November 4, 2016

Upcoming teaching and other stuff!

I can’t believe it’s November already! I am deep into my school term (did you know I’m going to school?!) and suddenly it’s the holiday season already, whoa! I just wanted to let you know about a few upcoming things…


First, if you’re in the Seattle area, I’ll be at Knit Fit! again this year, November 12-13. I’m teaching Making a Triyang Modular Shawl (above) and Recycled Yarn Making (below), both on Sunday, and I’m hosting Game Knitting night on Saturday night, to Princess Bride (see below for more about that!).

from Making Recycled Yarns ebook

If you’re near Corvallis, I’m teaching at Stash on Sunday, November 20th, exciting! I’ll be teaching my No-Pattern Hat Knitting class, which teaches you how to make hats custom fit to your head in any gauge with three different construction methods…

My hats

…and then I’m also hosting a Game Knitting night there, to Empire Records (a personal favorite)!

Game Knitting at Knit Fit!

So at this point, you may be thinking, what is a Game Knitting night?! I’ve hosted them at Knit Fit! three times (2012-14 and then they did one without me present last year as well) and they are so much fun! I tell everyone about the Game Knitting concept (as you can read a bit about here) and then we all watch a movie together while calling out whenever a list item happens and making something happen there in our knitting projects. Something happening in the knitting could be a cable twist, an eyelet hole, a switch between knitting and purling, a short row turn, a color change, or anything else you can think of! Here are the items I’ve knit at Game Knitting nights (two were using short rows, and one was using eyelet holes):

Game Knitting at Knit Fit!

Game Knitting at Knit Fit! Game Knitting at Knit Fit!

Up above there is the movie list for 10 Things I Hate About You, and below are the first two years, Say Anything and Singles (they all had a Seattle theme):

Game Knitting at Knit Fit! Game Knitting at Knit Fit!

And here are a bunch of participants’ knits at the end of the night on the first year:

Game Knitting at Knit Fit! Game Knitting at Knit Fit!

Game Knitting at Knit Fit! Game Knitting at Knit Fit!

Game Knitting at Knit Fit! Game Knitting at Knit Fit!

So if you’re basically anywhere in the Pacific Northwest, I hope you can join us for one of those upcoming Game Knitting nights!


In other teaching news, a very exciting gig just got announced for next year: I’ll be in Nashville in July for the Super Summer Knitogether (aka SSK) with The Knit Girllls, along with Ann Budd, Jillian Moreno, and David Schulz. I am ridiculously excited about this whole thing eeeeek!!

Arleta School Holiday Bazaar

And something for Portland: I’ll be sharing a table with a couple of awesome crafty friends at the Arleta School Holiday Bazaar on December 3rd. I’ll have some of my old stuff I used to sell, which is still pretty cool I think so if you missed out back in the old days you could score some rare leethal goods :-p And I’ll also have some patterns and books. And there should be tons of fun stuff and it benefits a great school so I hope to see you there!

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