December 11, 2016

Knit kits! And other stuff! Yeah!

Kits! I now have kits! Just barely in time for last-minute holiday gifting, they are mostly small quick knits…

kits! kits!

All kits are with recycled yarn, some of it hand-dyed, and everything else you need except the needles. There are five different kit types. First, light-switch plate cover (pattern info):


I just knit up a new one in this tweedy yarn, love it!

kits! kits!

A kit comes with enough yarn, the pattern on cardstock, and a switch plate. Some of the yarns are self-striping, and some are speckley variegated.

kits! kits!

The other two small kits are for pen tube bookmarks (bookmarks that hold a pen on the outside of the book/sketchbook, pattern info) and lapel flowers (pattern info). All the small kits come with a leethalknits I’m a baller pin, just for fun.

kits! kits!

The pen tube bookmark kits come with enough yarn, and a button.


kits! kits!

And the lapel flower kits come with three tiny balls of yarn, enough to make one flower, and a pin back.


kits! kits!

And then there are some bigger kits. The cuff kits include eight balls of yarn, each with two buttons, so you can make eight cuffs from the Ten 10 yard Cuffs pattern collection.


Each kit is packaged in a recycled tennis ball container, and includes the pattern as a high quality booklet with lots of photos of the ten cuff pattern options.

kits! ten 10 yard cuffs!

And lastly, Double Scoops ice cream earmuffs kits! (I used to sell these on my website a few years back.) Each kit includes four mini balls dyed to look like ice cream flavors, a coffee-dyed yarn for the waffle cones, and a larger ball for the lining.


The earmuffs look like this, but your flavors will be different, and your straps will be the color of the lining:


There are three kits in the shop, with different flavor options, so you can choose your favorite!


In other news, the final hat for the VIP club is being knit right now, Jalouse! And I just sent out a new treat for club members, connect-the-dots holiday cards. Pictured below is a couple of cards made by pasting the connect-the-dots print outs onto reclaimed blank greeting cards. If you join the club before the end of the year, you’ll get all six hat patterns, 20% off all my patterns, and the treats!

leethal VIP club hat #6 connect-the-dots holiday cards

Some of the VIP hats could make good last-minute holiday gift knits – the new one is for bulky weight, Provocateur (below, left) is for worsted or aran weight, and Vanguard (below, right) is for any weight, pictured here in bulky:

Provocateur Vanguard

Mokia is for any weight and has tons of options so you can definitely knit up a quick version – below left is an aran weight textured one, and right is a bulky weight cabled one:

Mokia Mokia

Some other patterns that could be fun gift kits are Incenter and Directrix from In Triplicate! The full 9-pattern In Triplicate collection is only available till the end of the year!

Incenter, by Lee Directrix, by Lee

Here are some other patterns of mine that could be perfect for quick gift knits… Twist on a Classic are super quick bulky fingerless mitts, made with stretchy sideways garter stitch and a perpendicular cable, all modularly constructed:

Twist on a Classic mitts

Haka is a fun and easy bulky hat, which can be made with or without the cables:

cabled Haka hat

Lemmy is a larger item but can be made with super mega bulky, like this sample made with three strands of bulky weight held together:


Barry is for any gauge, so it can be made very quickly, like this bulky sample:

Barry in superbulky

All my Remixed patterns are for any gauge, so they can be made pretty quickly; pictured below are samples of Wild is the Wind, Rumours, Rejuvenation, and Either/Or, all in bulky weight:

Wild is the Wind Rumours Rejuvenation Either/Or

Siskiyou isn’t so super quick, but it’s worsted weight so it’s not too bad, and is good for a giftee who likes trees:

Siskiyou hat

For a more specific gift, Warren was designed for the metalhead (or fan of supernatural/evil kinds of stuff) in your life, and Andrew can be made with or without secret hidden pentagrams:

A peek at the Dark Trio pattern coming later this week! There will be an evil version + a chaotic version, for those who don't want satanic symbology on their heads ;) Andrew mitts

Lastly, I have a new fabric design up on Spoonflower! It’s a repeating pattern of interlocked k‘s, hand-drawn:

fabric from my pattern design!

It’s a pattern I designed for my intro to Typography class a few months ago; the final design was filled in, but I scanned it when it was just the outlines, and put it over a yellow background. And I’ll leave you with this in-progress shot of projects from that graphic design class – I’m about a month away from starting the official graphic design program, exciting!

