December 13, 2017

leethal recycled yarn!

I’m selling skeins of yarn again!

leethal recycled yarn leethal recycled yarn

They are recycled yarns, which I’ve unraveled very carefully (minimal knots, usually 1 per skein), washed well, and sometimes spun together. There are plain skeins, which are all wool or wool blends — the white one has some camel hair and the grey has a little cashmere!

leethal recycled yarn

leethal recycled yarn leethal recycled yarn

leethal recycled yarn

There are more than one skein available of almost all of these so you can grab multiples if you want to make something big. They are all priced based on yardage (which relates to time it takes me to unravel and skein, etc) with some variation for different fiber types (some sweaters are harder/take longer).

leethal recycled yarn

And then there are spun skeins!

leethal recycled yarn leethal recycled yarn

These are different recycled/reclaimed yarns and threads spun and plied together. Each of these has different colored yarn chunks, to make self-striping yarns.

leethal recycled yarn

Above is all 100% wool; one strand light green, the other striping colors—it’s bulky weight, or heavy aran.

leethal recycled yarn

This one is so soft! One strand is assorted wools and wool blends, in long striping colors, and the other is white 58% nylon, 36% angora, 5% lambswool, 1% spandex—it has a nice halo from the angora. It’s around aran weight (or heavy worsted).

leethal recycled yarn

This one was made from a strand of 100% wool yarn, striping colors, plied together with three threads (of unknown fiber content) in blues and variegated colors. It has a kinky, textured look because of how it was plied; it’s a worsted weight, or heavy worsted.

leethal recycled yarn

And lastly, a yarn for knitters who might be allergic to wool: one strand is 100% cotton in striping colors, the other is 55% silk, 20% acrylic, 15% angora, 10% nylon, in white. It’s around aran weight, or heavy worsted.

leethal recycled yarn leethal recycled yarn

I love the spun yarns so much! Where colors change, the other strand wraps around to hide the ends, making fun little blobby bits which look neat when knit up. They are quicker to spin than actual handspun yarn, but they are still totally handmade, spun and plied together by me on my spinning wheel, and it does take awhile (so they are priced according). These skeins are each totally unique so whatever you make from one will be super one-of-a-kind and special :)

These yarns have been up on etsy for a little while, since September; I instagramed/tweeted but never blogged or sent out a newsletter to let you know about it. September 23rd was the exact release date, which was the Saturday before I started fall term on Monday. I’d meant to blog about it asap but then fall term was total insanity. Five classes and no free time at all, so I never got to it. Sadly, this post is probably too late for holiday shoppers now, but if you get some xmas cash, now you know about it! ;)

kits! kits!

kits! kits!

Oh and btw also in my etsy shop are cute little quick knits kits which are also with recycled yarns, some of it hand dyed. I just renewed some listings so there are lots of color options. Make pen bookmarks, light switch plates, lapel pins, cuffs, and ice cream earmuffs!

Making Recycled Yarns ebook cover

And a last note: love recycled yarn but would prefer to make it yourself? Well just let me point you to my ebook with everything you need to know about it! It’s on my site, ravelry, and also in the etsy shop now.

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September 7, 2017

leethal Stencils! Four ways to use them…

New thing! In graphic design school, we used a die cutter for a couple of projects, I was really into it, I checked craigslist juuuust in case and happened to find one used for less than half the price of a new one. So I impulsively bought it, started brainstorming what I could use it for, and now I’ve designed and made a bunch of stencils! You can find them in my newly revamped etsy shop here.

leethal pattern stencil

So first, about the stencils: they are made from thermal laminating sheets, run through a laminator with nothing between the layers, so they are basically sheets of plastic. I wanted to use something better for the earth, and/or recycled/reclaimed, but I found that this option makes the best durable, reusable stencils. I played around with reclaimed transparency sheets, but they didn’t cut as nicely and they don’t hold up as well, so this was the best quality option I could come up with. They can be used over and over if you’re gentle with them.

leethal word stencil

I’ve made two different types of stencils so far: words and repeating patterns. There are three of each type (for now, maybe more later!), and since the word stencils kind of fit together, you can get all three in a set if you want. The repeating pattern designs are different from each other; they are just three random things that I love — craft tools, vegetables, and elephants!

leethal pattern stencil

So, now I will go through four different ways you can use the stencils on fabric. I’ve only used them on fabric, so that’s what I’ll show you, but of course you can use the stencils on other things as well. You can stencil them directly onto clothes, like tees or skirts, or onto pieces of fabric which you’ll later sew into things, or on pillowcases, tote bags, etc. I’ll first show each of the four methods with single stencils, then talk about repeats…

leethal pattern stencil leethal pattern stencil

Before we begin, a note about paints. Be sure to read the label of whatever you decide to use. Many fabric paints need to be heat set (by ironing the fabric once it’s dry). Others don’t need heat setting, but must set for 24-72 hours before washing.

With all methods, it’s highly recommended that you put a piece of cardboard or paper grocery bag or something behind the layer of fabric you’re printing on, so the paint doesn’t bleed through to whatever’s behind it (the back side of the tee, for example, or the tabletop).

Method #1: spray paint.

leethal word stencil

Main pros of this method: it’s fast and easy. Main cons: it can be kinda blurry, and you need to do it outside or in a garage or something.

To use a stencil with spray paint, you’ll need to block out the area around the stencil, with paper or cardboard. If you want to be extra safe, tape it to the stencil so the paint can’t leak under…

using leethal stencils using leethal stencils

You can see below that the paint did indeed float under a bit with this one, up by the collar, and down below, there are hints of orange. Also, if you want the stenciled image to be sharper, use 2-sided tape on the back of the stencil, to stick it onto the fabric. The closer the stencil is to the fabric, the sharper it’ll be.

using leethal stencils

After letting the paint on the stencil dry for a few hours, I used it again with a different kind of spray paint. Above was just regular hardware store spray paint, which does work on fabric and doesn’t wash out, but it can be a weird texture. You can instead buy fabric spray paint, pictured below (bought at a craft store), which feels nicer on fabric, and I think tends to go on a bit smoother, making slightly sharper images.

using leethal stencils using leethal stencils

I painted this the same way as the orange one, no tape on top or bottom, and I think it did come out a bit better, and the paint didn’t leak under the paper at all (but maybe that’s because I held the can a bit closer, or another reason, who knows!).

using leethal stencils

Method #2: sponge brush. (aka foam brush)

using leethal stencils using leethal stencils

Main pros of this method: can look nice and clean if you’re careful, don’t need much space. Main cons: can get blobby if you’re not super careful, not fast.

using leethal stencils

The above stencil is on its second use; the red paint has been dry for several days. For this one I used Jacquard textile color paint. I highly recommend taping down your stencil for this method so it won’t move around.

using leethal stencils using leethal stencils

Hold down the stencil right around where you’re painting as you go, with your non-painting hand. It’s a good idea to also put pieces of 2-sided tape on flappy bits of the stencil, like insides of letters like c, e, n, d, etc, for example, since it’s hard to hold those down with your fingers as you paint. I did not do that here, and I got some unsharp edges but they may have just been a result of hurrying and not being as careful as possible.

using leethal stencils

Always dab the brush up and down, or in from the edges onto the fabric, never into the edges from the fabric. And very important tip (learn from my mistakes): use minimal paint on the brush. Blobs of paint will result in blobby stenciling.

leethal word stencil

That one above turned out pretty well, mostly because I learned from my own mistakes with my first go at it, pictured below… Firstly, I don’t recommend this kind of ribbed knit; the paint went on okay but since I didn’t stretch it while painted, the letters stretch and distort when I wear it. If you do want to stencil onto something stretchy, try to stretch it approx the same amount that it’ll stretch when worn.

using leethal stencils

For this one I used craft store fabric paint, which works fine but since I squeezed it out directly onto my fabric brush (instead of squeezing some onto a plate or something and then dabbing the brush into that), I had some big blobs of paint on my brush…

using leethal stencils

So I ended up with a messy stencil job. Main takeaway about the sponge brush method: don’t rush it! A smaller amount of paint on the brush will take longer to dab onto the fabric thoroughly, but it’ll be worth it for sharp edges!

