August 30, 2013

What’s up?! So much! But most of it is secret…

Based on my blog alone, you’d think I’ve worked on nothing but Adventure Knitting for the last 2 months, which was kind of true for awhile, but not anymore, so I thought I should pop in here and show you what I’ve been up to behind the scenes!  If you follow me on twitter/instagram, you’ve likely seen a lot of these peeks already – I do love showing knitting peeks on instagram!

I turned in two patterns to two different publications yesterday; one is super secret, but the other I can talk about!  I’ll have a hat design in Holla Knits Accessories this fall, and I did a guest blog post for the Holla Knits blog, so you can read a bit about it and see more preview photos over there!  I got to use Jill Draper’s beautiful yarn, and I’m really happy with the design, I can’t wait to show you in a couple months.  Here’s my teaser shot, framed to leave out design details:

peek at upcoming design

I’m currently focused on a design I’ll be self-publishing in mid-September – a big squishy bulky knit for fall!  I’m loving it even while it’s still full on summer weather; it’s making me so anxious for some crisp autumn air!  This one isn’t secret, but I’m not quite ready to reveal the whole thing yet… keep an eye on my tweets/instas because the full reveal will likely be happening in a few days.  And, this pattern will be the first in a new trio!  Fun!

peek at upcoming design peek at upcoming design

The other things I’ve been busy knitting away on are a bit secret again, a project I can tease but I can’t fully reveal until the release in early November.  Keeping my mouth shut, but here are some images to hold you, and there will be more shots to come as I continue working on it throughout the next two months…

peek at upcoming design peek at upcoming design

peek at upcoming design peek at upcoming design

So that’s that for now, back to knitting with me!

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  • Alicia Landi

    I really like the final set of teaser shots! Those look like fun stitch patterns.

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