July 7, 2012

Twitter mystery KAL pattern revealed: Orthogonal!

Well the twitter mystery knit-a-long came to an end on Friday, and I think it was a success!  If you joined, I hope you had fun!  If you didn’t know about it in time, I plan to do it again in the future!  (Keep up with the leethal ravelry group if you want to know the latest on leethal knit-a-longs!)


So, now that that’s over, the pattern is released as a FREE pdf to all!  It’s called Orthogonal, and it’s a cowl or scarf (as short or long as you like) worked in modular panels with a few different options.  Since it’s free, I won’t go in to tons of details here – you can click here to download right now if you want it!


The whole thing can be lacy or not, with 3 different pairs of panel options, and the panels each switch directions, without any picked up stitches!  There are intricate lace panels (which are both charted), and 2 different simple panel options, in which some striping is recommended to show the directional switches.


Stripes in adjacent panels will be perpendicular, or orthogonal!  If you’re not into the lace at all, you could work the whole thing in the non-lace panels – linen stitch and seed stitch – and have a more dense, simple piece that would look awesome with stripes!


Many thanks to Star for modeling with me, and to Pete for being photographer!  I am way into both of my samples, especially the lighter one that Star’s wearing – so happy with how the colors and stripes turned out!

This pattern ended up being much more complex than I’d originally planned (as many of my patterns tend to do) but I’m keeping it free because that was always the plan, with the twitter mystery format.  It did take me tons of time though, so if you like this pattern, it would be real neat if you wanted to check out my other patterns and consider buying any that you love, to help me keep doing what I’m doing!  <3

Orthogonal Orthogonal

In other news, I want to spread the word to Portlanders about an amazing yarn spot I found through the Portland rav group.  It’s this organization called Project Grow which takes yarn donations from shops and is selling them all for $4 per skein, so it’s both super cheap and going to a great cause!  I went in planning to get like 2-4 skeins probably, but I couldn’t resist going through all the bins, and since it seemed like such a great place to give money to anyway (and there were goats!!), I walked out with this:

Yarn haul

And then a few other announcement-ish things…

I am on Math4Knitters podcast!

I will be teaching 2 classes, plus hosting a Game Knitting night (which I’m SUPER excited about!) at Knit Fit! in Seattle November 3-4.  Okay I think I already sort of announced this actually, but the class schedule is up now… I’m teaching a class on the sideways edge cast-on and bind-off, and another on self-publishing.  Yay!

I’ve been super occupied lately with working on some future designs which I can’t show you, the main one I’m obsessed with being my future mystery shawl knit-a-long pattern!  This KAL will start at the beginning of October, but the pattern is just about done, so I’ll probably start sign-ups extra early just for fun…  I am SO excited about this design, seriously, yeah, so excited.

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