using leethal stencils

I used a sponge brush for this tote bag, which doesn’t lie flat, so I held each part down carefully with my non-painting hand and went slowly, and it turned out well. Note about this method: it would probably work similarly with a normal paintbrush, if that’s all you have and you want to give it a try; just use the same tips about going slowly, dabbing up and down at the stencil edges, etc.

using leethal stencils using leethal stencils

Method #3: fabric markers.

using leethal stencils

Main pros of this method: clean edges, easy to use multiple colors if you want to, don’t need much space. Main cons: filled color can look a bit uneven, somewhat slow (but faster than sponge brush).

leethal word stencil

To test out this method, I first bought three different types of markers at the art store — one brush tip, one wide tip, and one chisel tip.

using leethal stencils using leethal stencils

They all worked, but the brush tip was best/easiest. So, I went and bought a whole set of brush tip (actually, they are dual-tip) fabric markers at the craft store.

using leethal stencils using leethal stencils

For this method, simply color in the stencil, being careful around the edges so color doesn’t get underneath, holding the stencil down with your non-coloring hand same as with the sponge brush method.

using leethal stencils leethal word stencil

Important note: when I reused a stencil that had been spray painted (and fully dried) it seemed fine, but when I reused one that had dried Jacquard paint on it, the paint bled into the marker color; same for dried fabric marker. So if reusing a stencil, test it out on scrap fabric first, or else choose a marker color that’s the same/similar or will blend well with the dried paint. You can get some really color effects by purposely blending colors from the stencil edges!

using leethal stencils

Method #4: screen print.

using leethal stencils

Main pros of this method: can look very good/clean, the actual printing is quick and you can do multiple prints in a row. Main cons: more tools needed than other methods, and some space, and extra cleanup time.

using leethal stencils

This method works like normal screen printing, but you’ll use a blank screen placed over the stencil. So you need a screen, a screen printing squeegee, a stable surface, and fabric paint that’s meant for screen printing. I also used a palette knife to get the paint from the jar onto the screen. Place the stencil where you want it on the fabric, then carefully place the screen on top. If you want to be extra careful, and/or if you’re using a stencil that doesn’t have much blank space from the image to the outside edges of the stencil sheet, place some thick paper around the sides of the stencil so that you won’t get paint onto the fabric at the edges. (I did not do that in this example, I was just careful to keep the paint within the stencil sheet.) Put some fabric paint in a row along the top, above the stencil image (but not above the actual stencil sheet!).

using leethal stencils

Use the squeegee to pull the paint over the stencil, with pressure to push it through to the fabric. Run it back and forth a few times. Be sure to cover the whole stencil image. I did not do that! I missed the side of the y at the end there. Also, my paint was like ten years old, so it was kinda globby, which I think contributed to how it didn’t cleanly fill in the right side there. The rest of it turned out nice and clean though! If you’re careful, the stencil will be stuck to the screen with paint, and you can set it onto another fabric item and print it again, as long as the stencil doesn’t shift on the screen.

using leethal stencils using leethal stencils

If you want to try out this method with cheaper tools, but potentially slightly messier results, you may be able to use things you already have. You need: an embroidery hoop big enough to fit the stencil, a piece of mesh fabric bigger than the hoop, a squeegee of some kind that can fit in the hoop, and fabric paint. The homemade screen I have is smaller than the stencils, so I used a mini-stencil just to show you. My squeegee is a cheapo (dollar store?) one that I broke the ends off of to make it fit in my hoop. You can also use an old credit card as a squeegee — that actually might be the better option since I think you get cleaner results from a harder squeegee and this one I used is much softer than the screen printing squeegee. The denseness of the mesh fabric will determine how much paint gets through and how clean the print is: denser mesh equals cleaner print. You can also buy screen printing mesh for this.

using leethal stencils

Same steps as above, place stencil, place screen over it, paint goes onto stencil sheet above stencil image.

using leethal stencils

Pull the ink over the stencil.

using leethal stencils

And lift it up to reveal your print! I either used a bit too much paint here, or it’s just that my mesh isn’t dense enough and/or my squeegee is too soft, because my print isn’t super clean.

using leethal stencils

But it looks okay, mostly just a bit thick. Anyway, play around with that if you have a big hoop and some mesh fabric!

using leethal stencils

With repeating stencils, I recommend any but the screen printing method, depending on exactly what you want to do. Screen printing is not recommended for this mostly because it would be difficult to line up the repeats, and you’d need a lot of space. For printing directly onto clothing, the sponge brush or fabric marker methods will give you the most control.

leethal pattern stencil

The sponge brush will take longer because you’ll need to let each repeat dry to the touch before doing the next one, since the stencil will overlap on top of the paint.

using leethal stencils using leethal stencils

I did the craft tools on the skirt above with screen printing paint, and I sponge brushed the elephants on the skirt below using craft store fabric paint (same type of paint as the red blobby one up above, but I was careful here to limit my paint amounts and I got clean edges).

leethal pattern stencil

And I did the vegetables below with fabric markers. The marker method goes much faster here because you don’t need to let the paint dry between repeats, since the marker ink isn’t wet enough to be able to smear when you place the stencil overlapping the previous repeat.

leethal pattern stencil

All three of these were repeated along the bottom of the skirts, so only one row of stencil, repeated across. The elephants and rainbow vegetables go all the way around, and the craft tools are only on the front.

leethal pattern stencil leethal pattern stencil

Here’s another example of using a pattern stencil on clothing, but not repeated: I stenciled some of the vegetables onto a pair of socks, pulling the socks over cardboard rectangles so that they were stretched a bit. I stenciled each side, and then turned the sock a bit around the cardboard to get the part that needed to wrap around.

using leethal stencils using leethal stencils

Then there’s the option of stenciling whole pieces of fabric! All the pattern stencils are designed to be able to repeat across and up and down, so they can be all-over patterns. For this, I recommend spray painting, because the other methods would just take so long.

using leethal stencils using leethal stencils

For spray painting with the pattern stencils, you’ll need to securely tape paper or cardboard around all the sides to protect the fabric from the paint.

using leethal stencils

Tape it all together super securely! You don’t want things coming untaped as you’re painting (trust me)! Tape can go over the stencil, just make sure all the holes are clear. Put tape on both sides.

using leethal stencils using leethal stencils

Especially if using cardboard, overlap the stencil over the paper/cardboard with the wrong side of the stencil up, so you’ll place the stencil on the fabric with the stencil side down, touching the fabric. (So the stencil isn’t raised up off the fabric the width of the cardboard.) I recommend putting 2-sided tape on the side that will touch the fabric, just to help it out to touch the fabric as much as possible.

using leethal stencils using leethal stencils

For the cleanest results, tape your fabric down (stretched a bit if it’s stretchy fabric) on a smooth surface, like a large piece of cardboard. Start at one corner, and spray your first repeat:

using leethal stencils

Now, lining up the repeats is a bit tricky since your stencil isn’t see-through anymore, once there’s paint covering it. You’ll need to look through the holes, and also pay attention to where things are lining up, like if the top edge of the paper taped to the stencil lines up with the top edge of the cardboard under the fabric, then keep those lined up as you repeat across the row.

using leethal stencils using leethal stencils

This uses a lot of paint! I ran out of blue and had to finish with purple. For this super long piece, only the top half-ish fit on the cardboard, so that half was taped flat/smooth, and I left the bottom half loose, just smoothed out over the grass. So I can show you the difference between smooth/flat fabric, and not so flat fabric. Here’s the taped down fabric:

using leethal stencils

Versus not taped down. See how much blurrier lots of the edges are:

using leethal stencils

For this next one, I was using a knit fabric, so I stretched it a little, smooth over the cardboard. It went beyond the cardboard there at the bottom, but it’s taped underneath in a couple of spots.

using leethal stencils

Same deal, start at one corner and repeat across the first row. For all of these, I used normal (non-fabric) spray paint.

using leethal stencils using leethal stencils

Next row across, lining the repeats up the best I could…

using leethal stencils

And changing colors here for each row.

