July 25, 2012

TNNA! plus some new things…

First, exciting news, I have a new Quick Knits print book of an assortment of 12 of the most popular patterns!  They all use no more than 20 yards of yarn, and they come in a 16 page high-quality printed booklet for $12.  When you buy through MagCloud, you’ll also get a free pdf download of the book, great for iPad or other device viewing!  (rav link)

Quick Knits best of book

Besides that brand new pattern collection, I also now have print versions of my Terrapin and Flippable patterns (for sale on MagCloud here), and I’ve updated all of my print patterns so that they all come with a free pdf version of the booklets when you buy through MagCloud.  (Note that these are pdf versions of the print books, not the same pdfs that you would buy through ravelry or my site – same patterns, different formatting, and they won’t go in your rav library.)

Terrapin Flippable

These brand new patterns are now also available to Portland locals at Twisted, and will very soon be in Richmond, VA at Rag & Bone!  If you own or work at a yarn shop and might be interested in my patterns, check out my wholesale page with everything you need to know!  If you think my patterns would be a great fit at your favorite local shop, tell them to check out my stuff at leethalknits.com, or let me know the name of the shop and I’ll get in touch with them!  Okay that’s done, moving on now…


Jeni's day 2

So, I’d been meaning to get those new print patterns set up for quite some time, but the thing that finally made it a top priority was TNNA – I went to this biggest convention of the year for the first time (back in June)!  I wanted to have my print patterns and catalog all up to date, so yeah, I did that, plus new business cards (and my new website, of course!), and then I headed to Ohio and my mind was blown with how many people I met… by the end, I was the most exhausted I’ve ever been, in an awesome way!

short north

If you follow designers and other yarny type professionals on twitter, or blogs, or where ever you do your following, then you’ve surely heard of TNNA – it’s an industry-only convention, where yarn companies, designers, etc, show off their stuff and yarn shops place their orders… unless you go as a designers without a booth, like I did, in which case it’s more for just meeting a million people and passing out business cards and wholesale catalogs whenever possible.

short north

I did lots of walking around Columbus (which I liked a lot!), hanging out with tons of designers who I either knew online and met in real life for the first time, or just met for the first time period, and we’ve since become internet buddies, talking shop.  It’s indescribably great to talk with big groups of people who all do generally what I do, which is a completely solitary job, about all different aspects of being a designer – and I do have good designer friends here in Portland but it’s different when it’s a wide variety of lots of different kinds of designers… Anyway, it was great.

Travonna coffee

I just brought my little point-and-shoot camera since I knew photography was off-limits inside the convention and I didn’t want to have to carry around my normal camera if I couldn’t even use it most of the time… So I ended up taking very few photos, sadly, the best ones all seen here.  This is the North Market across the street from the convention center, where the ice cream could be found, and other good food.

north market

I got new shoes just before (which was bad news, of course, since I was still breaking them in and they killed my feet by the end of the second day, so I had to wear my super dorky running shoes for 2 days which I brought as back-ups in case I might need them), and I finished embroidering my plain black bag on the plane there:

looking down

Alex and Stephanie had the coziest booth in all the land, so we took breaks there as needed, especially the last couple days as the exhaustion got more severe.  Here’s Stephanie (Tiny Owl), Alex (Dull Roar), Stacey (Fresh Stitches – with birds in her hair!!), and me, squeezed onto the blow-up sofa:

designated resting area...

Of course I had to go to Jeni’s each day (just once per day though, not a big deal!) and since their small size can be 2 different flavors, I got to try 8 flavors – I think my favorite was the goat cheese cherry, but the lemon blueberry was fantastic, and the black coffee, and the juniper lemon curd, and the pistachio honey…..  There’s Cirilia in the background, who was so busy actually working that she barely got to hang out, bummer (but I’ll be seeing her at Knit Fit! in Seattle soon!):

Jeni's day 2

The Craftsy party was a definite highlight – an insane claustrophobic highlight!  In this crowd shot, you can see Daniel Yuhas in focus in the center there – I met him for the first time in Columbus, even though we live in the same city!

Craftsy party!

Here’s Jess having a super adorable Marilyn Monroe moment over a vent:

Craftsy party!

I like taking photos of people taking photos… here’s Mary-Heather (Rainy Day Goods) and Sarah (Sexy Knitter):

Craftsy party!

And Sarah and Alex, yeah it was a silly fun party:

Craftsy party!

There was lots of hanging out and knitting at night, of course, and laughing, and trying to stay awake… Alex doing one of those things and Sarah doing the other:

laughing at the Hyatt

Other highlights:

I didn’t get any photos with her at all, but on the first day there I met up with the awesome Jaala and did an interview for Knitcircus!  You can read the article here (pdf), in which I’m labeled a “ninja innovator”!  Love it!

I shared a cab with Lisa Bogart, who just released the book Knit with Love – she’s super nice so you should check it out!

I had a great roommate experience with Jessica, who has a fun blog and podcast, so you should check those out!

Since I took so few photos, I got permission to grab a few from friends… Here’s Stephanie and me wearing her fabulous deer hat, taken by Katy (and there’s another cute shot of us on Hilary’s blog).

Hilary (The Yarniad), Sarah (in her incredible Lady Sybil Jumpsuit!), and me, taken by Alex, at the brew pub where I got maybe the best mac n cheese I’ve ever had:


TNNA ended up being so much about the people, that I haven’t even mentioned the yarn!  Oh the yarn!  Yummm how I do love yarn.  I met lots of nice yarny people, and made note of many companies I’d love to work with at some point.  One of them was Anzula, who offered me some gorgeous yarn for my next design!  They were super nice and their yarn is beautiful and I am now knitting this into a sample for my upcoming mystery shawl knit-a-long!

Anzula yarn

Mmmmm yes I love it!  Oh and what was that?  Mystery shawl knit-a-long?  Yup, you heard me right!  The actual knitting will begin on October 1st, but more details and sign-ups will be released very soon!

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