When my teacher saw my rough draft last week he said "I apologize in advance for how much your hand is going to hurt next week." It's now next week and I accept his apology. Still so much more to go!

Happy holidays!

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November 29, 2009

New pattern and kits: Double Scoops!

earmuffs10 headband08

It’s my new leethal pattern and kits!!  Woooo!  This one has been a seriously long time in the making, so I’m super exciting for it to be released for all to see!!  Double Scoops is a dual-purpose pattern for either ice cream earmuffs or a headband – and for the custom kits you can choose from 16 different hand-dyed ice cream flavor yarns!  (check out all the flavors on the kits page)  The pattern pdf is available on its own for $4 (through my shop or ravelry), and kits range in price depending on the specifics – online kit orders include a copy of the pdf as well.

earmuffs11 kit01

The earmuffs are made with two 2 scoop cones – mine are pistachio, vanilla covered in extreme sprinkles, black cherry chocolate cheesecake, and spumoni!

earmuffs08 earmuffs12

These ties are twisted, and the top piece is braided.  And the lining is my handspun 100% alpaca! So warm and cozy!

alpaca lining earmuffs03

The headband is two 3 scoop cones connected at the top – mine are orange cream, rainbow sherbet, vanilla with chocolate fudge, rocky road, neapolitan, and strawberry:

headband15 headband09

The ties here are braided, and the lining is the gray-blue 100% cotton:

headband13 headband16

So, you want some back story?  Way back in I think early summer of 2008, my buddy Amber asked if I could custom knit her some ice cream cone earmuffs, to proclaim her love of ice cream to the world all winter long.  What a genius idea – thanks so much to Amber for that original concept!!  So it got me brainstorming about custom dyeing yarn for her cones, which then got me thinking about turning the whole concept into kits!  Well I made her pair, which turned out ok, but not quite how I’d envisioned them… I tried putting cables in the tops to look like soft-serve swirls, but that was kind of a fail.  And I used seed stitch for the cones, which did not look like waffle cone texture. And I crocheted the back lining on around the outside, making an outline and further distorting the ice cream shapes.

ice cream earmuffs ice cream earmuffs on me

I put the project up on ravelry, and got almost no response, so I got a bit discouraged and put the whole idea on hold while I pursued other designs.  Well a couple of months ago I decided to pick it back up, do some redesigning, and get it out to you by the holiday season.  That process started with a big batch of 8 ice cream dyed yarns!  So fun!

Ice Cream Yarn! Ice Cream Yarn!

My initial redesign included Barbara Walker’s Long-Slip Textured Pattern for the cones, and rounded tops.  After finishing the earmuff pieces, I brainstormed up the headband idea – adding one extra scoop to each and joining them at the tops.  (The flavors you see below are, left to right: lighter rainbow sherbet, berry chocolate swirl, mint chip, mocha fudge, spumoni, orange cream, blueberry cheesecake, and raspberry.)

firsttryearmuffs01 firsttryheadband08

So I made a complete headband, with merino/angora/cashmere blend lining, crocheted the pieces together, then decided the design wasn’t quite complete.  The final design is basically the same, except with reverse stockinette ridges at the bottoms of each scoop to look more scoop-like, and the top scoops are rounded in more.  Sadly, I like the flavors in this first no-good headband (as well as the fancy lining) much better than my final headband!


And (after a twitter poll) I decided sewing the pieces together is the better way to go, but I still included crochet directions in the pdf in case anyone prefers, which looks like this.  It makes the edges thicker, which you may or may not like…

firsttryheadband04 firsttryheadbandedge

As for the kits, they include scoops of yarn in your choice of ice cream flavors, coffee-dyed wool for the cones, and your choice of back lining yarn, packaged in some kind of clear, recycled container (from Scrap), with the pattern booklet, marked with the custom kit contents on the back.  I have a bunch of these containers pictured below, but they don’t have lids, so I’m not sure how to close them up; today I scored with some tennis ball containers with lids, which are super perfect like they’re made for ice cream knit kits!  But, the thing about keeping my packaging recycled, those will run out and I’ll have to find something new, so packaging is definitely subject to change.

kit04 kit

I’m glad I got this released before December 1st, since a kit would make a fun gift for a knitter, and finished earmuffs or a headband would make a great (relatively quick to make) gift for someone silly like me who would wear such a thing, or for a kid!  As Pearl shows us:

pearl05 pearl02

Links all together in one place for you:  kits are in the shop, the pattern page on, and the ravelry pattern page here.