using leethal stencils

Tip: be extra careful with really floppy stencil bits, like the embroidery hoop on this one. It’s easy to accidentally smudge paint from a floppy bit onto the fabric as you place the stencil, and if you’re reeeaally not careful, things can happen like you see below:

using leethal stencils


using leethal stencils

This last one had some issues. The fabric took the paint weird, I don’t know why, it just didn’t show up well at all. I sprayed extra paint on, using up the first color (it wasn’t a fresh can though!) and switching to a higher contrast color for the top and bottom rows. For the circle, I started in the center for the longest row first:

using leethal stencils using leethal stencils

This stencil was taped to cardboard, so to line up the repeats I lifted the one side of the cardboard (the lifted side is the blurry line in the photo below) to see the previous repeat next to the stencil.

using leethal stencils

Here’s how this one turned out, kinda subtle but it works:

leethal pattern stencil

Here’s another big learn from my mistakes tip: the tape on this one started coming undone in the middle of the repeats, and I was trying to fix it, wiggling the stencil around, turning it upside down, and the paint started dripping all over the place, on the front and back sides! This made the stencil unusable until the paint could dry, since there were drips on the side that would touch the fabric. So tape thoroughly, and be careful and gentle as you use the stencil!

using leethal stencils using leethal stencils

Another tip about spray painting a lot of repeats: wear disposable rubber gloves if possible, at least on one hand, because once the paint starts to build up you may want to touch up edges of the stencil, remove globs or blades of grass, etc. If you don’t wear gloves, spray paint is really hard to get off your fingers (TRUST me).

leethal pattern stencil

Here’s a smaller repeat job I did with spray paint — the front side of a tee. Same deal, just line up the repeats across the rows.

using leethal stencils

I did this one before all those others, and I wasn’t as practiced yet at lining up repeats, so learn from my mistakes here too and be careful lining up repeats! ;)

using leethal stencils

Lastly, if you’ll be sewing your stenciled fabric into something, I recommend cutting the pieces out first. That way, you’re not painting anything that won’t get used. I cut out two pieces shaped like this to sew into a pair of leggings:

using leethal stencils using leethal stencils

Same process, tape down the fabric (stretched!) and stencil the repeats to cover the whole piece. For this, I used the fancy fabric spray paint. I was not stingy with my application, especially at the beginning when I was still getting used to it, and I ended up using up the entire can about 1.5 legs in. Had to run to the craft store to buy another can and finish the job. So, I recommend just normal spray paint for large jobs, because they use so much paint, and/or if using the pricier paint, don’t spray more than is needed.

using leethal stencils using leethal stencils

After the paint was dry, I sewed them up and here they are:

leethal pattern stencil leethal pattern stencil

Okay I think this post is long enough!! Comment if you have any questions, and I might add updates to the post with extra tips/notes if things come up. Here’s another link to my etsy shop, where the stencils live :)

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December 11, 2016

Knit kits! And other stuff! Yeah!

Kits! I now have kits! Just barely in time for last-minute holiday gifting, they are mostly small quick knits…

kits! kits!

All kits are with recycled yarn, some of it hand-dyed, and everything else you need except the needles. There are five different kit types. First, light-switch plate cover (pattern info):


I just knit up a new one in this tweedy yarn, love it!

kits! kits!

A kit comes with enough yarn, the pattern on cardstock, and a switch plate. Some of the yarns are self-striping, and some are speckley variegated.

kits! kits!

The other two small kits are for pen tube bookmarks (bookmarks that hold a pen on the outside of the book/sketchbook, pattern info) and lapel flowers (pattern info). All the small kits come with a leethalknits I’m a baller pin, just for fun.

kits! kits!

The pen tube bookmark kits come with enough yarn, and a button.


kits! kits!

And the lapel flower kits come with three tiny balls of yarn, enough to make one flower, and a pin back.


kits! kits!

And then there are some bigger kits. The cuff kits include eight balls of yarn, each with two buttons, so you can make eight cuffs from the Ten 10 yard Cuffs pattern collection.


Each kit is packaged in a recycled tennis ball container, and includes the pattern as a high quality booklet with lots of photos of the ten cuff pattern options.

kits! ten 10 yard cuffs!

And lastly, Double Scoops ice cream earmuffs kits! (I used to sell these on my website a few years back.) Each kit includes four mini balls dyed to look like ice cream flavors, a coffee-dyed yarn for the waffle cones, and a larger ball for the lining.


The earmuffs look like this, but your flavors will be different, and your straps will be the color of the lining:


There are three kits in the shop, with different flavor options, so you can choose your favorite!


In other news, the final hat for the VIP club is being knit right now, Jalouse! And I just sent out a new treat for club members, connect-the-dots holiday cards. Pictured below is a couple of cards made by pasting the connect-the-dots print outs onto reclaimed blank greeting cards. If you join the club before the end of the year, you’ll get all six hat patterns, 20% off all my patterns, and the treats!

leethal VIP club hat #6 connect-the-dots holiday cards

Some of the VIP hats could make good last-minute holiday gift knits – the new one is for bulky weight, Provocateur (below, left) is for worsted or aran weight, and Vanguard (below, right) is for any weight, pictured here in bulky:

Provocateur Vanguard

Mokia is for any weight and has tons of options so you can definitely knit up a quick version – below left is an aran weight textured one, and right is a bulky weight cabled one:

Mokia Mokia

Some other patterns that could be fun gift kits are Incenter and Directrix from In Triplicate! The full 9-pattern In Triplicate collection is only available till the end of the year!

Incenter, by Lee Directrix, by Lee

Here are some other patterns of mine that could be perfect for quick gift knits… Twist on a Classic are super quick bulky fingerless mitts, made with stretchy sideways garter stitch and a perpendicular cable, all modularly constructed:

Twist on a Classic mitts

Haka is a fun and easy bulky hat, which can be made with or without the cables:

cabled Haka hat

Lemmy is a larger item but can be made with super mega bulky, like this sample made with three strands of bulky weight held together:


Barry is for any gauge, so it can be made very quickly, like this bulky sample:

Barry in superbulky

All my Remixed patterns are for any gauge, so they can be made pretty quickly; pictured below are samples of Wild is the Wind, Rumours, Rejuvenation, and Either/Or, all in bulky weight:

Wild is the Wind Rumours Rejuvenation Either/Or

Siskiyou isn’t so super quick, but it’s worsted weight so it’s not too bad, and is good for a giftee who likes trees:

Siskiyou hat

For a more specific gift, Warren was designed for the metalhead (or fan of supernatural/evil kinds of stuff) in your life, and Andrew can be made with or without secret hidden pentagrams:

A peek at the Dark Trio pattern coming later this week! There will be an evil version + a chaotic version, for those who don't want satanic symbology on their heads ;) Andrew mitts

Lastly, I have a new fabric design up on Spoonflower! It’s a repeating pattern of interlocked k‘s, hand-drawn:

fabric from my pattern design!

It’s a pattern I designed for my intro to Typography class a few months ago; the final design was filled in, but I scanned it when it was just the outlines, and put it over a yellow background. And I’ll leave you with this in-progress shot of projects from that graphic design class – I’m about a month away from starting the official graphic design program, exciting!

When my teacher saw my rough draft last week he said "I apologize in advance for how much your hand is going to hurt next week." It's now next week and I accept his apology. Still so much more to go!

Happy holidays!

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January 1, 2016

Happy 2016! Now I can reveal the leethal VIP club!

I brainstormed this idea late last summer I think, got super excited, and then was bummed I couldn’t actually do anything about it because I wanted it to be a full calendar year thing, and now hey, it’s the start of the calendar year!  The time is finally here!!  Introducing my BIG 2016 THING:


So here’s the deal.  If you sign up to be a club member, you get…

  • 6 hat patterns spread throughout the year (as mini-mystery-knit-a-longs, in the ravelry group)
  • 20% off ALL my self-published patterns ever released
  • 50% off all brand new patterns self-published in 2016, for the first week
  • extra club member treats in your inbox

The whole shebang is $20, for the full year membership.  Or rather, the 2016 membership (no matter when you sign up, it ends at the end of the year).  Sign up through ravelry, or my website, but be logged into ravelry so that the discounts will work.  I’ll give all the fine-print details below (also given on the webpage, and included in the club pdf that you’ll get when you sign up).  But before I do that, there is already one club treat you’ll get immediately!


The first club treat is this vintage knitting coloring book calendar, with drawings of photos from vintage knitting magazines, mostly of the 60’s and 70’s.


I made the drawings by tracing the outlines of the photos on a lightbox, turning them into these coloring book style line drawings.  The knits are perfect for coloring!


