May 2, 2010

Wecome to our Home!

Well that whole blogging every few days while moving thing didn’t happen!  Oh man it has been a chaotic couple of weeks, wow!  Got completely moved out of the apartment on Friday afternoon, keys turned in, energy so drained from days of non-stop heavy lifting, cleaning, etc that I could barely manage to write up my Threadbanger roundup and get it posted by like 7pm then watch stupid shows on hulu (like Flash Forward, so bad but I watch it still) for hours and let my brain and muscles heal a wee bit…

view of wall from entry

Then yesterday I finally had a whole day in the house (except for a walk to my local Food-4-Less to stock the fridge with some necessities, like new house cake and frozen pizza, already missing being able to walk to TJ’s), so I shot all these photos and planned to write this blog post right away.  But, after taking the pictures of all the box madness, I felt the need to make the living space more livable, so I moved boxes into their rooms and moved furniture around, and now at least we can function in our main living space, even with most of our possessions still boxed up.

view from entry

So, finally I’m back to blogging today, starting with this introduction to our new house post!  I’ll be dividing photo-of-the-day posts up into a couple of sets, instead of doing a massive 3 weeks of photos post all at once… so those will give you a glimpse into the last few weeks of fun and work and moving craziness…  Now the tour begins!  Above is the view from the front door, living room (pre-box-moving, duh) and dining area back there where the fan is.  Notice not just a ceiling fan for most summer days, but an air conditioner for those few superhot 100+ Portland days each year, yay!

living room couch wall

One of the first things we did was hang that little framed welcome to our home cross stitch, thrifted awhile back… Now that we have the space, we’ll eventually get the rest of the L pieces for our couch so it wraps across the window – great light through those big picture windows!  And Garbanzo’s cat tree is the perfect height to sit with us and look outside.

outside view from living room

Our view from the front windows.  (Here’s the outside view, taken before the house was ours, but I don’t think anything has changed.)

living room tv wall

Our orange wall!  The house closed a few days early, allowing us the extra time to paint a wall before moving day, hooray!  It used to be the same blue as the other living area walls you can see in the top two photos – so much country blue!  I don’t mind the blue as much now that the orange gives some contrast, but we do plan to eventually cover all the blue with our own shades (thinking of making one wall green and the other a yellow/orange, perhaps).


The kitchen is a bit smaller than our apartment kitchen was, but we’ll be able to make it work just fine – so happy (relieved) that there’s a dishwasher, and the gas stove and the fridge are both super nice!  That window looks into the back room, which is a converted covered patio…

back room

…and that big carpeted main section will be transformed into 1k Labs!  They put in a nice, new sliding glass door for us, which looks out onto the huge back yard:


Yes, we desperately need to buy a lawn mower, and learn how to do yard work, then learn how to plant things that we can eat!  (Planning to start with tomatoes and carrots!)  Exciting and overwhelming!  That shed is pretty awesome – easily fits my bike, plus another bike if/when Pete gets one, and all our yard stuff once we get it.  (No garage, but we don’t really need one.)  Oh, and that tree in the back there is gigantic, and has a squirrel feeder!

laundry room

On the other side of the back room is the laundry room – with our brand new, super awesome washer and dryer! Woo yay!! (Mostly yay for no more apartment complex laundry stupidness or laundromats, but also yay for finding an affordable deal on a nice front loader!)  Yeah, we’re feeling like such adults lately, being excited about buying a washer/dryer and stuff, but not feeling like we actually are adults, really, weird, hah…

studio window

And that is my studio!  I was originally going to get the master bedroom, but those extra days before moving day allowed me to see the rooms in different times of the day and levels of overcastyness, and I discovered that the smaller bedroom gets amazing light!!  That skinny little window, facing west with no overhang or trees in the way, is magical!  So, I opted for the space sacrifice (this studio will be smaller than my apartment studio was, bummer) and went for the happyhappy sunlight – there are even green walls to make it happier!  Since there is a ridiculous amount of storage space in this house (3 big closets just in the hallway alone, plus a huge attic!) I think I’ll be ok, just have to get more creative with all my supplies.


And then the ultra-tiny 3rd bedroom is going to become the library!  We love calling it that, though it’ll function more like a storage room, but we’re going to try to make it look awesome, lined with bookshelves all around!  No more stacks of books piling up around the living room because they have no space to go!


And lastly, the bedroom, which inspired my roundup – not sure what solution I want to try for a headboard…  I really liked our makeshift shelved headboard (made with Ikea shelves and fabric panels) but I don’t think it would work here because of those wall-mounted lights, which I like having (though I want to make new shades).  It’s weird having a huge bedroom, after years of our bed and clothes crammed into a space barely bigger than the bed itself, so that my studio could live in the real bedroom room.

I made a flickr set of house photos, which has some more, and most of them have notes about details… Once everything is unpacked, set up, decorated, looking good, I’ll take new photos, but that could be months away!

Oh and as for the whole questions thing…  I answered a few smaller questions in the comments, but I will still be doing the answer posts, and feel free to continue adding to the list if you think of anything you want to ask!  The answers will just be spread out now, since I wasn’t able to do it during the move.

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