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May 25, 2009

ten 10 yard cuffs, part 2: kits!

they’re up! 10 yard cuff kits! a little later than planned because it took freakin forever for that huuuge shop update, but i’m so excited about them!!  so, here’s the deal…

10 yard cuff kits!

a standard kit comes with one mini-skein and 2 buttons, for making one cuff.  so $10 gets you 10 patterns, 10 yards of hand-dyed recycled yarn, and the vintage/recycled buttons to match.  they are packaged together using a piece of recycled cardboard and cotton yarn, which comes off the booklet easily.

10 yard cuff kits!

by default kits come with the printed pattern booklet (which has all the same content/photos as the pdf, and is printed in color on 100% recycled greenpix photo quality presentation paper), but you can choose to get the pdf emailed to you instead if you prefer digital.  (getting the pdf means you can view it on any computer if you save it in your email, you can print it out as many times as you need, and only the pages you need, no risk of loosing the book, and it’s much easier for me, but the booklet means it’s more of a real kit, so it’s the way to go for gifts, or if you’re a zine collector…)  if you want the pdf in your ravelry library, or if you’ve already gotten it, you also have the option of buying the kit without the patterns – meaning the mini-skein and matching button pair only.  this option also means you can get one full kit, then extra no-pattern kits to make more cuffs.

10 mini-skeins

and speaking of making more cuffs, there are also 3 cuff kits.  ordering a 3 cuff kit means i will choose 3 different yarns for you, but you can let me know if you have color requests.  a 3 cuff kit is packaged all together like this:

3 cuff kit

then there’s the 10 cuff super kit!  it’s called super for a reason!  you get 10 mini-skeins (mostly different, probably a few overlaps), each with a different pair of matching buttons, the pattern book, and a pair of vintage knitting needles, all packaged together in a handmade or recycled gift bag or box!  i made up 3 bags today with recycled fabrics – you may get bags like these, or maybe you’ll be surprised with a whole different kind of package!

10 cuff super kit gift bag 10 cuff super kit gift bag

as for the needles – i used size 10 needles on all the cuff samples, but i know i’m a tight knitter and many would be better off with 9’s or 8’s.  the 10 cuff kits will have needles sized 8, 9, or 10, so let me know if you have a preference (although i can’t make guarantees about what i’ll have on hand).

10 cuff super kit gift bag 10 cuff super kit gift bag

the shipping prices are included in all cuff kits (the silly reason for this is that i really wanted to sell the ten 10 yard cuff kits for $10 even, hah!) and i don’t have options for international shipping on my site.  here’s info pasted from my shop’s home page: my shop is kind of lo-fi so i don’t have shipping options for outside the states – i will ship anywhere, but i may have to bill you extra after you order if necessary. the easiest thing to do is to email me with international shipping inquiries before ordering and i can send a bill for your total. thanks! so, the same goes for the cuff kits – it’ll probably be just an extra dollar or two (more for 10 cuff kits); just email me and i’ll send a paypal invoice.

10 mini-skeins

one other thing – because the yarn is all hand-dyed by me on a small scale, not all mini-skeins will be alike, since the dye sometimes hits only one side of the skein or the other.  so, a cuff i knit with a yarn may have more or less of a color than the skein you get in your kit; every mini-skein is unique!

if you have any questions or special requests about any kit stuff, feel free to email me, or comment here, and i’ll get back as soon as i can.

leethal bracelet knit kit

also added to the shop today, which go hand in hand with the cuff kits, are a bunch of new bracelet kits!  all the same yarns as the cuff kits, on a smaller scale, good for if you just want a tiny sample of the yarn, or if you’re a super new knitter – the bracelets are a great first project!

leethal bracelet knit kit

the new bracelet kit patterns are now printed on the same fancy recycled greenpix photo paper as the cuff books, with color photos (they used to be all black and white).  i’m a big fan of that paper!  (for full disclosure, a few of the kits are still the old booklets that i had left from before, so there’s a slim chance new orders could get old booklets.)

leethal bracelet knit kit

yay knit kits!  hope i didn’t forget anything important…

oh one last thing… i am starting to work on a big website makeover, which will include a shop redesign.  i have a few specific plans, but i could definitely use any suggestions you might have.  any constructive criticism of the shop would be great, so i know how to make it better when i redo it. thanks!