Print out the 6 pages (2 months per page), and color them in, either all at once or as each month arrives.  I did these pages with colored pencils (top page) and markers (page below):


And there’s a bonus!  I had one extra drawing that didn’t really fit with the rest, as it had a more 40’s kind of vibe (the photo was from a 1951 knitting booklet), so I made it into a free-to-all 1-page calendar pdf, downloadable from my downloads page here.

IMG_8100-1200edit 2016freecalendar-tn copy

Other club treats throughout the year may include things similar to this (coloring or coloring-adjacent kinds of activities), and/or tutorial-type things like mini craft projects, recipes, mini-knitting-patterns… I have lots of vague ideas but the extras will basically be things that I get inspired to make in the moment.  If one day I suddenly have an idea for something fun I want to share, there’s an extra for you!  Spur of the moment inbox goodies!


By contrast, the hat patterns are pretty well planned out already.  The 6 hat patterns, released at the beginning of every other month throughout the year (the first Tuesdays of February, April, June, August, October, December) will all have different constructions from each other, and they will use a variety of techniques.  Cables will be reoccurring, but not used in every pattern.  Yarn weights will vary; most likely, none of these patterns will be fully any-gauge, but some will have multiple gauge options, or be adjustable based on gauge, or have some other variations/options.  These will be more straightforward patterns than I often write though, meant to be fun quick projects without too much extra thinking required.

The first hat, to be released February 2nd, will use worsted weight yarn (my yarn is pictured below).  There is already a ravelry page up, since that’s required in order to be able to sell the club membership (which is technically sold as an “ebook”), but normally the hat pattern pages won’t go up until their release days.  I will give yarn requirement info to club members (and post it on the club page) a couple of weeks before release, so that everyone can get ready to cast on right away when the patterns are released.


On each hat’s release day, the pdf will be released without photos, for a mini-mystery-knit-a-long, for the first week.  The whole pattern will be there, just no photos.  The knit-a-long will happen in the leethal knitters! ravelry group.  After one week, the pattern (and ravelry page) will be updated with photos.

To keep the mini-mystery-KAL’s mysterious, there are placeholder pictures on the club page you can use as your top project photos, and there will be new ones added with each hat release as well (please don’t put a photo of your hat at the top for that first week); there will be spoiler and spoiler-free KAL threads for each hat’s week of mystery.

The hats will only be available to club members throughout the year, not individually.  In 2017, the patterns will continue to be available as a collection/ebook, at the same price as the club, but without the membership discounts and extras.  1 year after the original release date of each pattern, it will be made available for individual sale.


And now for some details about the discounts.  (There are a few more fine print details on the club page, so if you have a question, or if you run into an issue, it might be addressed there.)

You must be logged into ravelry at time of club membership purchase (and future pattern purchases) for the discounts to work.  If you don’t have a ravelry account, it’s free to get one, and you don’t have to use it for anything else, just be logged in and the discounts will happen automatically.

The 20% off all my patterns includes all self-published patterns, ebooks, and collections, purchased through my website or ravelry.  The discount will automatically be applied (no coupon code needed).  The only patterns this doesn’t include are by third party publishers and collaborations, so Meridian by Twist Collective, Unbroken by Holla Knits, Galax by Interweave, etc, and the In Triplicate patterns (because they are in a collaboration).

The 50% off new patterns is for the first week of release, and only applies to brand new patterns which were not previously available for pre-order.  After 1 week they will be 20% off like all other self-published patterns.  The discount will automatically be applied (no coupon code needed).

The half off doesn’t include patterns that could be pre-ordered before 2016 because it just wouldn’t be fair to everyone who already pre-ordered the patterns – this means the Triyang collection shawls, and the third pattern in the Full Body Trio.  Patterns which were previously released by a third party, and are newly self-published may or may not be eligible for the 50% discount, depending on specifics – it will be announced either way at time of re-release.  Basically, if it wasn’t available to purchase previously, and I’m under no pricing obligations to a third party, the discount will apply, but there might be outside reasons why it can’t, so if I’m able to discount a pattern to club members, I will.

Note to blog readers:  Things in my life have been changing a bit lately, and I’m not sure exactly how 2016 will go, which means I might not have a lot of design time beyond the 6 club hats.  I have plans/ideas for two collections (a smaller one and a bigger one) that I really want to release in 2016, but I can’t guarantee they are going to get done.  So, my point is, don’t expect the half off discount to have tons of opportunities to be used throughout the year… I’m hoping for around like 10 patterns besides the hats, but I might be overly hopeful about that.

The discounts will not work with gift pattern purchases.  This means 2 things.  1) If you are a club member, and you use ravelry’s “send as gift” button to gift a pattern to another knitter, your club discount will not be applied.  2) If you gift the club membership to another knitter, they will get the hat patterns and the treats, but the discounts will not work for them.  However, in that case, the discounts will work for you, and you are free to use them.

There will be no limited-time sales offered on my patterns throughout the year, with one possible exception of the holiday gift-a-long, but only new 2016 patterns will be offered in the GAL sale (if I do it), so only patterns which members had the chance to get at 50%.  I’m kind of burnt out on sales, so I’m opting to skip them this year (no birthday sale, etc) and do this club system instead.  Of course, the 50% discounts are limited-time, but tied into the release of a new pattern, which is already being promoted and talked about and stuff.  Anyway, we’ll see how it all goes.


And a few other club details.

Hat knit-a-longs and other club chatter will all happen in the leethal knitters! ravelry group.

Use #leethalVIP with any club stuff posted to social media! (And if you want to pin it, there’s a custom-for-pinterest image on the webpage!)

Everything (new hat patterns, pattern updates, information about what yarn you’ll need, extra treats) will be sent to members through pattern updates, with notifications sent to email inboxes and ravelry message boxes (you can turn off the notifications from going to your email inbox from within any of the update notification emails, if you check ravelry often and don’t want them in both places).

I think that’s enough for this word-heavy post.  Post any questions you might have about the club in the comments here, or, better yet, in the ravelry group so everyone can read the answers there.  I’m really excited about this whole club situation; I am absolutely LOVING the first club hat design and can’t wait to share it with you!  I’ll blog the club patterns here each after the mystery week is over, and of course show them off on instagram and stuff.  Sign up now to maximize your membership and get your calendar right away; oh and, if you color your calendar pages and show them off, be sure to use #leethalVIP because I’d love to see your coloring!!  Happy new year! <3

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December 11, 2015

New pattern PDF: Insta-hat! Plus, Remixed poster!

(Temporary note: buy this now, by Sunday, for 50% to be donated to charity! See my previous post for details.)  New pattern re-release!  Insta-hat, now in re-written PDF format:


If you follow me on Instagram (or other social media), you’ll probably remember the mystery knit-a-long I posted for free last December, as a holiday gift to followers – the pattern was this Insta-hat, and those original Instagram posts still exist (links are on the ravelry and leethalknits pages).


The brand new PDF is re-written to be easier to follow (as a normal pattern instead of split into mystery KAL posts), extra sizing info added, some embellishment options added, new photos were taken, it was professionally tech edited… So now it’s a high quality normal for-sale pattern, but the price is extra low ($4) since it’s an upgrade of the existing free Instagram pattern.


The hat is a quick knit, in bulky weight, with easy lace repeat patterns – it’s a good adventurous beginner level pattern, or it’s a fun fast knit for more advance knitters.  It can knit up in 1-2 nights no problem, for most (depends how you are with bulky yarn, of course, but it’s definitely a relatively quick knit).


It is interesting enough to look cool in plain yarns, but simple enough to work with variegated, so it’s a good way to use up any skein of bulky you may have in your stash.  My samples are in madelinetosh A.S.A.P.:


Patons Classic Wool Bulky, plus handspun embellishment:


Punta Yarns Flame Handpainted (discontinued yarn), which is super bulky weight for an extra dense gauge:


Hand-dyed recycled yarn (made by me), a light-ish bulky weight for a more loose gauge:


And that extra big version works nicely with the brim folded under, for a warmer hat and a different style:


This hat is written in 3 circumference sizes, and a range of heights, so you can make it fitted to your head and more or less tall for slouch or a fitted top, as you like.  Detailed sizing info, and sizes/measurements of all the samples, are included in the new pdf.


