December 9, 2010

Wrap It! December’s quick knits ebook

December club ebook cover

December’s ebook is out!  The theme is Wrap It! and the main piece is most definitely these Cabled Keepers:

December club: Wrap It! December club: Wrap It!

An any-gauge pattern which uses short rows (sideways edge cast-ons) for custom fitting, this pattern can be used to cover any size box with any weight yarn!  You just need a box with an attached lid, and a glue gun…

December club: Wrap It!

The cables and the overall look will vary depending on your yarn weight – the red and turquoise examples are in worsted, the green example in sports weight.  This is a quick knits pattern (meaning under 20 yards) when made for a small box (like a ring box), but it can be a much larger project since you could use the same pattern to cover a big box, or any size in between.  (Side note, thanks to ohsweetie for suggesting the name – much better than my working name, Cabled Box Covers.)

December club: Wrap It! December club: Wrap It!

The second pattern is this Chevron Bow, meant to tie onto a wrapped gift.  It’s pretty darn simple, but it is also for any gauge, and the chevron shaping makes it great for using up leftover bits of variegated yarns:

December club: Wrap It!

For the extras, the ebook has ideas for making recycled wrapping papers…

December club: Wrap It!

…and includes 4 different printable knit fabric patterns, which can be used as wrapping paper for small boxes:

December club: Wrap It!

So that’s December’s club.  As usual, you can buy the ebook alone for $5 (on ravelry here), or you can sign up for a 6 month subscription (also on rav, or on my website) and save $10 on the 6 months’ worth of patterns.

In other quick knits news – remember when I half-released volume 3 of the old club patterns, and said it would be completed in November?  Well, I did get the last 4 patterns added right at the end of November, so if you buy the ebook now all the patterns are in there… I just haven’t had a chance yet to update the webpage and get the individual patterns for sale separately.  But, I just wanted to let you know that the Blooming Flowers, the Fitted Pocket Case (which, like the Cabled Keepers, can be made much bigger than a quick knit, custom sized as big as you want it!), and the rest of the patterns from the last months of my old club, are now all in that ebook.

Blooming Flowers!

I’m thinking about ending the quick knits club 6 months into next year… I feel like it’s harder to stretch for pattern ideas within the 20 yard limit each month, and maybe I only have 6 months left in me… I’m not sure yet though.  I may replace it with something else new and exciting, who knows…

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