November 25, 2009

November leethal quick knits club!

I’ve been a bit off track for the last week or so, first due to trying to finish a new project that I’d planned to release on Monday, but then due to food poisoning everything got bumped and I’m hoping to finally release it on Friday. And this post was supposed to happen on Sunday, but yeah, here it is – everyone should definitely have their packages by now, except for possibly the few far away international members…


November quick knits club!  The theme was Winter giving…  First, the yarn!  The spun yarn was a wool/mohair/nylon icy blue and white strand, wrapped in white angora/nylon, for a cold as ice, fuzzy-tastic bulky yarn, named Winter Wooskie.  The dyed, Winter A-Go-Go, was lambswool/angora/nylon, dyed shades of green over a bright white base, with white showing through to look like snow on green leaves.

WinterWooskieMiniSkeins WinterA-Go-GoMiniSkeins

And the patterns to match: Winter Leaves and a Wee Gift Bag (rav links).  The cute drawstring bag can be given as wrapping for a special gift, or it can be for the knitter to keep for storing something special (it would be a great way to hold some nice stitch markers with your notions stash!); the leaves can be used however the knitter likes… decoration on a wrapped gift…

Nov quick knits club patterns

turned into tree ornaments or home decoration… or made into a necklace…

Nov quick knits club patterns Winter Leaves necklace

I know the necklace is kinda crazy, but I really like it!  In addition to the necklace how-to, I included a pom pom how-to for anyone interested.  Each club kit included 2 pieces of ribbon, to be used for each pattern – for the bag and necklace – or to be cut into ornament pieces or used any other way.

ribbons ribbons3

Each kit also included a set of 3 yarn photographs, taken by me of yarn that I either spun or dyed or both, to be used for anything, but I included a note with a couple of ideas fitting with the theme.  I gave a link to Alicia Kachmar’s photo ornament how-to on photojojo:


And gave the idea of cutting them into gift tags (yes, that is an awesome “knit” gift bag, I think from the dollar store!):


So, with the 3 photos, you could make 2 ornaments and 4 or 6 gift tags, or 1 ornament and up to 12 tags!  I also included a pair of paper fasteners to be used for one ornament.  Or, of course, the photos could be framed, or used in any kind of photo craft or art project!

photoornamentandtag gifttags3

And lastly, everyone got a copy of my winter mix!  It’s called I wanna be buried in snow, and it’s in a floppy disk sleeve!  I won’t tell you the track list yet (that’s still a secret) but I will tell you that the yarns are both named after songs on the mix.  By the way, the floppy disks all came from Scrap, and the ribbons all came from Knittn’ Kitten!


So here is everything that each member received…


And here it is all made up!  (If you’re wondering how non-members might obtain these patterns, I am planning to release a mini-ebook of the first 4 months of club patterns in February – so at that time, you’ll be able to knit yourself a moustache, superhero mask, back-to-school set, ankle pouch, and everything from this kit.)


The club has gotten some great member feedback so far – Kristin Roach wrote about it on Craft Leftovers, and April blogged about her package on Studio Strategos.  I need to start a feedback section on the club page; if you are a member and you’ve blogged about your package, be sure to let me know so I can link to you!

One last club thing – there’s no December club, but right now you can sign up for January, or for a 3 month subscription Jan-March.  A club membership would make a great gift for knitters – if signing up as a gift, you can let me know and I’ll put the recipient’s email address on the list so they receive the pdf on mail-out day (and of course, put their mailing address in the paypal order).

Now I get back to work on this secret to-be-revealed-on-Friday (hopefully) project… want some hints?  It involves a knitting pattern, and a ton of hand-dyed recycled yarn in very special custom colorways!  Happy Thanksgiving to you all, and enjoy your turkey if you’re into that kind of thing, or your mashed potatoes and vegetarian gravy (yummmmmmm) and stuffing and cranberries and veggies and pie and pie and more pie………..

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