And instructions for how I did the woven yarn embellishment are given in the pdf, if you like that:


This hat works well with a big pom-pom, especially if you make it slouchy!


Here’s an instagram shot I really like, from back when I first made this sample:


Last year when I designed this, I’d only meant to make a couple samples, but I ended up making four because it was such a fast, fun knit, I just kept going, “ooh but it would look so good in this yarn too!” and making another, then another.  It would make an excellent last-minute gifting pattern – make one for each member of your family!


So that’s Insta-hat.  Click here to ravelry where you can browse lots of versions by other knitters!  If you like it, consider using the new PDF version instead of the Instagram posts; it will be easier to knit from, and also I’d be very appreciative of you supporting my work :)


In other news, to go with my release of the newly updated Remixed patterns, I’ve just released a poster of the Remixed artwork! You can learn more about these drawings in this blog post; I added color to the knitted accessories for the poster:

Remixed Poster Remixed Poster

It’s available through MagCloud here, printed on high quality heavy paper, 12×18 inches, for $6 (plus shipping).  (Patterns are on ravelry here.)

Remixed Poster

Lastly, just want to let you know that the 3 upcoming Triyang collection patterns are coming along nicely!  Here are peeks at all 3, the colorwork, lace, and cabled designs (badly lit, sorry – Portland is gloooomy today!):

My Triyang collection shawls are coming along well! (Available for pre-order now, 50% goes to charity through Sunday!)

You can find the Triyang collection for pre-order on ravelry here or on here – like all my other patterns, if you buy it by this Sunday, half will be donated to charity.  You’ll get the Triyang pattern immediately, and these 3 patterns in a few weeks.  Details about the collection are on my blog here.  I’m pretty excited about it!

November 25, 2015

leethal patterns printed on things!

Edited 12/7 to remove Thanksgiving weekend sale stuff.  Society6 and Redbubble continue to have holiday season sales, which are shown along the tops of the webpages.

leethal patterns printed on things

Brand new leethal thing!  You can now get some of the stitch patterns I’ve designed printed onto stuff!  So far there are 6 patterns that I’ve converted into seamless tiling designs; you can get all the patterns printed onto a ton of different things.

leethal patterns printed on things

I’ve made a page on (you can also get to it from the top of the blog, under “shop”) where you can see what’s available on which sites, and see all the patterns.  You can get fabric (also wallpaper and giftwrap) on Spoonflower, and fun stuff on Redbubble and Society6.

leethal patterns printed on things

The 6 designs I have available now are (left to right, below): Siskiyou trees (2 different trees) in Knitted Wit yarn, Haka cables in Knit Picks wool, Adventure Knitting 3 forest sloth lines in Jill Draper yarn, Flying V’s colorwork in 5 colors of Knit Picks wool, Adventure Knitting 3 lake axolotl textured zig-zags in Anzula yarn, and Mikkey slip-stitch pattern in bulky neon yarn by SpaceCadet.  (Links are to the ravelry pages so you can see yarn info and stuff.)

printed cards

I put all the tiling patterns up on my wallpapers page so you can download them to use as desktop/phone wallpaper backgrounds.  The tiling jpgs have credit text on them, but they are pretty large so they won’t repeat many times, and if you use them as a phone wallpaper that text shouldn’t show at all.  They look cool as home screen backgrounds – I have the Siskiyou trees as mine right now!

pillows from Redbubble vs Society6

Redbubble and Society6 have lots of the same stuff (greeting cards, mugs, phone cases, pillow cases, tote bags…) but sometimes I made it so things are printed differently on the 2 sites, like the pillows and tote bags are all printed so the stitches are bigger on Redbubble, smaller on Society6, and sometimes the mugs and other things are different too.

stuff from Redbubble stuff from Society6

Some other stuff is available only on one site or the other – notebooks, postcards, leggings, t-shirts, scarfs, and more only on Redbubble; clocks, art prints, shower curtains only on Society6.

leethal patterns printed on things

I did a bunch of research to make sure the quality of everything seems good.  A couple of things that got not-great feedback from multiple people (or that I didn’t like the look of) I did not make available, so everything that is available should hopefully be good quality.  Everything pictured here is what I ordered for myself to check it out – it’s all great!  A couple of patterns printed a bit dark on some items, so I’ve lightened them up a little.  I got the large (15oz) mug from Society6, so that’s why it looks extra big, it is!

leethal patterns printed on things

The pillow was especially pleasing – it’s a really nice, thick, canvas-y kind of fabric and the printed pattern looks fantastic on it!  I got the Society6 pillow, but I think the Redbubble pillows are basically the same, and I believe the tote bags are printed on the same kind of fabric, so they will be equally good-looking.  (I got the smallest size, just the case; I got a cheapo pillow at Ikea and it fits perfectly.)

stuff with leethal patterns

The spiral notebook is cool – I got lined pages, but you can also choose graph paper if you want (awesome!) and there’s a pocket in the back; the cover is card stock (not hardcover) but it seems pretty nice, and the price is relatively low on the spiral notebooks, so yay for that!  There are hardcover journals too, for a fancier option.

leethal patterns printed on things

And then I got all 6 patterns printed onto Redbubble cards – some greeting cards, some postcards.  Good quality, prints look excellent, greeting cards include brown paper envelopes, and they all have my name as the artist on the back, so that was a neat surprise.  Redbubble has these 4×6″ cards, plus 5×7.5″ greeting cards, all available individually; Society6 only offers 5×7″ stationery cards in sets of 3, 5, or 10, not individually, but a better deal if you want 5 or 10 cards.  The Siskiyou trees would make a great holiday card!

leethal patterns printed on things

And then, Spoonflower!  They have a ton of different fabric types – I got these test swatches on the Cotton Poplin and it looks great.  A couple of the patterns (Haka cables and Flying V’s) printed too dark, so I’ve lightened them up a bit.

leethal patterns printed on things

I sewed the 8×8″ swatches into little mini project bags – they don’t fit much, but they are so cute!

leethal patterns printed on things

If you use a fabric of one of my patterns to sew something, I would LOVE to see it!  Please comment here, or tag me on instagram or twitter :)  And if you REALLY love any of these patterns, you can cover a wall with them – I love looking that the wallpaper previews, they look so cool!

leethal patterns printed on things leethal patterns printed on things

I had so much fun making all this stuff – I’m really hoping it sells a bit just so I’ll get to make more designs in the future!  I have lots of ideas for more, including other design ideas besides tiling patterns, and if there are any of my patterns that you would love to have printed on stuff, let me know and maybe I’ll include them in the next batch!  I want to do a batch of handspun/hand-dyed fabrics, and I want to do some bigger, non-repeating knit design images, and there are more ideas rolling around in my head that can be a surprise…

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May 28, 2015

What’s new this spring

Hi readers!  I am excited to tell you that I have a new page on my website: print patterns!  An assortment of my most popular patterns (kind of a random selection actually, based on things like formatting, not just on popularity) are now available in high-quality printed format; you can see them all on that page, where you can link to the pattern info pages to learn more about the patterns, and click over to buy them through MagCloud.

Print patterns!

When you buy a print pattern there, you’ll also receive a digital copy of the pattern (not the ravelry digital version in your rav library, just a pdf of the print pattern, but that way you can get started right away!).  The pricing of the print patterns there is the same as my print patterns sold in yarn shops; if you want to save on shipping, you can always ask your local yarn shop if they carry my patterns ;)

And speaking of yarn shops, if you happen to own or work at a yarn shop, the other big website update I just completed is my wholesale page.  It’s now all up to date, with a current downloadable line sheet, and previews of all available patterns.

So those are my announcements of what’s new right now… as for more exciting new pattern type news, I have been working hard on many things, including this year’s Adventure Knit-a-long!!  But you’ll learn more about that very soon (like, next week!) so I won’t say anything else for now.  Lots of other things I’ve been working on lately are supersecret, so I don’t have much to show you for now.

#leethalPAD day 22: Page. I actually took this shot last night, then was tired and forgot to post it, oops! Sketchbook page where I'm keeping notes on a bunch of design swatches to figure out the best details for this construction. #leethalPAD day 18: Stitch. I broke out my macro lens! Working on a big construction swatch for my next collection!

