September 13, 2007

wooo i’m published!

eeeeee i’m officially a designer!!!! the first pattern i ever wrote, entwined, was published today in knitty! i still can’t believe it! here are some more shots from our shoot (taken by my awesome guy pete):

entwined shot entwined shot

entwined shot entwined shot

and perfect timing too, because i just uploaded my new website design last night! i have plans to fully redesign my entire leethal store, with a new navigation concept, but i realized there’s no way i’m gonna have time for that until next year (holiday crafting season is right around the corner!) so i did a color scheme change, with a new “leethal” font and other minor changes. whaddya think? old site vs new site:

old site design new site design

i’m especially glad that knitty put me such an awesome mood, since i clumsily dropped my laptop bag while leaving work last night and smashed in the power corner, so i can’t plug in the power cord. my little act of clutz cost me 230 bucks for a new outer casing; there goes my new lens savings. but hey, i’m in portland where rent is cheap and life is great and i can afford the repair so i have nothing to complain about!


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