August 3, 2009

Quick Knits Club sneaky preview!

Don’t forget, Wednesday is the last day you can sign up for my brand new leethal Quick Knits Club!!  (Slight spoiler alert: if you’ve signed up and you really want it to be a total mystery, don’t scroll down!)

Okay this is a one time thing, just for the first month, but since I don’t have any club packages to show you as an example yet, I’m going to give you a sneak peek at the yarns!  To refresh your memory, each member’s club package will include 2 mini-skeins of yarn: a 15 yard skein of recycled hand-dyed, and a 10 yard skein of spun recycled.  Well I’ve been in yarn production mode, and the colors will remain a secret, but here’s a look at the tags from the sweaters which are becoming the spun yarn:

Quick Knits Club Spun Yarn Tags

As for the dyed yarn, I spent a couple episodes of a bad tv show yesterday frogging this J.Crew sweater, resulting in 1154 (!!) yards of soft lambswool:

Quick Knits Club Dyed Yarn Tag

Of course it’s all getting over-dyed, and you don’t get to see exactly what the club yarn will look like, but you do get a peek!

Quick Knits Club Dye Pot

Mmmm greeeeen!  Ok I’ve shown you too much already!  But, you know, I understand that it’s hard to sign up for a club if you have no idea what you’re gonna get, so I wanted to give you some kind of idea.

In other news, I’m getting so pumped up by all the Sock Summit excitement around twitter and blog-world that I’m actually about to start casting on for my first ever pair of socks!! Whoa!  More on that later, for sure!

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