September 8, 2016

Book review: You Can Knit That by Amy Herzog

Prolific sweater designer Amy Herzog has a new book!  I reviewed her last one, Knit Wear Love, over here; I don’t know how she’s working so quickly to have another already.  Impressive!  Anyway, this one is called You Can Knit That: Foolproof Instructions for Fabulous Sweaters, and the publisher sent me a copy for review so I’m happy to share it with you:

book cover

This book is more of a standard knitting pattern book (no multiple gauge/weight options like the last book had) but with tons of tips and instructions for general sweater-making to make the process super accessible to all knitters.  After chapters on Before the Knitting (swatching, planning, understanding patterns), During the Knitting (sizings, mods, shaping, etc), and After the Knitting (blocking, seaming, finishing), the sweater patterns are divided into sections based on sleeve type/construction: Vests, Integrated Sleeves, Drop Shoulders, Raglans, Yokes, Set-In Sleeves.


All patterns have twelve adults sizes, and there are tons of different styles, something for everyone!  Well, not ALL the patterns have twelve adult sizes; each chapter begins with a mini-sweater pattern, a kid size sweater using the construction of the chapter, so you can learn it on a smaller scale if you want to, before making a full sized garment.  I love this mini-vest – I would totally wear it myself!


And here are some of my favorite designs… Maypole in Yokes:


Downy Cardigan, in Set-In Sleeves, looks SO COZY I wish I was wearing it right now!


I would wear this Collegiate Cardi (also from Set-In Sleeves) so hard:


The Rigging Sweatshirt from Integrated Sleeves looks super comfortable!


This seems like a great sweater book for the knitter who either hasn’t yet made a sweater, or maybe has made one from a not-great pattern and didn’t have a positive experience.  This book will really walk you through everything you need to know, and give you a clear, well-designed pattern in your choice of style.  There are definitely a few I hope to make in the future!

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