August 26, 2008

zine overload and i knit a sweater!

the zine symposium was pretty awesome! here is what my cramped little half-table space looked like:

leethal (half)table my table at the portland zine symposium

while it felt similar to a craft show, it was pretty different from what i’m used to… i only sold small stuff – zines, buttons, patches – and i did a ton of swapping! i met a lot of awesome people and it felt rad to be a part of the event, it had a real community kind of feeling. so, wanna see what i got? everything was traded!


arts & crafts revolution vol.2 arts & crafts revolution rip, stab, stitch

all three of those – arts & crafts revolution vol’s 1+2 and rip, stab, stitch – are by terri anderson of vancouver, bc and are flipping awesome! rip, stitch, stab is a long, detailed book-binding how-to zine, full of hand-drawn illustrations and fabulous ideas. the first vol. of arts & crafts revolution is a cute little one that states on the first page: “this is mainly a zine of ideas… a jumping off point. not an instruction booklet.” heck yeah! my kind of craft zine for sure. and vol.2 is a big fat amazing crafty book of awesomeness! including: basics of sewing, knitting, stamping, screen printing, sections on “thrift craft” and “enviro crafts”, how-to’s on yarn scrap dryer balls, craft apron, record bowls, a big section on “damn the man crafts” (“dismantle the system… one stitch at a time!”), and lastly, diy kink. holy crap this zine is rad, the only problem is, i don’t know how you can buy it! i can’t find a website or any online distros that carry any of these. so, i don’t want to post terri’s email here on my blog, but if you leave a comment or email me i would love to give you her email so you can order a copy from her!

what did you buy today? destination diy

those two don’t go together, just trying to group pictures… the first one, “what did you buy today?” is volume 26 of the obsessive consumption zine by kate bingaman-burt. i had read about kate on diane’s blog so i was super excited to see her at the event. i really love her drawing style, makes me want to draw more like i used to back in college. it was so hard to choose one zine for the swap – there were something like 32 issues, all with different gorgeous covers.

destination diy is the zine about the podcast of the same name, which used to be “diy portland” and is one of the many reasons we moved up here! i got to meet julie sabatier and she was super awesome and nice, and i even got mini-interviewed for the podcast, although i think what i said was kinda dumb so i doubt i’ll be on. (“what’s your favorite thing about the portland zine symposium?” “umm, i don’t have a favorite thing, i love the community feel of everything…..” something like that.) and i got a sticker to put on my car and show my diy pride! and, i did a swap with destination diy intern hilary galian for the hands print on fabric below (left).

hands print potential patch

the brown+pink patch is by drew nowhere, who also gave me all 4 of his subterranea travel zines!

subterranea library polaroid the journey of quetzalcoatlus

the multnomah county library zine people had a table 2 over from me, and they took polaroids of people with their giant library card all weekend, so on sunday before it was over i had to get one taken! yay library!!

the journey of the quetzalcoatlus is by james williams, who was the other half of my table. we had actually met before, at the library zine social a few months ago, so it worked out well that he ended up sharing my table. he was nice about watching my side while i walked around a little and stuff. his comic zines are pretty rad, great artwork, and that one is educational too! oh and he drew me while bored on the first day, hehe.

the following are various zines i got that i don’t have links for, but if you click on the pictures the flickr pages have the title and creator info…

i swear forbearance poe-a bad breath bee finger tales of del taco

i wish i’d done some walking around and trading on saturday, i think i missed out on a lot. i met sam of chickeney on saturday, who had bought some buttons from me awhile back, and she got some more, and i’d planned to check out her stuff on sunday but i didn’t see her there. but, i was kind of hurrying and overwhelmed with all the stuff to check out, so i could have walked right past her, and other cool things. i didn’t want to be away from my table for long, so i didn’t do nearly as much trading as i wish i’d been able to do. oh well… i still got lots of neato stuff!

moving on from zines, i did the knitolympics/ravolympics this year and made my first sweater ever!! it’s a twinkle pattern, so it uses size 19 needles! it’s the “marilyn jacket” from twinkle’s big city knits. and here it is:

marilyn jacket marilyn jacket marilyn jacket

marilyn jacket marilyn jacket marilyn jacket

if i try to close it in front it looks terrible, so i’m not gonna bother putting on buttons or a tie or anything. i might end up putting an edge around the sleeve bottoms. i copied raveler A-L and did the k1p1 trim all the way around the back, i’m glad i did that, it would be too short without it.

i found a great dark red bulky sweater at the bins to unravel for my next sweater project, so now i need to decide whether to choose another twinkle pattern, or one from this book! i’m sticking with fat-needle projects for now, i was way into how quickly that marilyn jacket knit up!

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