I just got this Ikea cart thing (way discounted, woo!) and filled it with my in-progress / soon-to-be-in-progress projects, meaning yarn which has a planned purpose and needs to be knit up asap.  I have A LOT of knitting to get done in the next few months!  Ah, who am I kidding, the next few months, I have A LOT of knitting to get done like always and forever.  So many exciting project ideas, so little time!

yarn in my new Ikea cart thing

So, I’m hard at work on Adventure Knitting.  I have a collection in the works, which includes that stripy project in the corner up there, which is not supersecret – I’ve posted some insta peeks at that one (below).  That collection was originally meant for a spring release actually, but due to timing issues, and more thinking on it, I decided it’s actually a better fall collection anyway, and I don’t want the Adventure KAL to be so late in the summer like it was last year (when it happened in August).  I’d rather push the KAL to earlier in the summer, then release the collection after that, when we’re thinking ahead to cooler weather, so yeah, that collection is something to look forward to a bit later in the year…

Mmmm handspun undyed alpaca and assorted hand dyed recycled yarns, all dug out of old stash from back when I used to spin & dye lots. Looking good!! Working on a design while hanging out on PSU campus, listening to Songza's "whip-smart women of the 90's" playlist (pretty good), on the first bare-legs day of the year.  Good day!  Hope you are having a happy Friday :)

And then I’ve been working on several secret things, one in the so-not-leethal yarns pictured below!  And another in a secret yarn I can’t show you, but it is fabulous and I can’t wait to show you eventually.

Currently working on a design prototype in this - solid black and off-white, fingering weight. WHO AM I? (That might have been the first time I ever bought solid black yarn in my whole life.)

And then there’s a collaboration project in the works which is VERY exciting – I’m working with awesome Portland designers Star Athena and Shannon Squire, local yarn dyer Blue Moon Fiber Arts, and our photographer friend (and sometimes designer) Vivian Aubrey.  This is actually the idea for which the seed was planted several year ago between Star, Vivian, and I – I blogged about it briefly here back in 2012 – but it got put on hold for years, and then evolved.  We’re really excited to have brought Shannon and Tina of Blue Moon on board, and the ball is officially rolling!!  Here is an epic pile of Blue Moon yarns:

Just spent the most glorious 2 hours with @bluemoonfiberarts, @starathena, and @shannonsq around this table of about a hundred colors, scheming away about something.

As for more personal life update stuff – I was down with a horrid flu for the last few weeks, so things have been slowed down a bit.  There were a few days, two weeks ago, when I felt like my body was trying to kill me and I couldn’t even knit, and then I was well enough to knit simple things but not really do anything else, for like a week… and I’ve been kind of slow and blah for about the last week.  Yesterday and today I’m finally feeling just about normal, so yay for normal!  (I think my furry buddy was a bit worried about me when I was really sick.)

Two days spent too sick to even knit :(  This little one has been so nice today, I think she can tell how miserable I feel.

Here in Portland, the weather is turning, the weeds are going crazy, and I’m trying to enjoy the nice bits and not think of the uncomfortably hot days ahead… I got this beautiful poppy plant for the front yard which makes me happy to look at everyday, and I’m growing tomatoes, strawberries, and blueberries in the back yard (and the wild blackberries, which involves mostly cutting them back, and keeping a small-ish patch to harvest).  I made granola yesterday for the first time, and it went really well – had my first warm weather season breakfast this morning: yogurt, blueberries (store bought for now), banana slices, and granola, yum!  (I’m a very seasonal breakfast eater – oatmeal everyday October-ish, through May-ish, and then cold cereal/yogurt topped with granola, berries, and other yummy things in the warm/hot months, one thing I love about summer!)  Anyway, to sum things up, the weather is super nice right now, the yard work needing to be done is overwhelming and awful, but berries are good, and flowers are pretty.

I fell in love with this Iceland Poppy while running errands at Home Depot, had to bring it home with me. Now it's being pretty in our front yard. Granola success! Since this was my first time making it, I kept it pretty basic - lots of slivered almonds, some sunflower seeds, some craisins, maple syrup and honey... Slightly modified from a basic online recipe. Next time I'll try personalizing it mor

So that’s all for now… you can look forward to Adventure KAL news very soon!  Happy springtime!

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November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving sale weekend: Print Pattern Packages (with digital downloads) on sale!

Remember when I used to sell full-color printed booklets of my patterns through MagCloud (and also self-distributed to yarn shops)?  Maybe you don’t, but yeah, I did used to do that… it was a lot of work and not many people were interested, so I stopped, and now I only sell a couple of collections in print format.  (And I use a distributor now for wholesale, because I pretty much sucked at that whole self-distributing thing.)

A side effect of this change in my methods is that I ended up with a pile of these nice quality print patterns sitting in my studio!  What to do?  Well, for about a year, they just sat, sadly, with no purpose in life.  But I want them to find good homes!  So, the biggest sale weekend of the year seems like a good time to address this issue, eh?  Especially since packages of pretty patterns could make great gifts for the knitter(s) in your life!

leethal print pattern set!

So I’ve gathered up all these print booklets, sorted them into sets, and listed them on etsy… except if you’re reading this on Wednesday or Thursday, they aren’t there yet.  They will go live as close as possible to midnight on Thursday night (west coast time), at discounted sale weekend prices!  They will stay at the discounted prices until Monday night around midnight, at which point all the sets that remain un-claimed will go up to their normal prices (which are still discounted from what the patterns would normally cost – all pricing details are explained at the end of this post).

Betiko - mystery pattern version ten 10 yard cuffs! big skoodlet! Twisted Ankles!

But wait, it gets better!!  Each print pattern will have on it a slip of paper with a download code, for the pdf pattern through ravelry (but it still works fine if you’re not a ravelry member).  Some of these print patterns are older versions which have been revised in the last year or so; the pdf downloads will be the newest, bestest versions, so you’ll have both the pretty printed booklet for your shelf, and the digital file to refer to if anything in the old version is confusing, or just to have a backup copy in your rav library, etc.

spiral hat Brimming with Color! haka! Ocean Breezes!

There are a bunch of patterns in print form – for some of them, I only have 1 or 2 copies, and for others, I have a ton of them, so they show up in many of the sets.  For most of the sets, only 1 exists – one set has 2 in stock, and another has 3; once they’re gone, they’re gone!

I’ll link to every pattern right here and now, so I don’t need to link them up every time they are mentioned.

Pattern links:

And: Etsy shop link to buy these print pattern packages.

leethal print pattern set!

There are a few small sets… I have 3 copies of this Quick Knits pattern package (above), which includes the Quick Knits best-of book, with 12 patterns using under 20 yards of yarn, and the Ten 10 yard Cuffs pattern, with 10 different buttoning cuff patterns in varying degrees of difficulty.  This package is a great learning tool for new knitters, or a perfect gift for someone with tons of small leftovers they want to use up!

leethal print pattern set! leethal print pattern set!

There are two different 3-pattern sets.  Haka/Ten 10 yard Cuffs/Skoodlet is a fun little package for adventurous beginner level knitters – Haka and the cuffs are easy, with the cuffs possibly teaching some new techniques, and then Skoodlet is a step up into the more intermediate range.  And then the Skoodlet/Betiko/Junction set is for the more advanced knitter – 3 bigger patterns which are customizable, fun to knit, and great to wear!

leethal print pattern set! leethal print pattern set!

There are two different 4-pattern sets as well.  There’s that same fun adventurous-beginner level package from above, but with Double Scoops added on, which is also a fun pattern for knitters ready to advance, or just wanting to make a fun little accessory.  And then a 4-hat package – Haka, Spiraling Stripes set, Ocean Breezes, and Custom Tritops set – which is a fun introduction to leethal hat patterns; all four hats are constructed differently from each other!

leethal print pattern set!

And now we step up to some 6-pattern packages.  Above is another great adventurous beginner kind of package, with Ten 10 yard Cuffs, the Haka hat, and the Brimming with Color hat all being very beginner-friendly, and then 2 more hats – Mr. Pointy and Spiraling Stripes set – both on the slightly more simple end of the leethal pattern spectrum, and Skoodlet being a great pattern for stepping into intermediate territory.

leethal print pattern set!

