October 10, 2008

wool, yarn, and contemporary craft

once again, i have a bunch of things to talk about here today, i’ve let it build up again… so first of all, my second craftstylish post went up yesterday – tutorial for a blanket made with felted sweater blocks:

felted sweater blanket

and i did a felted sweater wool projects roundup on threadbanger to kind of go with it. yay felted sweaters!  i’m currently working on a couple different felt projects that i’m pretty darn excited about, which may turn into new leethal products… coming soon!

i am teaching a 3-part workshop-type class on making recycled yarn at the 100th monkey studio in se portland saturday the 18th, 25th, and the 1st, from 12-2.  all materials will be provided and you’ll leave the class with 4-6 big skeins of hand-dyed yarn!  the first week we’ll take apart and unravel sweaters…

sweater taken apart yarn unraveled from sweater

then the next 2 weeks we’ll use different kinds of dyeing techniques (all using non-toxic food dyes and kool-aid) to dye the recycled yarn in solid, variegated, and self-striping patterns….

recycled yarn - dyed variegated recycled yarn - dyed 2-color

(all those pictures are from the same original sweater) so when the workshop is over everyone will have many hundreds of yards of various hand-dyed wool yarns (worth around $120-200 if you were to buy the same from a yarn store or craft show), and all the knowledge to keep on making recycled yarn at home!  go here to sign up!  i’m really excited about it!!

moving on… pete is thinking about starting up a non-profit.  he’s still in the very beginning planning stages, just kind of figuring out if it’s possible/realistic and stuff, so i won’t get into details… i’ll just say it has to do with renewable energy and we’ve done a bit of brainstorming and i’m kind of excited about it if it works out… but my point here and now is that we don’t know much of anything about how non-profits work and stuff, and he’s done a bit of online research but it’s still all pretty hard to grasp, so if there’s anyone out there with non-profit startup experience, we’d appreciate any tips/advice/whatever you’d want to share!  (you can email me at leethalkoala at yahoo dot com or pete at crazpete at yahoo)  thanks!!

i just upgraded my wordpress a couple days ago, it’s so different now, i was way behind on upgrades.  i backed it up for the first time too, which seemed weird.  is it right that one 3mb .sql file holds my whole blog, with all the posts and all other info that goes with it?  doesn’t seem right… i mean, i know there are no photos, but still… i just don’t get bloggy stuff anymore.  i’m working on a big leethal store redesign that is basically a blog, but that doesn’t look like a blog… as of right now it’s still just an idea in my head and my sketchbook, but that’s the reason i’ve been messing with wordpress stuff.

anyway, one more thing… we went to the museum of contemporary craft yesterday!  ohmygosh the current exhibition is amazing!!  it’s called Manuf®actured: The Conspicuous Transformation of Everyday Objects and you’ve probably already seen blog posts about it – i read about it in several places before making it out there, but i have to spread the word further.  if you are in portland, definitely get out there – not only is it a fantastic show, but it’s also free!

it’s hard for me to choose favorite pieces, but i’ll single out devorah sperber‘s after warhol, mitra fabian‘s selections from proliferation series, cat chow‘s zipper tassle, and livia marin’s ficciones de un uso, 2214 lipsticks, each sculpted into a different “curiously compelling sculptural icon,” was overwhelmingly mesmerizing.

(photos are from core77)

ok i’ll leave you with that for today, and hopefully i’ll be back with some crafty project pictures at some point over the weekend.  happy friday!

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