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May 22, 2009

ten 10 yard cuffs, part 1: mini-ebook

ten 10 yard cuffs! ten 10 yard cuffs!

it’s done! well, the first part is done.  but now i can tell you everything.  the cuff pattern set is ten designs, each using 10 yards of yarn, and 2 buttons.  the pdf is for sale now and is 10 pages long, with 3 pages of technique how-tos, etc.  the set is meant not just to be a fun way to use up leftover yarn scraps for any knitter, but also to be a learning tool for beginners.  so there are explanations of each abbreviation, some info about things like eyelet holes, short rows, and slip-stitches in case you’ve never done them, so you don’t just know how to do each thing, but you understand what you’re doing.  in creating this set, i tried to make it useful as a kind of a design tool for the inexperienced – learn a bunch of new things that you can then take into other projects and play with in bigger designs.  but it’s also great for playing around with small amounts of yarn and making fun little accessories, for knitters new and old!

cuff10b06 cuff6b02

and now about the second part…. to be released by monday (maybe sooner) the ten 10 yard cuffs will also be available in kit form!  a kit will include a 10 yard mini-skein of leethal recycled hand-dyed yarn (which is what all these were knit with), a pair of matching vintage/recycled buttons, and your choice of a printed pattern book or the pdf.  i’ll also give the option of purchasing a kit minus the pattern set, in case you’ve already gotten the pdf.

update 5/25/09: kits are now up in the shop! blog post with details here.

cuff2b02 cuff4b02

now onto the fun stuff, the cuffs!  all ten of them!  i’ve knit 2 samples of each one, to show how they can look with different yarn textures/colorways/buttons/etc.  so check out my cuffs flickr set or ravelry to see all 20 of them, and more as i knit and add more, which i’m sure i will because i’m anxious to try playing around with different yarn/color ideas now that the samples are done!

textured zig zag:


twisted stockinette rib:


wavy garter:


diagonal ridges:


lacy chevron:


lace chain:


wraparound linen:


squishy triangle:


rectangular double strap:


rounded four strap:


the ebook is $4.50 – for sale through ravelry, or on my patterns page, or just click here to buy it now.  in fitting with the theme, a ten 10 yard cuff knit kit will be $10, which includes shipping costs (and if you’ve already bought the pdf, the kit without patterns will be $5.50).  i’ll also be putting up some special kit options – a 3 cuff kit, with 3 mini-skeins and button pairs, and a special gift packaged 10 cuff kit, with 10 different skeins/buttons for all 10 designs!  i’ll be blogging the kits once they’re available, but i just want you to know what your options will be in case you’re wondering…

Update: in 2011, the pdf layout was updated and the price was raised to $6.

cuff9b05 cuff5b04

ooh and something you can look forward to… in designing the ten cuffs, there were several design fails that didn’t make it in – some of them are designs i really like, but they need more than 10 yards to work well.  so, i plan to post a few of these as free blog patterns!  the first will probably go up next week.

cuff7a02 cuff8a02

i’m so happy to finally have this out in the world!  i can’t wait to start seeing cuff knitters’ creations!

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March 13, 2009

leethal flickr group!

well this day has been silly.  i’ve actually written two blog posts today completely, both of which are saved as drafts and probably won’t get posted till next week.  both posts rely on things on other sites that i thought were going up today, but both didn’t ever go up, so everything’s on hold till they do… oh well, not a big deal. so, since i wanted to post something today, i bring you this super belated filckr group post…

hand-dyed vortex

awhile ago i created a group on flickr for all things leethal! i’ve kind of kept forgetting to let you know it exists, so there aren’t many photos in the pool that aren’t mine, but i’d really love more photos to be added! it’s meant for anything that i made or designed, including things made based on tutorials i’ve written for other blogs (like craftstylish), etc.


as for knit stuff, ravelry is of course the best thing ever, and knitters can see tons of examples of my patterns over there, so i would love for the flickr group to have lots of stuff besides knitting. of course, feel free to add photos of your leethal knits, but please add 1 or 2 photos of a single item only, and more shots can always be seen on ravelry.


