my name, of course, and i assumed it wouldn’t happen to fit me, so i’d use it for some crafty purpose, but look!  it fits me perfectly!! heck yeah!

free sweater

the stats

  • where: walking around my neighborhood
  • what: cupcakes cookbook and rad me-sweater
  • total damage: $1

this is the first in a new category of posts! yay!  in the spirit of doing stuff, i plan to start sharing awesome things i find at thrift stores and garage sales, because spending a tiny bit of your hard earned cash on used things to give them a new life is much better than spending a lot of it on new stuff, where your money might go to evil things like sweatshop labor and malls.  (if you have the cash though, it’s a great thing to spend it in local indepedent shops, craft fairs, etc, of course, especially in the current economy.  support things that are awesome in any way you can!)

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