February 27, 2009

yarn and some other things…

so sorry for my bad blogging lately… i’ve been working a lot on posts for other blogs, and just focusing on other things, bad excuses.  i wanted to tell you about a few things tonight, then i’ll try to post more often…

single03 plied03

first of all, i meant to post about this sooner:  i have some handspun yarn for sale at home ec in la!  home ec is jenny ryan‘s new extension to reform school, which just had its kick off party last week, and she just got interviewed about it for cbs news!  yeah, it’s kind of a big deal, so i’m super duper honored and excited to have my yarn there!!  so if you’re in southern california, be sure to check it out, and you can see the class schedule here on the reform school blog – classes fill up fast, so sign up now if there’s one you want to take!

me with yarn spiralsingle01

the three skeins above were all spun specifically for the shop, all around the same time, so they are kind of a set – the first one is a self-striping single, mostly blues and greens with the orange and red highlights; that top plied one is half wool and half soy silk/wool 50/50 blend, with the wool half striping between non-rotating long color sections, and the soy half striping between 4 shorter, rotating colors; and the one directly above is a single with 2 colors held together at all times, with mostly wool and some soy silk, bamboo, and alpaca.

bulky2ply5.jpg alpacaconfetti3.jpg threadplied1.jpg

and then those 3 that were in my shop for awhile went to home ec – i think these, especially the first 2, look better in person than in photos, so i thought they could benefit from being in a physical shop.  it was hard to send them away though after having spent several months with them in my inventory – i hope they find great homes!


something else exciting: last week the craft blog did a checkin in post on me!  i was so super flattered and happy to be featured like that!  as a result, i’ve sold quite a few skoodlet patterns, so i can’t wait to start seeing some finished ones pop up on ravelry!!

on a side note, i mentioned in that craft post about my threadbanger weekly roundups, but i just wanted to link again here – i’ve been doing a lot of knit/crochet pattern roundups lately, like my 3-part hat posts.  part 1 was fitted styles, 2 was beret/slouchy designs, and 3 was different kinds of hats that don’t fit into either of those 2 categories (like bonnets, hoods, pointy shapes, ears, etc).  then today i did a massive scarflet/cowl roundup!


in portland news, i’m going to be at the twisted table with star at the lantern moon event next thursday.  i’m still not sure what i’ll be doing there, but it should be fun!  star, by the way, is my good friend who happens to be an amazing knitting superstar (but is one of the nicest people i’ve ever known!)  – check out who she is going to be teaching side by side with at the sock summit in august!  if you come to the event make sure you say hi to us!

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