April 4, 2010

March 28th – April 3rd photos

Not any really exciting photos this week… spent a lot of time working on website coding, business plan writing, and other non-photographable worky stuff, so… here it goes!

28th + 29th – We hung out with some buddies at Amnesia for a couple beers, then headed to Laurelwood for late night happy hour house-made veggie burgers – if you live in Portland and like veggie burgers, you must try them, yummm!  Nothing photogenic on the 29th, so I photographed our Trader Joe’s black bean taquitos, always yummy:

0328 0329

30th + 31st – More food and beer… split a New Seasons wok bowl for dinner before Radio Room trivia, yumyumyum.  The 31st was trivia-packed – Pete hosted a special Nike event in Beaverton in the afternoon (weird, yeah, but it went super well!) and then we went to Zach’s trivia that night, where I did a little stitching (embroidery at a bar = awesome!):

0330 0331

April 1st + 2nd – On the day Banzo’s butt became famous, she was acting kind of bratty all day, like she knew she was hot stuff, and wouldn’t stay still for a photo.  That day was crazy super nice Springy weather; the next day – hail storm:

0401 0402

3rd – So much stitching!  Stitched up a bunch of connect-the-dots examples (which are now viewable on the spoilers page), including an experimental try at stitching a design from paper onto a shirt, using the method Kristin describes here as “tissue paper transfer” – worked pretty well!  (See the result on the spoilers page – Sea Creatures picture two.)


(More about my stitch sets update tomorrow…) So hopefully this week will be more photogenic, unless you’re really into food/beer photos, in which case last week rocked!  hehe… oh yeah, happy Easter!  Have you been eating lots of chocolate? I have! yay!

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