August 28, 2012

UK adventures are approaching fast!

I’m going to the UK!  Really soon!  The summer flew by, as it often does, and now September is just about here and I’m getting on a plane in one week!


We’ve been preparing all summer – we bought raincoats and backpacks, lined up a house sitter, I’ve been working ahead like crazy in order to take the time off, etc – but it hadn’t really actually hit me until last night that we are really going.


Pete’s parents are taking us on a 3 week long adventure throughout England, Wales, Ireland, and Scotland; last night they sent us the official itinerary and all of the sudden it was real!  It’s really happening, whoa!  So, the main point of this email is to ask you, my dear readers…

Aberfoyle, Scotland near Loch Lomond

Where should we go??  I mean, the cities are planned out, but I need yarn shops, record stores, vegetarian-friendly restaurants, smaller museums that we might not know about, other sights off the beaten path, etc…


The places where I know we will be spending a day or more are:  London, Bristol, Criccieth, Dublin, Galway, Belfast, Glasgow, Edinburgh, and York.  I know there will be day trips to Bath, Brighton, and lots of other in-between places… we don’t know specific plans, which is making it more exciting for us!  We’re just along for the ride, ready for amazingness!


These photos here were all taken by me 10 years ago when I studied abroad for the summer of 2002 at the University of Sussex in Brighton, and took lots of day trips to London and other nearby spots, and long weekend trips to Scotland (Glasgow and Edinburgh), Paris, Amsterdam, and Spain (Madrid and Barcelona).


Although I did spend that time in the UK, I was a pretty different person then – I wasn’t even a knitter!! – and I don’t remember tons of specifics, as my memory fades over the years… so my experiences back then aren’t going to factor into our plans for this trip a ton.  My #1 favorite place I visited back then was Scotland, so I am extremely excited to go back there!

Lomo shot!

If you want to see more photos from that time, I’ve just put a bunch of the best shots on flickr, from all the countries I visited.  As for photos this time, I’m hoping to be able to tweet/tumbl/instagram photos throughout the trip, but I don’t know how connected we’ll be most of the time… Oh, and that reminds me – blog comments are a fine way to tell me recommendations right now, but if you want to recommend anything after next Monday the 3rd, I might not be checking blog comments as much as email or twitter – so tweeting place recommendations @leethal is probably the best way to get them to me :)


Thanks for any knowledge you can pass on, and I will surely share tons of photos, stories, etc, with you when we return!  I even have some crafty projects planned for the skies and roads!

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