December 9, 2013

Year coming to end announcements and future pattern release stuff…

Wow this season has gone by fast, hasn’t it?  It’s been below freezing here in Portland for the last several days, so it’s really feeling like autumn times are over and we are full on into winter, regardless of what the calendar might say.  I am hard at work, dividing my time between multiple design projects, some holiday gift projects, some personal projects I really wanted to get done for the chilly season (like this!), and I’m trying to give myself a bit of time here and there to relax, after having really overworked for that last month before releasing Coloring Book.  Things would be a lot harder to get done if I didn’t take care of myself and caught a cold, and this is the time of year that tends to happen.

Anyway, yeah I’m being a bit rambly, I know.  The thing is, I feel guilty.  I took on too much work this year, especially within the last four months or so, and I’ve fallen pretty far behind.  I need to let you know where things are at, since I am unable to stick to original release schedules.  I’ll go through the list…

Bulk Trio!

Bulk Trio.  I released the first pattern, Lemmy, back in September, at which time I’d planned/hoped to get the second pattern in the set out before the end of the year, and then the third pattern early next year.  I’m actually pretty close to on-schedule, but the next pattern won’t be before the year is over; it should be very close to the beginning of January though.  I’m basically done with the design, have begun the first sample, and just need to knit the three samples, build the pdf, and have it test knit.

Here's an in-color peek at the stitch pattern I'm using for my new design, in super bulky triple-stranded worsted weight. So squishy!! I spent all day yesterday swatching failed 2-color reversible stitch pattern ideas, finally gave up for the day, then at night an idea struck out of nowhere, and it was PERFECT!! You get a b&w secret shot for now, but I can't wait to reveal it sometime so

Here are peeks at the stitch pattern!  I won’t tell you yet what it is… you already know it’s an accessory that’s ideal for bulky yarns.  As for the third pattern in the trio, that’s already been started as well, so I’m hoping it can be released before the end of January.  (Bulk Trio is on ravelry here.)

Yarn for Lerro shawl

Betiko Collection.  Here is where the guilt starts to weigh on me.  I’d originally said, back when I released Biratu in May, that the colorwork shawl and lace shawl would both be released later this year… that’s not going to happen, and I’m really sorry about it.  The slip-stitch colorwork design is well on its way – the first sample, in beautiful Anzula Squishy sock weight yarn (above), is in progress, the design is coming along, and I’m super happy with it!

Snow day coincides with knitting day! That's the best! Taking a break from this new project in beautiful Anzula yarn to swatch out a couple other ideas that I'm too excited to try!

Like Biratu, there will be two versions, the more complex and the any-gauge simplified.  I’m hoping it can be released by early-to-mid-January, by the time I finish both samples, and the pattern, and have it test knit.  The final Betiko Collection shawl, the lace one, will be my next design, so I’m hoping for mid-February for that one.  (Here’s the collection on ravelry.)

Remixed cover image

Remixed.  This last item in the list is the major guilt-crushing weight on my shoulders… I still haven’t finished the Remixed recycled yarn making ebook.  It has been an absurdly long time since the final pattern was released (Either/Or in March of 2012, cringe), and I haven’t forgotten the book, really, I’ve just had to prioritize other things, over and over… and now I’m kind of humiliated about it, but my plan is to take a chunk of days this month to be my Remixed days and work on nothing else until it’s done.  I did take some quality time to work on it last spring and made some great progress, but then I had to put it aside again.

Side note:  After the book is released, around the beginning of the new year, the price of the whole collection will raise.  It’s currently $20 for all 8 patterns plus the future yarn-making ebook; it will be going up by at least a few bucks once it’s complete, so grab it now if you want it ;)  (Remixed on ravelry here.)

Remixed patterns

As I’ve transitioned over the last couple years to designing full time, my vague goal for this year was to basically take on as much work as I possibly could and try to grow enough that I could realistically see myself continuing to be able to design full time… if that makes sense.  And I succeeded at that, at the taking on new work and putting out as many patterns as I possibly could and growing, but the cost was this falling behind.  Adventure Knitting took MUCH longer than planned/expected, and threw off my schedule for summer/early fall, and then Coloring Book grew into a much bigger project than it was supposed to be.  I have absolutely no regrets, as I’m so darn happy with how both of those projects turned out in the end, and I hope that no one is mad at me for mis-judging my time lines and falling behind.  I will be catching up and finishing everything up there on that last before I take on any new work!!

Something else I’m kind of always behind on is blog posts… lately, the only reason I take the time to blog is to announce a new pattern, and I wish I had the time to blog other fun stuff.  So I’m planning to just take some time this week, as breaks between sample knitting, to blog about a few things that should have gone up months ago, but better late than never… So you can look forward to those throughout this week.

Coloring Book print book

A fun announcement: Coloring Book is now available in print book format!  It’s through Magcloud, and when you order it you’ll also get a free pdf download – so it’s not the same as the ravelry ebook + individual patterns in your rav library, but an ebook version of the print book.  It also may be available soon at your local yarn shop!  (You don’t get an e-version that way, but you also don’t have to pay shipping!)  If you happen to be associated with a yarn shop, I’ll point you over to where the print book is available wholesale through Deep South :)

Coloring Book print book

Something else fun: there’s an interview with me over on the BagSmith blog, about my Superduper cowl in their yarn, and about life as a designer and stuff like that in general.  The interview was done with Mari in person, so it’s much different from email interviews, in which I have full control over how answers are worded and stuff… I do not have full control over what comes out of my mouth if I’m put on the spot! Hah!

Yesterday we went to this crazypants Alpenrose Dairy Christmas village thing and saw donkeys and pigs and kittens and goats and lots of bizarre old timey-ness. #latergram 1223

And I’ll leave you with these holiday shots and a reminder that I have lots of patterns that could make excellent last-minute gift knits, like items from my best-of Quick Knits book, bulky Haka hats/cowl, super bulky Lemmy cowl, bulky Twisted Ankles legwarmers, and lots of any-gauge hats which could be made quickly… I hope your holiday season is going well!

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