This one is a leethal short rows collection – 6 patterns which all make use of short rows in varying ways!  This would be a fun introduction to my design style for someone unfamiliar with my sideways edge techniques.  You get the Junction modular triangle shawl, Betiko customizable crescent shawl, Terrapin modular twisted stitch hat, Custom Tritops modular hat collection, Spiraling Stripes sideways-knit hat set, and Swerve modular sideways-cuff fingerless mitts.

leethal print pattern set!

And here is a 7-pattern set for hat lovers – a wide variety of different kinds of hat patterns.  There’s the Haka earflap hat, Terrapin twisted stitch hat, Custom Tritops versatile set, Mr. Pointy ziggy-zaggy fitted hat, Brimming with Color bulky slouch hat, Ocean Breezes wavy cloche or beret, and Spiraling Stripes customizable swirly hat set.

leethal print pattern set!

This one is kind of a world of leethal collection, with 7 different leethal accessories… Twisted Ankles cabled legwarmers, Swerve fingerless mitts, Ten 10 yard Cuffs, Double Scoops headband/earmuffs, Skoodlet hooded cowl, Haka hat, and Spiraling Stripes hat set.

leethal print pattern set!

Another leethal variety pack, with 8 patterns – 5 hats, and 3 other fun things.  There’s Haka hat, Spiraling Stripes hat set, Brimming with Color hat, Custom Tritops hat set, Ocean Breezes hat, Double Scoops earmuffs/headband, Skoodlet hooded cowl, and Ten 10 yard Cuffs.

leethal print pattern set!

The mega hat set includes 8 hat patterns – the 7 in the hat lovers set above, plus Wobble Bass, to add some sideways cables to the mix!

leethal print pattern set!

And lastly, this is the package pictured at the top, the ultimate leethal accessory collection!  You get all the leethal classics (okay I don’t know what qualifies as a leethal classic, but some of my all-time favorites are included here!) – Betiko shawl, Skoodlet, Double Scoops, Shapeshifter, Spiraling Stripes hats, Haka, Ten 10 yard Cuffs, and Twisted Ankles.

A couple things you might like to know…

Each pattern will come with its own separate download code, so if you want to split up your package and gift patterns to different people (or gift a few and keep the rest for yourself!), that will totally work fine!

Sale weekend prices are $2 less than the digital version of each pattern would be on its own, all combined (so if there are three patterns, and they each cost $6 normally, then the package price is $4 times the 3 patterns = $12 total).  The normal (still discounted) price that remaining packages will raise to after Monday will be $1 less than the normal pattern prices.  So for a 4-pattern package, the price will go up by $4; for an 8-pattern package, it will go up by $8.  All sale and post-sale prices are given in the etsy listings.

Shipping is the same for all packages – $2 within the US, $5 to anywhere else (see the etsy listings for more details).

I think that’s all there is to know!  Head to my etsy shop on Friday and get what you want while you can!  (Just so you know, there are a few pdfs listed in my shop, so the listings which don’t say print patterns are not print patterns.)  I am hoping to find good homes for all of these patterns over the weekend; I have no idea what to expect, so if you really want something it’s best to act fast in case they start selling out right away!

Thanksgiving '09!

Happy holidays!  I plan to eat way too much food tomorrow (mmmmmm stuffing and mashed potatoes!), and then avoid all stores all weekend – no Black Friday madness for me, no thank you!  If you do go out shopping this weekend, try to support local shops as much as you’re able to!!  :)

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February 1, 2012

Pattern sale for all of February!!

I’m turning thirty this month, you guys!  To, um, celebrate (?), I’m having a sale on all my knitting patterns for the whole month!

Betiko - mystery pattern version Flippable

Buy any 3 or more of my patterns at the same time, through my website (including quick knits ebooks) or through ravelry, and enter the coupon code “thirty” in the cart to get 30% off the whole order!

This includes Remixed ebook pre-orders as well!  (Be sure you add all the patterns to your cart before checking out, so that when you enter the coupon code, it shows the sale price there in the cart.)

infinity moebius scarf thing Wild is the Wind

Oh yeah, something un-related to this, but related to the month of February… I just saw this photo-a-day challenge thing through tumblr today, and decided to give it a shot (hah, shot, get it? oh yeah!).  I’ll be posting the photos on my tumblr each day, probably, or maybe sometimes on instagram, we’ll see… anyway, could be fun!

Skoodlet! Custom Tritop!

That’s really all I have to say for this post… but I’ll be posting again very soon since the sixth Remixed pattern is about to be released (it may even already be up as you’re reading this!).

Any suggestions for things I should try to do during this last week-ish of being in my 20’s?!

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December 1, 2011

Shop news – discounted items plus sales going to charity!

Oh my, it’s already December!  I have a bunch of leethal shop news!  The main thing is that (as you know if you follow my blog) I have pretty much transitioned completely to knit design, and away from all the old stuff I used to make and sell.  I have tons of things in my shop from the old days which I would really love to clear out, so I’ve discounted lots of the items, and I’m also adding an extra big incentive:

Through December 18th, 25-40% of all leethal shop sales will be donated to Heifer!  You can learn more about this organization on their website; their “mission is to work with communities to end hunger and poverty and care for the earth. … With gifts of livestock and training, [they] help families improve their nutrition and generate income in sustainable ways.”

The exact percentage depends on the item – at the top of each category page within my shop, you’ll see whether those items are 25% or 40%.  I’ve also added a bunch of new items to the shop and made some other updates…

This isn’t new, but it is relevant to the season – I have a bunch of these connect-the-dots holiday cards available:

connect-the-dots holiday cards

connect-the-dots holiday cards connect-the-dots holiday cards

I have added a bunch of photo greeting cards for the first time – these are all made from 100% recycled/reclaimed materials (reclaimed blank greeting cards and envelopes, and 100% recycled high quality matte photo paper).  There are a few different single cards:

photo greeting cards photo greeting cards

And two different sets of 3 cards – crafty photos and flower photos:

photo greeting cards photo greeting cards

I’ve also added two buttoning cowls to the accessories – these are both made from recycled sweaters (one is 100% cashmere), vintage buttons, and other recycled/vintage materials, and they are both discounted from their original prices (they were originally for sale through Trillium):

buttoning cowl buttoning cowl

And more old items that have been newly added – knit kits!  Some ninja mitts kits, 2-color hat kits, and one spiraling stripes hat kit; all include hand-dyed recycled yarn, and the pattern(s), and the spiraling hat kit also includes a couple of recycled paperclip stitch markers.

leethal knit kit leethal knit kit

These were all made for Trillium also, long ago – most of the kits I made back then (pictured below) sold, but these few that didn’t are now discounted for you!


I also had made a skein of handspun awhile back that never made it up for sale, but now it’s there!  I named it Soft as Chalk (a Joanna Newsom song title) because it’s made from all super soft wool, spun into a smooth single.  I also discounted the skein of handspun art yarn that’s been there for awhile, Rainbow in the Dark.

handspun handspun

And the last newly added items – buttons are back!  They are the same buttons that used to be there, but I had to take them down when I ran out of button-making supplies… Portland map buttons, respect the needles / tame the yarn, and shoot film / shoot polaroid / shoot medium format sets.

recycled portland map buttons needlesyarnbuttons.jpg

Some things that haven’t changed, but you know, they might make good gifts… recycled printed shirts – for knitters:

printed shirt printed shirt

…and other designs.  All printed onto reclaimed shirts, in professional screen printing inks, totally washable.  There are a couple of kids size shirts as well!

printed shirt shirt061.jpg

And in the accessories category, there are a few cuffs remaining, like this velcro one, all made from recycled fabrics…

recycled t-shirt cuff recycled t-shirt cuff

and several hats!  Some kids sizes, some adult sizes, all made from recycled materials, at discounted prices!

kids pointy eared hat floppy ears tie hat! stretchy monster hat!

Percentages of sales of connect-the-dots stitch sets, clock kits, and photo prints all go to Heifer as well!  I’m leaving town to visit family for the holidays, so orders must be placed by December 18th… not only will the charity donations end then, but the shop will be significantly changing and many items will be gone for good!


A quick unrelated note – the fifth Remixed pattern went up today!  I probably won’t be blogging it till next week, so I just wanted to tell you now!

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May 5, 2011

Happy Spring Sale!