so, just to cover all areas, photos you add to the group could include you wearing/using an item made my me, something you made with yarn that i spun/dyed, anything you made using a tutorial or pattern that i wrote. i’d really love to see photos of people wearing hats/shirts/scarflets/anything else that i made! i put so much energy into the things i sell in my shop, and usually i never see them out in their new homes, and i always wonder how they are doing!


wow this whole thing feels really narcissistic, sorry about that. i think that’s the reason i’ve put off telling you about the group for months… i just really love being able to see everyone’s leethal knits on ravelry, so i wanted to create a way to be able to see other things besides knits. and when i think about it, it’s not for self-obsessed reasons, it’s because i love seeing all of your creative ways of looking at my patterns! my favorite versions of knits based on my designs are the ones that hardly even look like my versions because the maker’s creative energy has made it into something all its own! so, with all these tutorials i’ve been writing on this blog and others, i’m guessing there are some amazing creations out there made by awesomely artistic blog readers, and i’d love to see them! so, thank you for indulging me with this whole flickr group thing, and thanks for any images you can add to the pool!

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March 4, 2008

new variations on the spiraling stripes hats!


so i wanted to try out a few different yarns on a spiraling stripes hat, to see how they knit up, with plans to show an example of how you can turn this kind of hat into a stash-busting scrap hat by striping between multiple yarns. well, the majority of the yarn i used for this hat was a bit bulkier than my normal spiral hat yarns, which caused the hat to be much wider than expected, making it into a slouchy, kind of beret-style hat!


so that experiment led to more! and now i’ve added a new page to the pattern pdf with these variations. i’m posting all the info from the pdf page here, so if you already bought the pattern you’re not missing anything, but if you’d still like to have it all together just let me know and i’ll send you the new version. i also lowered the quality of the pdf a little so i can send it through yahoo (now it’s 8mb instead of 10+) – i can’t see any quality difference when i look at it so i think it’s cool. anyone who makes pdfs out there – what quality do you make them? i’m new to these whole pdf thing…


so here is all the new slouchy modification info, pasted from the pdf:

To make your spiral hat into a slouchy style version instead of fitted, you basically just need to make it wider – so easy! The brimmed versions should stay put just fine, but the no-brim style might need a crochet trim to bring it in around the bottom. Here are some specific ways to make a wider, slouchy hat…

Use fatter yarn. When your gauge goes from around 4.5 stitches/inch to around 4 stitches/inch, this causes a significant width difference in the wedges – around 1 inch wider per wedge. This means you can knit the pattern exactly as it’s written and end up with a slouchy hat if your yarn is on the bulky side. This hat was knit from the clockwise spiraling no-brim pattern, using mostly yarn that got a 4 stitches/inch gauge:

slouchyscraphat1.jpg slouchyscraphat3.jpg

Add more wedges. Just keep knitting wedges until the hat is as slouchy as you want – 2 extra wedges works very well (so 11 wedges total). This hat was knit using the counter-clockwise no-brim pattern, 11 wedges instead of 9, with 2 rows of single crochet around the bottom to bring it in so it stays on a head. It did need to be blocked, which just meant wetting it, squeezing it dry in a towel, and drying it flat as shown in the picture.

slouchyhat2.jpg slouchyhatblocked.jpg

Make each wedge a little wider. Add one extra rows 1+2 repeat to each wedge, increasing the overall width of the hat. This hat was knit using the clockwise straight brim pattern, with one extra repeat per wedge, everything else exactly the same. It can still be pulled down over the ears, and the garter stitch brim holds it on in the beret-style, so no extra shaping is needed.

3colorspiralberet3.jpg 3colorspiralberetdown2.jpg

and…. Color Variations:

Instead of using a self-striping yarn, you can give your hat a different look by using 2 or more solid yarns. Use 3 rotating colors and switch between them at the top, between each wedge, for wide spirals. For this method, the clockwise-spiraling styles are recommended. Or make a scrap-busting many-colored hat, each wedge using a different yarn. You’ll need approximately 10 yards of each yarn.

Or use 2 colors and switch every two rows, along the bottom edge of the hat, for a more stripey look.

