April 11, 2012

Remixed pattern #5: Slanted & Enchanted

First things first… As of last week, all Remixed patterns are now for sale individually, so if you’re not into the whole collection or making recycled yarn you can now grab just what you want!  Of course, $20 for all 8 patterns is still the best deal ($2.50 per pattern) but now you have the option… Also, all the patterns and the full collection are now available to local yarn store customers through LYSs participating in Ravelry’s in-store sales program, so if you work for a shop or would like to buy through your favorite shop, there’s that option now, so that’s cool.

Slanted & Enchanted scarf

So now, what happened was that I put out this Slanted & Enchanted design back during the crazy hectic holiday season – it went live on December 1st – and I guess I’d meant to blog about it as soon as possible but things were a bit too busy and I somehow forgot to blog it… When I realized, I was partway through my second sample, which I planned to add to the pattern when it was finished, so I decided to just wait to blog it until that was done…

Slanted & Enchanted scarf

So now that time has come and here’s Slanted & Enchanted!

Remixed Slanted & Enchanted Slanted & Enchanted #2

The top 2 photos are my original sample, and the one above on the right is that new sample I recently finished.  The scarf is designed to use up yarn leftovers of all lengths, even down to around a foot long.

The size of the scarf can be whatever you want, but one end will always be twice the width of the other end.  My main sample (below) is 57 inches / 145 cm long (not including fringe), and 4.75 inches / 12 cm wide on the narrow end, 9.5 inches / 24 cm on the wide end.  It’s knit lengthwise, so you can either just cast-on until you think it seems like a good length, or make a gauge swatch and determine the number of stitches you need for the exact length you want… and then just work until you like the width.

Slanted & Enchanted scarf Slanted & Enchanted scarf

My second sample (below) is much shorter and wider than the first – 36 inches / 91 cm long, 6.75 inches / 17 cm wide on the narrow end, 13.5 inches / 34 cm wide on the wide end.  It was knit with all pieces from the same unraveled colorwork sweater, so it’s all the same bulky weight yarn.

Slanted & Enchanted #2 Slanted & Enchanted #2

Here’s the sweater – I unraveled all but the sleeves (I have a different project planned for the sleeves!)…

recycling colorwork sweater yarn recycling colorwork sweater yarn

…and then divided all the scraps into tiny balls to use them for the scarf:

recycling colorwork sweater yarn

Yarn weights can vary within this project, since each row is knit with a different yarn, they should just all be around a general weight area – my main sample was all around worsted weight, ranging from sport to chunky but mostly worsted-ish.  A close up of the fabric, with each row in a different yarn:

Remixed pattern in progress

In the chunky sample, I experimented a bit with working 2, 3, or 4 rows of the same color – you can sort of see below how the pattern is different with wider stripes.  It would be a whole different look to knit an entire scarf with 2 row or 3 row stripes.

Slanted & Enchanted #2

The stitch pattern is super simple, kind of a cross between garter stitch and ribbing, so it’s a pretty beginner-friendly pattern.  It’s a little tricky because you have to work on 2 circular needles, but it’s all knit flat and the short rows are easy since there’s no wrapping+turning, just stop and begin a new row.

Slanted & Enchanted #2

The slanted shape is made by switching between a full row (all the way across the length) and a short row (stopping anywhere when the yarn runs out) so you should have a bunch of scraps that are long enough to reach across the whole length, and another bunch that are shorter, in all varying lengths.  See, it’s really the perfect pattern for using up allllll your leftover bits and pieces!

Slanted & Enchanted scarf

All yarn ends are tied together to make fringe on both sides, but there is a bunch of weaving in that needs to be done where the short rows end (just a warning)… You could cut the fringe straight across to make it neater, but I like it messy like this:

Slanted & Enchanted scarf

So that’s the 5th pattern I released for Remixed, and the final of the 8 patterns bloggedsee all 8 here (or on ravelry).

Slanted & Enchanted scarf Slanted & Enchanted scarf

Before releasing each for sale individually, besides adding that second scarf sample, I also re-knit this Gentle on My Mind sample bonnet:

orange stripy Gentle on My Mind

The original striped one was way too small, and I decided it would be much better to make it a good size (rather than showing it as a small version) and now I can actually wear it, yay!  Love it!

orange stripes Gentle on My Mind orange stripy Gentle on My Mind

I made another Wild is the Wind as well – not for an official pattern sample, since it does a terrible job at actually showing the design, but just for myself and to use a recycled spun yarn I made for the ebook:

soft+stripey Wild is the Wind

It’s an extra big and slouchy version (details are on the rav page) in a super soft wool/angora blend – the colors are fantastic and am totally in love with this hat, yay!

soft+stripey Wild is the Wind soft+stripey Wild is the Wind

Now everything is up to date with Remixed, blog-wise, but there’s one last fun thing for Remixers!

Remixed knit-a-long!  With prizes!  Details are here in the ravelry group, where you can talk about what you’re knitting, ask questions, share progress photos, etc, with all the knitters.  Post your projects in ravelry by the end of May to enter to win prizes, yay!

Happy knitting everyone!

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