Ok so… I continue to be ridiculously busy and I’ve been pretty absent over here and on twitter too.  So, to thank you for bearing with me and continuing to follow me through these months of lacking content, I’m having a spring sale on my patterns!

Enter the code spring into your shopping cart coupon code box, now through Monday, either in ravelry or on my website, to get 20% off any and all of my knitting patterns and ebooks!  Just so you know I didn’t forget about you!  Happy spring!

bird on wire

Well, this is what spring looks like here in Portland most days…


I don’t have much to show you, as most of what I’ve been busy with is either secret or just not photographic; I hosted trivia again last night!  But no pictures of that… I finished a huge design project last week that I’m super happy with… I’ve been slowly doing bits of yard work here and there when I have a chance, but nothing to show you yet with that… anyway, those above and this one below are just some random pictures from the last couple weeks.  This is in the Ace Hotel, where I found myself killing some time waiting for a photoshoot to happen:

Ace Hotel

I spun some yarn the other day – birthday yarn for my buddy Caitlin!

Caitlin's bday yarn

And I did a brand new photoshoot for my old free pattern Waving Chevron Scarf.  Have yet to redo the pdf, with my new pattern format and the new photos…

waving chevron scarf waving chevron scarf

This weekend I’ll be hard at work on my second-to-last quick knits club ebook!  You can still grab a 3-month subscription for just 10 bucks (and you can enter that coupon code to make it 8!), which will get you April’s music themed ebook, May’s book on Monday (hopefully, maybe Tuesday), and then June’s which is the last one.  Follow my twitter to maybe see some peeks at the club designs as I’m working on them!

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December 14, 2010

Holiday cards for sale now and free with purchase!

These have been for sale through Trillium for a little while now, but now they are available through my shop as well!  Connect-the-dots holiday cards!

connect-the-dots holiday cards

There is a happy holidays penguins design, and a seasons greetings polar bears design (card insides are blank):

connect-the-dots holiday cards connect-the-dots holiday cards

They are meant to be given to your giftee, who can then connect the numbers and reveal the greeting!

connect-the-dots holiday cards

All the materials are recycled/reclaimed (cards, envelopes, label paper from Scrap, and 100% recycled premium quality paper) – because of the way I source the materials, nice envelopes are a bit harder to come by than the cards, so I’m offering cards without envelopes for a little cheaper ($3.75 vs $4), in case you don’t need the envelope.  Here’s a card on a gift under my tree:

connect-the-dots holiday cards

Because this month is flying by so darn quickly and there are only a few days left when shipped items will arrive by xmas, I’m having a free cards sale through the end of this week (the 17th) – buy anything from my site that gets physically sent (not patterns) and I’ll include one of these greeting cards!  Let me know (via email) if you prefer one design or the other, and also if the item is being sent directly to a gift recipient, then I can write a personal note from you inside the card!

leethal printed shirt

In case you’re a newer reader and mostly just familiar with my knit stuff (my focus nowadays), I used to make all kinds of things from recycled materials, and there are still plenty of those in my shop!  Lots of recycled shirts (and a couple sweatshirts, like the one above) with prints from my hand-carved lino blocks and handmade stencil screen prints (I’m a baller and respect the needles tame the yarn)…  A bunch of hats and a few cuffs made from recycled sweaters, sweatshirts, and t-shirts…

hat! hat! floppy ears tie hat!

Clock kits with printed fabric clock faces and instruction booklets for taking apart a thrifted clock and rebuilding your new fabric faced one…

clock kit! clock kit!

Tons of photo prints in sets of three 4×6’s and matted 8×6’s fitted for 8×10 frames…

trio envelopes

And then there are the knit kits, which I’m running super low on at the moment, and the connect-the-dots stitch sets of course, which I’m waiting on from the printer so most of those won’t ship out till the end of the week (as noted on the webpage)…

stitched argus! pincushion: orange-on-aqua

So, grab your gift items while you still can, and I’ll ship them out as soon as I can!  I use regular first class mail so I can’t guarantee arrival dates unless you’d like to pay more for faster/better shipping; if so, just let me know when you place your order.  Within the states, I think any orders placed by Wednesday (or Thursday morning) should be fine to arrive by xmas…

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December 9, 2010

Framed connect-the-dots stitched pictures!

I meant to start a series of posts like this forever ago – the main issue I hear about my stitch sets is “what would I do with them after I stitch them?”  So, this is the most basic option, but in the future I’ll be showing you more project ideas (of course, they will be projects you could make with any squares of embroidered fabric, not just the connect-the-dots pictures!)…

stitched pictures framed

On my wall now are 4 sea pictures – the octopus and one other from the Sea Creatures set, and the angler fish and one other from the Ocean Abyss set.  You can click over to the spoilers page to see the unblurred images.  For the octopus, I had fun with some mats I scored from the thrift store last week – no mat was the right size for the frame and the picture, so I layered 3 mats:

stitched pictures framed

The great thing about framing the stitch set pictures is that, while they are on 6×6 inch fabric squares, the images themselves are all fitted within a 4×6 area.  So they are easily framable in any 4×6 picture frame, or 4×6 mat.  (That mat above is a little smaller than 4×6, so the edges are cropped a little, but I like how it looks!)

stitched pictures framed

The other 3 are in basic (super cheap) Ikea Clips glass frames – the extra 2 inches are wrapped around the backs, so if I wanted to take them out of the frames later to use them for a project, they aren’t cut smaller.

new stitch set Kits!!

By the way, if you’re still looking for holiday gifts for any crafty friends or family members – I have 8 different themes of these stitch sets (from rock instruments to woodland creatures to crafty tools to dinosaurs…), and kits too!   You can get kits with 3 or 5 sets worth of images, and plenty of embroidery floss, a hoop, and a needle to stitch them all up!  Get them “mystery shuffled” for maximum fun connecting the dots and revealing the pictures!

And Portland readers – the sets are also for sale at Twisted!

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November 30, 2010

Printed Patterns and a Twisted Trunk Show!

Big announcement about my knitting patterns!  They are now available as printed booklets!  Super nice quality, full color, printed by MagCloud, available for you to order directly…

my trunk show stuff!

…and hopefully sometime soon, available at your local yarn shop!  Now that the printed patterns have been designed and made, I’m going to start wholesaling them to all the coolest shops.  Have a local shop where you think my patterns would fit nicely?  Let me know!  (Or, let them know!)  If I can get your help with putting together a list of stores, with actual personal recommendations (much better than blind web searching!) I’ll be on my way to spreading these patterns across the country!  (world? we’ll see!)

As for getting your hands on some patterns right now, before that spreading across the country thing happens… MagCloud is having a holiday sale through the end of December!  Save a bit off each pattern and maybe pick up some presents for knitters on your gift list?

Oh and, an awesome feature of MagCloud is that you can preview the entire booklet there on the site – so you can see the whole pattern, front cover to back cover and everything in between, before deciding whether to buy.  Just like being able to flip through the pattern in a shop!

magcloud preview

Want to know what kicked my butt into finally getting this huge task done?  (It took me about 4 days straight of layout design and pattern editing!)

I’m having my first trunk show this week!  At my most favorite yarn shop – Twisted!  Yay!

my trunk show stuff!

All those patterns and all those sample knits will be displayed at Twisted (with 10% off patterns!), along with a few Double Scoops kits and connect-the-dots stitch sets as well, from this Wednesday (tomorrow) until next Tuesday (the 7th).

The trunk show reception party time is Friday (Dec 3rd) from 6-8, so that’s when it would be most fun to come by, hang out and knit with me and my Twisted buddies, ask any questions you might have about the patterns, and check out the knits!  Oh, and there might be some kind of fun raffle thing going on…

Ocean Breezes! spiral hat

But hey, there’s another event too!  My show happens to be overlapping with the awesome Blonde Chicken‘s one-night-only handspun yarn visit!  On Monday from 5-8 Tara will be there with her yarn, and I will definitely be there to check out said yarn and hang out, so that would be a good second chance for you to be able to see my show, and see hers at the same time, and hang out with us all!  Yeah!

Shapeshifter! Swerve fingerless mitts!

So, if you’re in Portland, I hope you can make it in, take a peek at my patterns, new and old, and perhaps we can knit together a bit.

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