November 19, 2009

Craft Leftovers Monthly for 2 of you!

You crafty readers are probably already well aware of Craft Leftovers, but for anyone who isn’t, I’m happy to enlighten you! is Kristin Roach’s website, which is focused on projects you can do with materials left over from bigger projects. Ranging from sewing to knit to crochet to embroidery to bookmaking to weaving and much more, you can find the archive of all Kristin’s free projects here.


So, in addition to those free projects on her site and blog, Kristin also has a fabulous zine!  Craft Leftovers Monthly is all about living life creatively.  It’s full of resourceful projects, patterns, and ideas for using what’s on hand.  It turned two years old in August, and is 100% recycled and handmade!  There’s also an optional kit each month that you can order with with the zine, so fun!  And starting with the current issue, the zine format has been upgraded to 5×7, 32 pages, and now with projects by guest designers!

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To celebrate the new zine format, Kristin has donated 2 copies of the winter issue for me to give away to two of you!  Awesome!  Just leave a comment here before Monday at 8pm (west coast time), telling us what craft material you have most of in leftovers – for me it’s probably yarn, but I have a ton of fabric scraps too!  I’ll choose 2 zine winners at random, which I’ll post here Monday night – and there might be a little something special for all non-winners too!

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