As shown above, a variegated yarn won’t show the spiral design clearly, but it does make for a cool swirly look.

so that’s the pdf page. a few other notes, things i learned from my experimentation. i recommend going with the clockwise versions for any slouchy style hat you want to make, the shaping just seems to work better. i don’t have an example to show you of that 2 colors striping every 2 rows idea (i’ve tried it, but in hats that i can’t show you yet, secret hats!), but it does look awesome, trust me. i think this striping style looks rad with the counter-clockwise spirals, but it’ll work with any of the designs. if you try any of these ideas, i wanna see!!

oh yeah, one other thing! those braids… when i switch colors at the top between wedges, i cut the yarn around 6 inches, and then when the hat is done i’m left with 18 or more ends. braiding them together like that not only looks cute (i think), but it also means no ends to weave in (none!).

(the pattern pdf is right at the top of my store’s main page for easy access, and of course there are kits too!)

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January 21, 2008

diy knit kit: ninja mitts!

randomstripesmitts.jpg brightmitts2.jpg

hey look it’s a non-hat knit kit! woo! make your very own leethal ninja mitts, it’s easy and fun! so, “ninja mitts” are what i’ve been calling my fingerless mitts for years, ever since my old friend roy referred to them as ninja gauntlets. they are different from normal fingerless gloves/mitts because they don’t have any thumb part (like these or these), giving your hands more mobility, and making them a super easy knit. not quite as warm, but great for not freezing weather, and you can leave them on all the time and function just fine. yay!

the pattern is really simple, so i’m selling the pdf by itself for just $1. it’s three pages total – a cover with photo examples, pattern notes, sizing, and some ideas for ways to customize your mitts. this is a great pattern to make your own (with ribbing, cables, stitch pattern experimentation……) – as i say in the notes, “I think of these mitts as kind of a blank canvas – be creative!”

all you need is a set of size us 10 double pointed knitting needles, a tapestry needle, and the yarn. the kits come with enough for one pair, of course, but if you want to use your own, they take about 65 yards. the weight isn’t too important because the gauge isn’t terribly important – i’ve knit these with all different yarns and they always fit fine. but, you know, your yarn should knit up well on size 10’s.

tiedyemitts3.jpg brightmitts3.jpg

i’ll be selling kits with different kinds of multi-colored hand-dyed yarn, some striping, some variegated. right now i just have two in the store – one will stripe in a repeating pattern, and the other will stripe randomly (like the top left example). at the moment i have a skein of variegated in the dye pot, which will knit up similarly to the bottom left example. i hope to keep adding more yarns over the next week or so…

(ravelry page!)

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December 17, 2007

diy knit kit: spiraling stripes hats

knitkitspiralhatsample1.jpg knitkitspiralhatsample3.jpg knitkitspiralhatsample5.jpg

yay, my second hat knit kit! this pattern set includes 6 different patterns – wide straight brim, slanting brim, and no brim, each with spiraling clockwise and counter-clockwise versions. the kits come with 2 stitch markers, so you get everything you need to make one of the hats except for a pair of size us 9 knitting needles and a tapestry needle.

here are what the clockwise and counter-clockwise spirals look like from above:

knitkitspiralhatsample4.jpg knitkitspiralhatsample2.jpg

of course, your results will depend on the way your yarn stripes. i will be selling kits with different types of striping yarn, and i’ll tell you in the descriptions about how the stripes will turn out. if you use the patterns with store-bought yarn, i recommend self-striping yarn with long-ish color sections. (to give you an idea, the example above with the straight brim has 2 yards of each color. so if you want wider stripes on your hat, you’ll need several yards of each color.)

all of my yarn will come to you in hank form. for some info on balling it, you can see my 2-color textured hat kit blog post.

there are a couple things i forgot to mention in the pattern. first, if you want a little topper on your hat like the orange one on the rainbowy hat above, it’s just a short i-cord. when you finish seaming up the back, cut your yarn leaving a long tail (at least a yard). close up the top as instructed, then grab two double pointed needles (a little smaller than size 9 is good) and pick up three stitches evenly around the closed hole. knit those stitches into an i-cord as long as you want, then just tie up the top and weave the end in down the center.

second, i just wanted to mention that stitch markers are optional. it’s easier to explain/write the patterns using stitch markers, but once you knit a few rows, you might find that you’d rather just skip them because you’ll see how the pattern works and can keep track easily enough. the stitch markers i include with the kits are not heavy duty – don’t expect them to last forever. right now i’m using a thin wire, threaded through some beads to look pretty. (don’t let kids get ahold of them, they may come apart and have sharp wire ends!) i might switch to some kind of more recycle-y version in the future.

