December 23, 2011

What’s to come and some random bits…

Hope you are having a good holiday-ish week!  I am hanging at my parents’ house in Orange County for a couple weeks, hoping to get tons of knitting and ebook photo editing done, between silly times with my brothers and California adventures with my parents…  Just wanted to kind of check in here since not much leethal stuff is going on, but will be in the near future!

Remixed pattern #6 is basically done – just needs to be tested once I finished laying out the pdf.  Giving my testers a break for now, for gift knitting times, so it’ll go out to them next week, then be out to Remixers in another week or so, beginning of January:

Freak Out! Freak Out!

It can be super extra terrifying if you choose:

Freak Out!

But it can also be folded up into a hat for normal everyday use.  See more photos of the stripy one and the bulky one on ravelry.  It’s for any weight yarn, worked top down, to get the eye and mouth placement just right.

Freak Out! Freak Out!

And then the seventh pattern is just about done as well!  Gentle on My Mind is a bonnet style hat, which can be made with or without i-cord tails, and works excellently with stripes…

Gentle on My Mind Gentle on My Mind

This is my first prototype, and was made with normal short row wraps.  After completing it, I discovered Socktopus’s shadow wraps method, which is so freaking awesome and a perfect fit for this pattern!  So my other samples are using that, and that will be the recommended technique in this pattern…

Gentle on My Mind

Below is my second sample, in several different handspun mini-skeins and leftover bits (plus a couple stripes of Malabrigo Twist thrown in there)… I love the front part, and I like the back of the head, but the middle is kinda weird, oh well.  It’s a sample without the i-cords (more photos are on ravelry).

Gentle on My Mind

Right now I’m working on another striped sample – 2 contrasting recycled solids – which I am super loving!  So, this design should be ready for testing in a couple weeks, and then just one Remixed pattern left in the collection!

Besides the designing and knitting, I’ve been making lots of recycled yarns for the ebook.  This one is the yarn used in the stripy mask – a striped wool unraveled sweater yarn, plied with thread:

recycled spun yarn

Here are a couple of navajo plied recycled striped yarns – the left is cotton, the right is wool:

recycled spun yarn recycled spun yarn

And from the same sweater as that wool navajo plied, a sleeve became this stripy yarn, plied with an angora blend:

recycled spun yarn

So that’s what I’ve been working on – well, the work work I’ve been doing… I’ve also spent lots of time working on gift projects, or one main gift project, which you can see a peek at through my twitter.  It will be blogged at some point soon!

A couple other things I wanted to mention here…  I’ve been saving all my coffee cans for the last couple years, since I made this cubby, in case I might want to make another one, but now I have something like 16 or 18 saved up, and nowhere in my house to put another one, so I’d love to give all the cans to a crafter who doesn’t drink coffee and wants to make a cubby.  Anyone in the Portland area want them??  Comment if you’re interested and I’ll email you…


And this one last thing – thought there might be some readers out there who might be interested in this:

craft show flier

The casting agent happens to be an old co-worker from my day job in California many years ago… weird connection to my current world (that day job had nothing to do with craftiness).  So I just wanted to throw that up here… not exactly my thing (I don’t have that necessary tv personality) but it sounds pretty awesome!

  • Faygiefelligrox

    you are so amazingly gifted. love your sense of color and imagination.

  • krafty_kelly

    Cannot wait to get the pattern for that bonnet!! I love it.

  • Jenny

    Loving the colours here, so pretty! 

  • Natalie

    I would LOVE to have the extra coffee cans if someone hasn’t spoken for them already!!! I’m in Oklahoma though. I’m pregnant so unfortunately I have to refrain from several of my vices, one being coffee. We are building a craft cottage and I really would like to use your idea to store all my yarn :)

  • Mjneal8299

    Natalie, I am sure that you could ask at church or some neighbors, I am sure that you will find someone to save them for you. I throw away at least 1 can a week.

  • Tara

    Gosh, if you still have coffee cans, I would love to take them off your hands. I actually added the coffee can cubby to my “crafts to do” list the moment I saw it, as I have a brand-new bag full of madelinetosh to store, and I hate to stick it in a closet. Let me know if you still have them; I live in inner southeast!

  • Lee

    It’s not really practical to ship so many, but like Mjneal said, hopefully you can find someone with an abundance in your neck of the woods.  good luck!

  • Lee

    Awesome, yes, I still have them and would love to hand them over to you!  Perhaps we can arrange a meeting spot somewhere in SE next week?  Email me at leemeredith at and we’ll figure something out :)

  • James

    Ha, I swear you look like Samantha Stevens in Bewitched trying to be all incognito in that stripy remix mask/hoodie.  No one would know she was twitchin her nose with that on : ) WAY COOL

  • Bree

    Hi! I’m in SE, and if you haven’t given them away yet, I’d love to be the recipient of the coffee cans. I am new to crocheting, and I just finished my first blanket. I love this idea, and seeing the yarn everyday will keep me happy and motivated. :)

  • Lee

    Hi Bree – if you’re still interested, I still have the coffee cans and would love to pass them on!  Email me at leemeredith at and we can work it out.

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