December 15, 2016

Book review: Norah Gaughan’s Knitted Cable Sourcebook


I’m so excited that the publisher sent me a review copy of the Knitted Cable Sourcebook, because it instantly became one of my favorite knitting books! I’ve been a fan of Norah Gaughan for years, because her designs are amazing. This new book may seem like just an awesome cable pattern stitch dictionary, which it is…


…but it’s way more than just that! In addition to 152 cable stitch patterns, written and charted, she explains each cable, how they relate to each other, her design process of how one cable design evolved into another, and other notable tidbits, like reversibility and mirroring. Super helpful stuff for incorporating the cables into improvised projects, or substituting one cable for another.


The designs go from very basic all the way up to crazy complex, some charts taking up a whole page or spread. The categories include: ropes, braids, and horseshoes (narrow columns); adding breadth (wider columns); expanding (wide columns or panels); finding motifs (different patterns that grew out of one); drawing (elaborate drawings made with cables).


One of my favorite things is the stockinette stitch equivalent system. Every pattern in the whole book has an “SSE” number – how many stockinette stitches would achieve the same width as the cable – so that you’ll know which cables can be substituted for each other, or so you can more easily design or improvise projects using the cables.


And lastly, the item patterns! There are 15 sweater and accessory patterns, all of which use cable patterns from the book, but can be switched out for other cables using that SSE system, so cool!!


These are just a few of my favorites, but because they are designed by Norah Gaughan, I basically love every single design in this book.


If you get easily bored, this sampler-style sweater is perfect for trying out a bunch of different cables at the same time:


I think this cardigan is the project I want to knit (and wear!) the most of all. SO COZY!


So yeah, love this book! Yay!

Personal side-note: I am phasing out of my career as a knit designer, which means I’m looking forward to a future of being able to knit other people’s patterns, for fun, instead of 100% of my knitting time being work knitting. I have big plans, so many sweaters, yes!!

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