April 16, 2012

Twitter Mystery Knit-a-long!

It’s a bit of an experiment, and you know how I love experimentation, so I am super duper excited to let you know that this Friday begins my twitter mystery knit-a-long!  1 line of the pattern tweeted each day, from @leethalMKAL, April 20th – June 26th (at 11am west coast time each day).  It’s a neck accessory, and the first 65 rows of the knit-a-long are the first segment – at the end of the KAL, you’ll be shown a few different options for how to continue on and finish your piece.  At that point, the whole pattern will be released as a free pdf.

twitter mystery knit-a-long!

To join, you can either follow along on twitter, or just read the rows from the twitter page if you don’t have an account, or I’ll also be posting rows weekly, each Friday, in the ravelry group.  So, the second friday, April 27th, I’ll start a week 1 thread in the forums with the first week’s worth of pattern lines, and so on each Friday… you can just follow along on ravelry weekly if the 1-row-a-day thing doesn’t appeal to you  ;)

If you are a twitter user, use #LMKAL when talking about the KAL to fully participate with the community.  On ravelry, post your project and feel free to show off in-progress photos as you work – for up until you have enough knit to show, I’ve put some different versions of an image for you to download your favorite and use as your rav project photo, at the bottom of the KAL webpage.

twitter mystery knit-a-long!

You can find details about yarn, techniques, etc on the KAL webpage, and also on the rav pattern page and rav group KAL thread… basically, gauge isn’t important, but worsted weight or heavier yarn is recommended, in a solid color with good stitch definition.

This isn’t exactly a normal leethal pattern.  I thought of the twitter mystery KAL idea awhile ago, and sat on it, trying to figure out what kind of pattern might be a good fit.  I decided I should really go for maximizing the row a day thing by designing something with all unique rows (so there won’t be any days of “Row Z: repeat row x” type tweets).  So I took another design concept that had been floating around in my future design idea list, and transformed the construction base into a lace design, all unique rows.

The mystery KAL part is 2 sections – section 1, rows 1-28, may feel very un-leethal to followers of my patterns.  But then section 2 will mix things up a bunch and some different construction elements will be brought into your work… hope that’s not spoilery, but if you feel a little bored during those first 28 rows, I want you know section 2 is coming….

twitter mystery knit-a-long!

You can make the whole piece in one yarn, or change yarns/colors throughout at section changes – it’s probably the best idea to just work the whole mystery KAL part in one yarn, and then at the end you’ll know what’s going on, and you’ll be shown your different options for the rest of the piece.  Then, you can decide whether to change yarns and plan the rest out according to what options you decide on.  Hope that makes sense.

twitter mystery knit-a-long!

Oh and, since this KAL is a mere 1 row each day, you should still have plenty of knitting time in your days to join the Remixed KAL as well!  That one has prizes involved!  Just sayin’… So, I hope to see you around on twitter and/or ravelry, knitting along… Yay!

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