January 11, 2010

thrifty finds: Sweaters and more sweaters!

Last week I took a trip to Value Village and scored a cart full of sweaters!


I couldn’t resist these two beautiful fair isle yokes, though I was so excited by their obvious hand-knitted-ness that I didn’t look/feel close enough to realize they’re not wool.  After machine washing and drying, I’m assured they are acrylic, but eh, they still look great!  I’m thinking about doing some reconstruction to the cardigan – changing the buttons, doing something to the collar and waist, which pulls in too tightly… And the collar on the green pullover is coming apart, so something needs to be done with that.


These two were a perfect pair – one is a 40% angora blend, the other merino/cashmere, both in gorgeous shades of red.  The darker angora one has a fabulous huge cabled neck which will become something for myself (you’ll see soon enough)!  Unfortunately there’s a problem with the big cabled merino one – and there’s a lesson in this for unravelers out there:  I checked the arm, body, and shoulder seams in the store, as usual, and the shoulders were serged (somewhat common) but the rest were not, so it was ok… well, while starting the frogging process, I discovered that the arms are serged onto the body as well (not common!), which means the whole body is un-froggable from the armpits up.  Bummer!  So I had to take a scissors to it and chop across the chest, which is never fun, and now I need to find a way to make use of that whole top part… oh well, at least it’s a huge sweater so I still got plenty of beautiful yarn from it!


And this one… ugly, I know, but I was weirdly drawn to it… I have some reconstruction thoughts and we’ll see how it goes.  Maybe it’ll turn into a tutorial of some kind.  Or maybe I’ll wear it with the shoulder pads and faux-chenille collar, hah!

There were more than just these – a couple more for unraveling – as well as a couple of sheets to add to my matted stitch sets options, and an awesome mug with my name on it!  Yay!

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