July 27, 2009

Tour de Fleece wrapup!

Tour de Fleece is officially over!  And I rocked it!  I totally succeeded at my goal, which was to either spin, dye, or unravel every day of the tour – I spun or dyed fiber every day, with the only exception being that I flipped a day of rest with the previous day due to my schedule (and on the other day of rest I spun anyway).

Tour De Fleece 2009

So you can see details about my first 4 yarns on my week 1 post, and all of the yarns’ names and my tour stats if you click on the mosaic. I want to show you all the rest of them, but I won’t get into process stuff for them all, just my favorites or the ones that have interesting processy things…


Day 6:  I’m so proud of this one! Coil-filled thread plied, striping between shades of blues and greens.  I plied it on 2 thin threads instead of 1 thicker one – a regular sewing thread type, in variegated green colors, and a weird stretchy nylon (I’m guessing) thread in light blue, found unlabeled at Knittn Kitten.


So first I spun the striping single a bit overspun, a bit thick and thin, then I plied it on these 2 threads, adding in anchored coils randomly and often.  I also held the thread apart at several random points – spinning the stretchy blue thread around the outside of the wool, with the sewing thread inside, for some extra fun bits.  I love this yarn so much!  (Ease Your Feet In the Sea: 104 yards, 4 ounces)


Day 6 (also):  This was one of my only recycled yarns spun during the tour – it’s 2 strands of 100% cotton, with bits of yarn and thread scraps spun in throughout!  To make this yarn, I spun each strand of recycled cotton (well, several strands held together because that’s how most commercial cotton sweaters are knit) separately to put twist into it, adding the scrap bits into them while spinning.  I did that by sticking the tips of the scraps in between the cotton strands, spinning them all together, then sticking the other end between the strands.  Then I plied the 2 twisted cotton singles together, sometimes adding extra wraps around the ends of the scraps to hold them in tightly if needed.  (Blindsided: 170 yards, 5.6 ounces)


Day 10:  This is a basic striping single, spun with 100% BFL wool (suuuper soft!) in warm shades of brown, coffee-dyed, and smaller bits of blue.  Love how it turned out!  (Starfish And Coffee: 135 yards, 2.4 ounces)


Day 12:  I’m loving navajo plying more and more each time I do it!  This was my first navajo plied spun for the shop, now that I feel comfortable enough with the technique, and I’m super happy with the yarn!  I used mostly naturaly shades – browns, blues, greens – with 1 stripe of orange and 1 of red for some pop!  (Melody Of Certain Three: 76 yards, 3.2 ounces)


Day 13:  Bulky 2-ply, with lots of dark shades of grey, blue, green, purple, brown, red… and of course a little bright orange thrown in for good balance!  (In This Dark: 63 yards, 2.8 ounces)


Day 14:  A very experimental skein, this yarn stripes between dark/neutralish shades of wool – brown, grey, (dark) red, blue, green – which are broken up with long coils of uncarded alpaca dyed in candy colors (light blue, green, orange, yellow, red).  The coils are fuzzy and messy due to the nature of the uncarded alpaca, and will really pop when knit up amidst the dark wooly shades!


To get this yarn, first I spun a single, a bit overspun, striping between the wool, switching to small stripes of the alpaca randomly, in the middle of the wool colors.  Then when plying, I just thread plied as usual until I reached an alpaca bit, at which point I anchored the coil by wrapping the thread around the wool, then coiled the alpaca, just like the small coils in that top yarn, anchoring the other end when it switched back to wool.  Oh I also added more interest in the coils by adding some granny stacks, as explained in Intertwined. Like I mentioned in my first spinning processy post, if you want to learn about all these techniques, I highly recommend both that book and Insubordiknit’s DVD!  (Rainbow in the Dark: 80 yards, 3.3 ounces)


Day 15:  Another super soft striping single – this one is made up of different wools, including lots of BFL and some soy silk/wool blend.  Mostly lightish shades of blue, green, orange, and brown, with a couple bits of darker brown and green.  (Perfect Afternoon: 122 yards, 1.8 ounces)


Day 17:  Rainbow-tastic!  This 100% alpaca yarn stripes between yellow, green, blue, purple, red, and orange, with some blending between each color.  Some colors are longer than others (not much green, lots of red and orange…); I think this will knit up beautifully!  I made this one by separating out the 6 shades across my couch, then splitting each color approximately in half – I could have weighed the halves, but I didn’t want them to be exact.  I spun each single the same, starting at one end of the row of dyed fiber, through each color, then I plied them together as usual.  Because the color sections were approximately the same, but not exact, the colors overlapped plenty to make each solid shade, but they all overlapped with the neighboring colors more or less, so the stripes will be blendy, just how I wanted!  Yarn success!  I hope this yarn ends up with someone who will knit something awesome to wear with pride!  (Psychic Rainbow: 65 yards, 2.2 ounces)

day20yarn05 day20yarn04

Day 20:  Coily thread plied, similar to the top yarn, with all superduper soft BFL and South African Fine wool!  (Bridges and Balloons: 66 yards, 2.2 ounces)


Day 22:  This bulkylicious single was spun with 2 different colors/fibers held together at all times – mostly different wools (including a bunch of black shetland and merino), with some organic cotton (so hard to spin!), some bamboo, and some hemp!  All different colors in here, but the black gives it a darker look than most of my yarns.  I’m getting better at controlling the weight of my singles (usually I kind of let the fiber be the weight it wants to be), and this is a pretty successful (balanced and nice looking) bulky single yarn!  Still thick+thin, which I like, but averages out at a bulky weight.  (Big Day Coming: 116 yards, 4.3 ounces)


Day 23:  And my last yarn of the tour – soft, lofty, colorful 2-ply!  Similar to my Coughing Colors yarn I spun right before the tour, but a bit finer, and softer due to using lots of BFL, South African Fine wool, and soy silk/wool blend.  Like that other yarn, and also like Spiraling Carnival and others, I plied it unevenly for coily wrapped bits like you can see below.  (Especially in the blue and the green in the middle.)  I love that technique, though I don’t see other spinners doing it…


The other cool thing about this yarn is the way I did the colors – 1 single is long stripes of color, blending a little bit (I think it goes brown, grey, green, blue, red, orange), and the other single is short stripes of all different, non-blending colors.  So when it’s knit, it’ll stripe the short stripes on the long stripes blending base – hard to explain, but it’ll look cool!  I really love this one!  (Summer and Lighting: 112 yards, 2.9 ounces)


In case anyone’s interested – a couple of these are in the shop now, and a couple more will be added soon.  Hooray Tour de Fleece!!  Yay Star for starting the whole thing!  Star rocks everyone’s socks off!!

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