October 16, 2009

Slowly getting back on track…

Well hello there!  This week has been totally nuts, getting the club packages made up and sent out this afternoon, with 2 other deadlines the same day, and Pete’s parents in town all week… So, I was able to get one of the projects done last weekend, then I worked on the club late into the nights while squeezing in trips to OMSI and the Museum of Contemporary Craft, seeing Sarah Vowell at Powell’s, trivia at Zach’s, and oh-so-much delicious Portland food!!  Oh and I helped out with Twisted inventory for 7 hours on Monday (which was, um, kind of a surprisingly fun break for my brain, really)!  It was a fun kind of busy, for sure, but I’m happy to have a bit of time now to catch up on blogging, knitting, and working on getting my studio in order (finally)!


A few exciting things have been happening with Game Knitting – some rad blog mentions/reviews (and, and) and a super awesome podcast mention (more than just a mention actually) on Hoxton Handmade’s Electric Sheep podcast!  It’s a great podcast, which I’m so happy to have now discovered, so I’m superduper honored to have been talked about!  And thank you so much everyone for all the comments!


There are a couple of active Game Knitting threads going on in the leethal ravelry group – there’s the general Game Knitting topic, and there’s a Game Lists topic in which knitters are sharing their lists for the tv shows they are playing to!  Fun!!  Guttersnipe thought of a brilliant idea of working 2 different game patterns in the same piece, using one list or type of occurrence for one game pattern, and a different list/type for the other – in her case, playing to a hockey game and when something happens with team A, make the switch with one game pattern, and team B for the other pattern.  Genius!

my bulky skoodlet mt hood skoodlet

In local news – if you are a newish knitters, scared to attempt my Skoodlet pattern because of the provisional cast-on, short rows, seaming, buttonholes, math, you may be interested in my Skoodlet class happening at Twisted on Oct 25th and Nov 1st.

Ocean Breezes

And other Twisted news – if you like my Ocean Breezes hat and are sad you can’t get the pattern for a year, you can sign up now for 2010’s Single Skein Club!  This is not just for locals – they’ll ship anywhere in the US (possibly further, you can call and ask).  Twisted is a fabulous shop, and the club is super fun, with patterns by local designers and a different skein of yarn to match every other month, all year long!

Kitten Project kitten project

Lastly, the new Knittn’ Kitten project for this week is by Joey Groendes, of Addie Pearl.  Joey says:

This project is one of the very first things I ever made using felt. I realized that I could make my own templates and ANYTHING could be sewn together! I chose this project because it is very simple and anyone can make their own purse/bag. Knitt’n Kitten is packed with items that can be utilized to make a Halloween cat/devil bag. I believe I whipped out a quick single crochet chain for the strap, but you could use cord or rick rack or add beads to the crochet chain to make it fancy.

Head over to the Kitten for the free project sheet!

Ok that’s it for tonight.  I’ve been finishing this post while watching 30 Rock, which is such a good show that it’s taken me 2 episodes to plug in the pictures!  One of my many favorite quotes:  “Why are you wearing a tux?”  “It’s after 6.  What am I, a farmer?”

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