i also want to mention that you could use the yarn that’s meant for the 2-color textured hat kits for the spiraling stripes patterns. your results will look something like this:


sorry the colors aren’t very contrasty, but you get the idea. if you want to do this, you can purchase the yarn from these kits alone and the spiraling stripes pattern alone (for $4.50). yay! oh and by the way, that’s another example of the no brim hat version.

i would really love feedback on this pattern set! i pretty much print out the patterns as i get the orders, so if i am told something is unclear or something should be added/changed, i can fix it for all future copies. and i would really really love to see your finished hats!!

edit 1/21/08: the pattern set is now available as a pdf! it’s 7 pages, lots of pictures, tons of info.

edit 3/04/08: just posted a new entry about pattern variations to make slouchy styles and some color ideas.

3colorspiralberet1.jpg slouchyhat1.jpg

(ravelry page!) 

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November 30, 2007

diy knit kit: 2-color textured hats

redbluehat6.jpg bluegreenhat4.jpg

here is my very first knit hat kit – which includes a pattern set with 4 different hat options. there is a knit flat version and a knit round version, each with 2 stitch pattern variations. and of course the yarn; each kit has a 90 yard hank of recycled hand-dyed yarn, striping between 2 colors. all you’ll need to make a hat are the knitting needles (and a tapestry needle for finishing). all patterns use size us 10 1/2 needles – straights for the flat hat, and 16″ circular for the round hat (or you can use double pointed needles if you like).

the blue+green hat is an example of the knit flat version. the knit round version not only includes two stitch pattern options, but also varying hat-fit (floppy vs. fitted) and stripe-width versions. the red+aqua hat is the floppy (my personal favorite!) and i knit a 2-swatch example of the fitted version to show both stitch patterns, with 2 different yarns – both of which were left over from yarns i have in kits for sale now.2swatchhat1.jpg

i also have the pattern set by itself for sale ($2.50) if you want to dye your own yarn. to get results like the photos, your yarn will need to have 1 yard stripes of the two colors.

if you are new to yarn in hank form – you’ll need to wind it into a ball before you can use it. the hank untwists into a big loop, which is tied together with scrap yarn. here is the way i wind it: sit up straight and put my legs up, bent at the knees; put the yarn around my knees. make sure the yarn isn’t twisted, and with it stretched somewhat tightly, cut the scrap yarn and find an end. wind the ball! i just make normal yarn balls, but you may prefer to make a center-pull ball. also, you can use chair backs instead of your knees.

if you knit a hat from this kit/pattern i would really love to see it! pretty please leave a comment here with a photo (or link to a photo) and any feedback you might have. thanks!!

edit 1/21/08: the pattern set is now available as a pdf! it’s 4 pages – all the same info as the paper pattern, but with more photos!

(ravelry page!)

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November 23, 2007

diy knit kit: bracelet mini-kit

knitkitbraceletmade.jpg knitkitbracelet.jpg

my first knit kit! everything you need to make one of these little knit bracelets, except for the knitting needles (size 8, or close) and tapestry needle. kit includes: 4 yards of hand-dyed recycled yarn, a piece of contrasting recycled yarn, a secondhand button, and the pattern.

50 of these kits were included in holiday samplers (december ’07). they will be in my store for about $4 each, depending on the yarn. right now, there is only one, but more will be added. this kit would make a great little gift for a knitter in your life, or someone who wants to learn to knit. super easy pattern, just knit stitch. it’s such an easy pattern, i’ll just tell you the basics…

cast on 4 stitches, knit back and forth until it’s the right length for your wrist, bind off. make a loop at the end – this is the button hole. use the tail at the other end to sew on the button. use a contrasting color yarn, or embroidery thread, to personalize your bracelet – just stitch a little something. weave in the ends. yay!

the pattern included with the kit is a bit more detailed, but i’m fine with posting it as a free pattern here because what i’m charging for is the dyed yarn (i wouldn’t expect anyone to pay for such a simple pattern).

if you got one in the sampler, or bought one, i would love it if you’d share a picture of your finished bracelet!!  or just if you made a bracelet from this blog pattern, i still want to see it!  just comment with a link to the photo (flickr page or whatever)…  yay for sharing!

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